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American Warmblood Inspections

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    08-17-2010, 07:02 PM
American Warmblood Inspections


Can anyone tell me how the American Warmblood Inspections work? AND how horse DNA testing works?

My mother has a grade rescue mare (she's 6 years old now, we've had her since she was four months old.) who moves beautifully, she is doing exceptionally well with training and we'll be working with a dressage trainer soon. I keep trying to read up on inspections, but as someone who has never dealt with Warmbloods most of it is confusing.

I'm not sure we'll ever go through with it, or if it is even remotely possible, but I am curious.

Thanks for any and all info.

- Heather
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    08-17-2010, 07:48 PM
Is this AWS or AWR ?

If AWS ( I suspect this is the one you are referring to) any specific questions?
    08-17-2010, 08:10 PM
I believe I am talking AWS. But I really am clueless. The website I was on was the American Warmblood Society, and they make mention of DNA tests, which I would obviously need to have done since I have no clue what cross the mare is. It's very unlikely she has any draft blood in her, but no one can be 100% sure and they would require the DNA for verification. I get that. But how much is the fee for DNA?

And apart from that, how does the actual inspection run? What is required of her? I assume she needs some show experience, as she needs to prove herself performance wise. What do I need to accumulate there?

If I do anything I fully expect it to be a long process, she hasn't even shown yet. But she is doing amazingly here at home, and I feel once I start working with a trainer who has a more focused dressage background she's really going to shine.

But what is the process, anyway, would be what I am looking for. How does it ACTUALLY run?

- Heather
    08-17-2010, 08:52 PM
For DNA testing pull a few hair from the mane/tail and make sure that the root is attached.

Before only the approved for breeding and elite horses were DNA required but now they have to satisfy the WBFSH requirements having been upgraded from an associate member to a full member.

The actually inspection goes something like this and there can be a few variations.

They usually do the young stock first so unless you want to spend the whole day there find out how many youngsters are being done and judge your arrival by that.

Any horse 1 year or older is shown in bridle. No other piece of equipment should be on the horse. Try to keep it simple with just a snaffle and plain bridle that makes the head look smart. You will be required to walk the horse around a triangle and also trot around it as well. You may have a person behind you to "encourage" your horse forward but that is your choice. You may carry a hand whip also. You can do the above with the bridle reins or a lead attached to the bit...your choice.

I suggest you wear something that allows you to run very fast so the horse can truly show itself.

After this you will place the horse at the triangle apex and have the horse judged one area of its body at a time.

I suggest you work on getting your horse to work well in hand and and conditioned so it shows good weight, substance and condition.

Your horse does not require a show record unless you are trying to upgrade your horse without being ground inspected.

The possible levels your mare could fall into are...

Supreme at 80% or above.
Blue preferred at 75% to 79.9999
Red preferred at 67% to 74.9999
Certified at 62% to 66.999 and must obtain at least this 62% to pass inspection.

75 % and above is breeding approval level.

If you have looked at the site and are still confused even with the above please give me a specific area you have problems with.

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