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    08-26-2011, 04:16 PM
Green Broke
Folks, I'm off for 3 days showing, and I will miss this thread- it's so interesting, but I didn't want anyone to think I was ignoring them for lack of reply.. will be back Sunday night. Going to the Sport Horse Competition and have to run.. I'm sure SunStar and Denise will keep everyone well informed.. ;) and I look forward to catching up when I get back!
Take care all..
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    08-26-2011, 04:18 PM
Lewisfield Jingle

Originally Posted by HGEsquire    
I sure did ~ they were plentiful here in my area since the breeding farm was basically in our back yard so to speak. And the shows mostly were held at the State Fairgrounds (Back in the day ~ dating myself I know) which were in Richmond.

In fact, one of Esquire+'s kids are out of a daughter of Lewisfield Jingle who was bred by Jim Lewis

Denise Gainey
Absolutely drooling over that pedigree...any pics of her daughter and E's kid??
    08-26-2011, 04:19 PM
Good luck at the show!

Originally Posted by Druydess    
Folks, I'm off for 3 days showing, and I will miss this thread- it's so interesting, but I didn't want anyone to think I was ignoring them for lack of reply.. will be back Sunday night. Going to the Sport Horse Competition and have to run.. I'm sure SunStar and Denise will keep everyone well informed.. ;) and I look forward to catching up when I get back!
Take care all..
Best of luck at the show Dru and of course, photos are expected :)
    08-26-2011, 04:21 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by SunStarArabians    
Best of luck at the show Dru and of course, photos are expected :)
Thank you so much girl!! We are all quite excited.! Still getting some cells from the hurricane, so hopefully we will still show successfully.. and if we do, there WILL be photos!!
    08-26-2011, 04:23 PM
This is interesting Horses Domesticated 9,000 Years Ago in Saudi Arabia : Discovery News
    08-26-2011, 05:05 PM
Weekend Show

Originally Posted by Druydess    
Thank you so much girl!! We are all quite excited.! Still getting some cells from the hurricane, so hopefully we will still show successfully.. and if we do, there WILL be photos!!
Ah! I ha meant to ask if you were int he path of that trouble...well then, best of luck at the show AND with the weather cooperating :)

I'll be starting the photo sharing now...
    08-26-2011, 05:09 PM
Phara Heritage Society

OK folks, here we go...

This text is taken from the website.

How the Phara Heritage Society came to be . . .

Many of you are familiar with the Phara horses, and just as many of you or more have no idea what a Phara Arabian is.

The Phara horses are the culmination of a dream inspired by the great Lewisfield Sun God (Aaraf by *Raffles x Aarafa by *Raffles). Back in the 1960's this dream began when Annette Patti was searching for her "ideal" specimen of the Arabian horse. At this time there were many imports coming to the States as well as many Saddlebred trainers transitioning into training/showing Arabian horses. Annette was extremely disillusioned at the direction our breed seemed to be going - moving from a classic, typey Arabian to a horse that more closely resembled the movement, size and look of the Saddlebred. Her search ended in 1964 at the Texas Fall Show in Dallas where the 1964 National Championships were being held. In the arena stood a colt that to her represented the ideal most classic Arabian - Lewisfield Sun God (who was only a yearling at the time).

Annette tried several times, unsuccessfully, to purchase Sun God from his owner James Lewis Jr., but Sun God was not for sale at any price. Seeing him the first time that day in 1964 changed Annette's life forever - and since she could not have Sun God himself she made it her mission from that day forward to focus her breeding program on recreating her own Sun God. She began by purchasing the best Sun God daughters (Lewisfield Sun God died tragically at 7 years of age, leaving only 24 foals), a full sibling to Sun God, and horses closely-related to Sun God. That dream has been her reality for the past 44 years - in which time she has bred 100 foals carrying the lines of Lewisfield Sun God and closely resembling him in conformation and type. These horses have made their own legacy - the Arabian horses of Phara Farm.

What makes a Phara Arabian so special?

The Phara Arabian is easily recognized by several prepotent physical characteristics: their world-renowned extreme jibbahs, expressive round eyes and fabled teacup muzzles. In addition to their extreme type the 100% Phara Arabian is chestnut in body color (with a select few exceptions in the early years of the program), ranging from golden chestnut to purple, nearly black, chestnut. Mane and tail color are often flaxen, ranging from silver-white to orange flaxen locks. Classic children of the sun, their distinctive beauty is unforgettable.

In disposition the Phara Arabian is truly a horse worthy of its Bedouin ancestors. Exhibiting loyal, loving dispositions that desire human companionship, the Phara Arabian is gentle to handle and easy to train. They possess a hearty work ethic and live to please.

The Phara Heritage Society was created as an organization to celebrate the Phara horses. This organization is not only for those who love and appreciate 100% Phara horses, but ALL horses containing any percentage of Phara blood.

There is an in-depth article on Annette and the Phara horses in the February/March 2008 issue of the Modern Arabian Horse magazine - finally these horses are getting some much-deserved recognition and will hopefully be "rediscovered" by those who have forgotten about them as well as "newly discovered" by those who were not previously aware of them.
    08-26-2011, 05:12 PM
Lewisfield Sun God

Lewisfield Sun God from the website...

Aaraf x Aarafa
1962 Chestnut Stallion

Lewisfield Sun God was born in 1962 at the farm of James F. Lewis Jr. In Charlottesville, Virginia. Lewisfield Arabians, formally established in 1960 (though the Lewis's had owned Arabians since 1946) was clear in their breeding goal - their desire was to breed an elegant horse of good height with a beautiful Arabian head, straight legs, and good action at the trot and all other gaits - a description they modeled after the horses of the Crabbet Arabian Stud (namely, Indian Magic). Modern Crabbet breeding at its best, termed by the Lewis's as the "Lewisfield look."

The Lewis's purchased their first group of horses for their program from the famed Ben Hur stud (owned by Blanche M. And Herbert V. Tormohlen) in Portland, Indiana. Included in this first group purchase were the full brother and sister, Aaraf and Aarafa, both champions, sired by *Raffles and out of Aarah. The Lewis's bred Aarafa to her full brother in 1961, and on April 27, 1962, a magnificent colt was born, a colt whose impact could not yet be known. This colt was Lewisfield Sun God, an exquisite individual in every way and for many represented the epitome of Arabian type. Sun God had a brilliant show career, winning show after show in halter and becoming known as "the unbeatable Lewisfield Sun God." He would have undoubtedly gone on to become National Champion Stallion had tragedy not struck. In 1965 at only three years of age Sun God foundered, thus ending his brilliant show career. Lewisfield Sun God sired only 24 foals before having to be euthanized in 1969 as a result of founder.

But the story of Lewisfield Sun God does not end with his death. In fact, an entirely new chapter began when Lewisfield Sun God was just a yearling . . . .

Annette Patti had, from her earliest memory, been mesmerized by artistic renditions of Arabian horses. She knew what she wanted in an Arabian but was not to find that mesmerizing quality in life form until 1963. In 1962, Annette had been showing her stallion Selmajor (Umar Al-Khayyam x Selmiana), who had proven himself unbeatable in halter. Selmajor was a beautifully conformed stallion with an impressive high tail carriage - Annette could fault him only in that his head was somewhat plain. That year he won 16 Championships including Grand Champion Stallion of the Illinois All-Arabian show, which qualified him to show at the 1963 Nationals in Dallas, Texas. It was at this show that Annette's future with Arabian horses would forever be changed.

Watching the yearling colt class at the Nationals in 1963 the Patti's noticed a small chestnut colt. He did not fit in with the growthy, showy yearlings in his class, but he was so breathtakingly beautiful they could not take their eyes off him. His handler had stood the colt in a spot in the coliseum where the sun streamed in from a skylight illuminating his golden chestnut coat while clearly defining the intricately sculptured head and smooth, extra refined conformation. The colt appeared unconcerned with the excitement around him - he had a serene, regal air. Knowing that you can never go only by what you see of a horse in the ring the Patti's later went to see the colt at the Lewisfield stalls.

Always before when impressed with a horse in the ring and later seeing them relaxed in their stall the Patti's had been disappointed; invariably the beauty of the horses in the show ring disappeared when they stood relaxed in their stalls. Not so with Lewisfield Sun God, for he was in fact more beautiful standing quietly in his stall than he was in the show ring. It was at this moment that Annette knew she had found the horse of her childhood dreams - a horse that in life form was as mesmerizing as the most beautiful artistic rendition she had admired.

The Patti's made an attempt to purchase Lewisfield Sun God, but soon learned that he was a favorite at Lewisfield and that there was no possibility whatsoever of him being sold. So, coupled with the joy of finally finding what they were looking for came the disheartenment of knowing they could never own him. Fortunately, however, since the colt was the product of inbreeding, the direction was quite clear. They would search for horses of *Raffles/Aarah breeding with the most classical qualities they could find, and would try to duplicate this Lewisfield Sun God.

Lewisfield Bold Hawk (left) and Lewisfield Sun God (right)
    08-26-2011, 05:17 PM
Golden Pharao (originally named Ibn La Flag)

Golden Pharao (La Flag x Bint Maaroufa) text taken from the website...

To put the Phara Farm breeding program together the Patti’s had to find the best possible individuals with similar breeding. Since Lewisfield Sun God was the product of inbreeding the full siblings, Aaraf and Aarafa by *Raffles (Skowronek x *Rifala) and out of Aarah (Ghadaf x Nadirat), they began their search looking for a horse of this breeding with the most classical characteristics they could find. The Patti’s visited farm after farm, stopping all across the country to see every horse they could with similar lines. After months of searching and still not finding what they were looking for, they visited the La Rue’s in Indiana. There the Patti’s saw a yearling colt that was for sale who was an Aaraf grandson. Even though his dam line was not what the Patti’s were looking for, this colt was EXCEPTIONAL and had every one of the qualities they were looking for. This colt, originally named Ibn La Flag, was purchased by the Patti’s and renamed Golden Pharao.

Golden Pharao’s show career began with him winning his first time out - a two-year-old being shown against Champions and sons of Champions. At the Wisconsin State Arabian Show the judge took a good look at Golden Pharao, and, after walking away from him came back to look at him again. He spent an unusually long time looking at Golden Pharao’s head, and finally ran his hand down Golden Pharao’s foreface, taking note of his extreme jibbah. The judge was obviously impressed (not just with Golden Pharao’s head) and needless to say Golden Pharao did very well at that show. In fact, Golden Pharao seemed to win at every show he went to - he was truly a great show horse, he loved to be in the arena. Golden Pharao attracted a huge following right from the get-go.

Golden Pharao made a lasting impression on everyone who met or knew him. He was genuine - a good guy, a fun horse to be around, a real sweetheart. In whole, Golden Pharao was an excellent individual - he had incredible sensibility, always knew what you wanted before you asked him. In the eyes of his long-time owner/trainer Annette Weber, Golden Pharao really set the standard, and a high one at that - as an individual, a show horse, and as a sire.

Painting of Annette and Golden Pharao exiting a show...

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    08-26-2011, 05:20 PM

Aazkafra (Aaraf x Aazkara) text taken from the website...

After finding Golden Pharao the Patti’s continued their search - this time for a mare related to Lewisfield Sun God that would also fit their strict guidelines for conformation and type. In time they would find Aazkafra - an exquisite mare bred by Ben Hur. She had been sold to Lewisfield in a package of horses (one of the youngest mares Ben Hur had ever sold to Lewisfield), and the Patti’s first saw her at Heritage Hills, who had acquired her from Lewisfield. She looked amazingly like Sun God - she had a beautiful head, four white stockings, and some roaning in her coat. Annette was quite taken with her, and knew that she had to have her. It took some maneuvering, but finally Annette was able to acquire her.

Aazkafra was a mare of great beauty and motion. There was no comparison to Aazkafra’s extreme, sensational action - her movement was extraordinary. In addition to her glorious beauty and breathtaking way of moving, Aazkafra was so very smart. Annette remembers how once a gate had accidentally been left open and she came walking out of the barn with one of her foals. Annette called to her out of the window to get back into the barn, and Aazkafra simply turned around and went straight back into her stall. On another occasion, even though Aazkafra had not been trained to ride, Annette decided to take her riding with some friends. Annette put a bridle on Aazkafra and rode her bareback, the mare willingly went along with the others without issue.

But Aazkafra is remembered most not for her stunning appearance, phenomenal movement, or for how smart she was, but for the amazing results that came from breeding her to Golden Pharao. This was truly a golden cross, as the resulting foals would stand out for decades to come not only as individuals, but even more so as superior breeding horses through future generations.

There were three foals from this cross - all were double Aaraf and triple Aarah: Golden Reflection (chestnut stallion foaled February 6, 1968), Phara Lucia (chestnut mare foaled March 18, 1970), and Golden Cavalier (chestnut stallion foaled March 24, 1971).

The first foal from this cross, Golden Reflection, was the first born foal of the Patti’s new breeding program - Phara Farm.


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