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        10-22-2009, 12:29 PM
    I don't think I'd buy a young horse who already had problems with laminities. Too many problems on the horizon.

    We have a lot of horses and ponies and NO not all of them eat so much that they founder, but that can be a problem unless closely monitored.

    I agree that a deadbroke horse might be better than a young pony.

    You can find a gentle horse at 14.2 hands or so that is not very big. Old horses are often good schoolmasters for teaching children. I'd go that direction instead. Check for soundness in ANY horse/pony you get. You don't want long term problems of any kind. Problems crop up in the best of circumstances, so don't go looking for trouble.
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        10-22-2009, 12:36 PM
    My daughters 2 and a half and has been riding her pony for 6 months now (mostly lead line) but her pony is a Draft horse in a Shetland body. If your kid can understand what you ask of her then try to find an older (10+ years old). I understand the need to get them something "their size" that they can work/learn with. I'd rather, if my daughter is going to fall off, then its off a 42" pony then a 15 hand horse. But you'll have to find the right pony, it may take you more than a few months of hard looking to find something that'll be good around a 3 year old.

    Now about the question... If this pony HAS foundered then steer clear. Don't take that risk. The healthier the better. I have heard a pretty even amount of "foundering in ponies is common", but I have also seen many ponies that live in pastures and have never had a sick day....

    I hope you find something suitable for your daughter :)
        10-22-2009, 12:37 PM
    I don't see anything wrong with buying a 3 yr old a pony. My daughter started riding at 18 months (before she could walk) and now she rides our friends mini bareback sometimes at being 2 yrs old.

    We have two APHAs but they are only 2 1/2 so my daughter doesn't ride them. But my husband and I are planning on buying her a pony, I honestly would either prefer a POA or a Quarter Pony. Most likely the Quarter Pony as everyone I have talked to that has owned them has GREAT personalities and do very well with kids. Of course I would get something older. Right now though my daughter does ride about every other day and did you know they start lead-line barrels here at 3 yrs of age? Therefore I would love my daughter to have her OWN horse she can use for the barrels.

    Oh and being 2 yrs old, she reminds ME when it is the exact time our horses and dogs should be fed, lol. That is her favorite time of the day, feeding time. She sits in the wagon while I load it up with hay, buckets of grain, and dogfood, and I just pull her to the outer fence line while I walk the food in to each animal, lol, it is sooo cute though.

    I wish you luck in finding a pony though. But I agree as to what the others have said, please don't get something you know that founders, you want something to be healthy that way you know your pony/horse can also enjoy the fun your daughter will have with him/her without worrying about lameness issues in the future. Good Luck.
        10-22-2009, 01:06 PM
    Thanks for all the great advice.I definitely agree with disneycowgirl1901 I would rather her fall off a pony than a bigger horse.I also don't want to rush into anything I will regret later so thanks for the foundering advice.My daughter saw 3 year olds barrell racing on ponies at a recent rodeo and that is all she talks about, I couldent believe how well those girls did being only 3 years old.Anyway I will continue the pony hunt! Thanks guys.
        10-22-2009, 01:22 PM
    Green Broke
    When you do find one, we want lots of pictures!
        10-22-2009, 01:46 PM
    I sure will post some.I just love when everyone post pics!! I do have some of my daughter riding my horse this past weekend I will try to post sometime today or tomorrow, they are so cute! (but of coure iam biased :) lol)
        10-23-2009, 01:12 PM
    We bought an older Shetland pony when my girls were very little. We figure she was probably around 20 when we bought her. The oldest daughter was barely two, and the baby was just under a year old. Could not have asked for a kinder, gentler pony. When the girls were really little, Kobosh (don't ask - my daughter named her!) was a true babysitter. The girls would sit in the saddle and the pony just slowly wandered around. Of course, the pony was quite the character, too. If you had something hanging out of your back pocket (bandana, wallet, hat or whatever) she would grab it and run like a puppy - daring you to come and get it!

    As the girls grew, we found out that Kobosh wasn't nearly the stately geriatric pony we thought she was. We took her to playdays - and she could outrun some of the bigger horses! She was up for anything - and really seemed to enjoy the playdays, rodeos, parades and trails. She hated being bored, and would get herself in silly predicaments just to get attention or for a break in routine.

    Shetlands tend to live a long time, and although she was a beautiful paint, when we sold after over ten years, she was completely white, but just as full of mischief as ever. We sold her to a man who wanted a pony for his grandkids to ride when they came to visit. She loved that old man, and having the grandkids come to visit. When she finally passed away, we figure she was pushing 40 really hard...

    Kobosh never foundered - but then, our pastures were never really all that lush. They were mostly native grass and a little bermuda grass. We also had a little clover here and there, but she didn't seem to care for it over much and left it for the bigger horses.
        10-23-2009, 01:25 PM
    Originally Posted by FehrGroundRanch    
    I was hoping there would be pictures of ponies :(
    EXACTLY the reason I opened the thread.

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