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What's your LEAST favorite breed? Why...?

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        02-21-2007, 10:06 PM
    That's very limited. I don't really believe people with semi-serious or serious back problems should ride. As far as joints, only specific joints can truly benefit, others are used while riding racking or non-racking horses. I have a joint problem, by the way, a racking horses would cause no benefit. And I meant riding in general. But these are just my opinions.
    I just said that about the Racking Horses because my best friend rides our Racker and she has back and knee problems, and it doesn't cause her near as much pain as riding my Walker or the Arabian. She says that Butter's gaits and way of walking are just easier on her back and knees. I have knee and back problems as well, and it is true in my case too, but I prefer to ride the Arabian or my Walker because me and Butter...well, we have a history of not getting along.
    Hope that clears up why exactly I said that.
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        02-21-2007, 10:19 PM
    I understand what you meant, it is a low impact ride. When you are trotting on a big Carnial Cruise Ship of a Thoroughbred, there is a lot of impact on the butt and knees, and strain in the ankle and heel. Gaited horses are a heck of a lot smoother and a good option for people who want horses that they do not need to worry about re-injuring themselves on (Though, as we know, horses are very err... prone-to-causing-injury animals, LOL)

    The "Walk" and the "Rack" from what I gather, are nearly Identical. They are both 4 beat gates, both are rapid motion, but the Walk makes the horse throw the leg out more, where as the Rack makes the horse throw its leg more upward. When I was watching Walkers show, I watched the Rackers and the Walkers. They say Rackers are a dime a dozen, but a true Walker is something special.. blargh.. I don't like the show industry, LOL

    So, from what I gather:


    Knee is nearly straight, and hoof is out.


    Knee fully bent, hoof tucked in.

    I hope that helps.. in its own special way, LOL I don't mean to hijack the thread for the difference between a walk and a rack, LOL

    ((Anyone else notice their toes are down, not their heels? On the riders I mean))
        02-21-2007, 10:30 PM
    My least fav horse................. ummmmmm

    Well for riding and living with Arabs

    But all round the narky Shetland and the idiotic Connemarra

        02-21-2007, 10:32 PM
    LOL I hear Connemaras are very "fun" and "spirited" My friend went to france and rode one and said it was the scariest experience ever.. this from a girl who owns a 4 year old registered Arabian gelding.. and when I say Arabian I mean dished head, flagged tail, and bugged out eyes ALL THE TIME. That horse doesnt know any gate besides spook! LOL!

    I'd have to agree with ya on those.. those breeds arent for the faint of heart! Out of all the Shetlands I have known, only one was actually really cool.. but still a cheeky pony at times! He didnt bite or kick though.. all the other ones did! =)
        02-21-2007, 11:15 PM
    Skippy!, I don't know about you, but I'm finding this fun! Lol.

    You are talking about the 'showy' and 'enhanced' Running Walk and Rack. Yes, they look both the same (kinda) in the 'showy' world... but get two regular shod horses, Walker and Racker, and the difference...is huge...

    The Walk, flat shod, is much more toned down... the only reason that show Walkers walk such an exagerated walk is because of the weights they wear. (it's ridiculus...)
    Here is a picture of a TWH doing a 'real' running walk.

    And the Rack, again, you are talking about the show horses Rack... they also wear weights to exagerate their gait. (again...it's ridiculus...)
    Here is a picture of a 'real' rack.

    (and yeah...for some reason, most people who ride the show Walkers and Rackers heels are almost always 'up' and toes 'down'...it really irks me, even though I have a bad habit of my toes 'down' and heels 'up'...lol.)

    And Kiki...I hear ya! Connemara's...never really been around one, so I can't say nothing...but Shetlands (or, as my uncle calls them, Sh!tlands)...ohhh boy...I think they have to be evil because of their size! Those little monsters make me wanna...!
        02-22-2007, 12:00 AM

    Why say sorry? I wasn't offended.. just voicing my opinion..
        02-22-2007, 06:20 PM
    Why say sorry? I wasn't offended.. just voicing my opinion..
    Oh... I dunno... It's just something I have taken up doing lately...saying sorry for random things. Lol.
        02-22-2007, 11:00 PM
    You can really see the difference in the walk and the rack in those flat shod pictures.. see, looking at a TWH in that light makes them look like smooth efficient riding horses. But what stinks, is the actual breed standards don't get much spot light at all. The ones that make all the money breeding are the ones with the big old clogs on their feet.

    Like you said.. its kind of odd to weight the hoof in order to get them to pick them up higher.. when I first saw it before I started working with TWH's I was thinking "How does that work?" I found out more about it after working with the poor souls though.

    Its so sad to watch a heavily shod walker turn in its stall. It literally has to pivot on its back legs and nearly rear up in the front and tweak its body to the side to reposition itself. Poor horses =/ It looks so darn painful and uncomfortable =/
        02-23-2007, 05:40 AM
    What on earth are those things on those poor horses feet!!??
        02-23-2007, 12:28 PM
    Originally Posted by EnduranceAddict
    What on earth are those things on those poor horses feet!!??
    Weights to make them pick their legs up higher and perform a more 'animated' gait.

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