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Percheron or Percheron/Cross

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  • How much more does a percheron cross eat?

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    06-01-2008, 10:31 PM
Yeah I agree with solon..they are amazing.i have 3 of them including a yearling, who loves attention.well all my horses do not get shod because we just do long trail rides on weekends with them.mhmm..i however think they get horses her like 3 scoops of oats but we have small scoopers.haha...and additionally, because they get oats, we give them additional vitamains and what not.they are out in a grass fieal all summer with 24/7 turnout and get 24/7 turnout in winter with hay.they are truly an amazing and loving are a few of my horses..oh by the way, on the downside you have to find places like to get tack and stuff...idk about you but my local tractor supply and tack store don't carry draft bridles and whatnot.

Sry..i love pictures.i take a lot of them!!there are some of levi as a yearling and a little brat in being only a few months old!(he can't stop showing off his new bright green halter! :P )[/img]
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    06-01-2008, 10:34 PM
Neat pictures!
    06-26-2008, 12:09 AM
Green Broke
Solon, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your guy, he's absolutely beautiful!

This is a great thread because when I do get around to buying a horse, I am leaning toward a larger breed, not only because I am a larger rider, but because I just love them all around. I ride a draft/paint cross now, and he's like a huge puppy dog, I swear, if he'd fit in the back seat of my car, I'd take him home lol.

Here's a silly question.... Do crosses have minimal health problems vs. purebreds? I know like dogs, mixes have fewer health problems like hip displaysia (sp) and other breed specific problems than a purebred pup. Of course that is kind of a blanket statement, which I'm not trying to make, just wondering.
    06-26-2008, 09:02 AM
He is just fantastic!!!!! What a head!!!!!!
Drafts are tough-bred to be tough and they are especially the Percherons, so loving and sweet natured. Sonny has never had shoes on-i say leave them barefoot uless there is a real need to protect the foot-or if they are pulling- for traction=most of us don't need shoes on our horses. Yup Farriers are more and lots wont touch them. I also agree that the extra cost in feeding is negligable-if the draft isnt working hard he isnt going to be eating much more that any other horse-from what I have seen they are very very easy keepers.
    06-26-2008, 11:35 PM
Re: Percheron or Percheron/Cross

Originally Posted by Cassilynne
I have a love for bigger breed horses, drafts, and draft crosses. I have taken a recent intrest in Percheron and Percheron crosses.

I want to know how much more would the feeding expenses be rather than owning a lighter horse?
What are the downfalls in draft horse, again, rather than a lighter horse?
Are larger breeds okay barefoot depending on how strong their hooves are, what ground I will be working on, and what disciplines my horse will work? I will mostly be working in the arena, maybe trail rides. Or should/would I be required to shoe my horse?

Pros and cons, Draft/Cross versus lighter horses? :)
Good for you!
There are a couple Clyde owners on this forum haha. Feeding expenses are not really that much different than owning a regular horse. I have actually met draft horse owners who have told me some of their horses eat a little less than some of your typical light horse breeds. Each breed of horse consumes and digests food and consume that energy at different rates.
Drafts in general have been known to have excellent feet but like any breed of horse, that can vary from horse to horse.

What can drafts do? It all depends on the horse but there are more and more people taking their gentle giants to shows where you would not normally see them.

View this thread:

Do more research. Joining a draft related forum would be a good idea. WIll give you the chance to ask more questions and talk directly to owners.
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