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Your Experience with Arabians

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        02-05-2013, 09:27 AM
    I have had 2 purebred Arabians and a part-bred. My first Arab was difficult, but I was green and so was she. My expectations of myself and my horse at the time were unreasonable. I sold her because we moved to another country, but had the opportunity to ride her again when she and I were much older and more experienced. She was a great horse.

    The Arab I have now is awesome. We are well matched to each other and have a good strong connection. He has loads of personality and truly wants to please. He is a joy to ride.

    The message here is that Arabs are great horses, but as with any other breed, the skill level of the horse and the rider should be reasonably well matched.
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        02-05-2013, 10:17 AM
    Awesome responses guys, thanks!
    Something else I've experience while around a few Arabians... they are extremely smart.
        02-05-2013, 10:39 AM
    Green Broke
    I have owned and ridden several. A few were good for beginners. Many had too much go and were too quick and sensitive for anything but intermediate +.

    I love the breed, but there are crazies(like any other breed).
    - I rode a mare that hated people and seriously wanted to hurt you.
    -I owned a gelding that was a big, powerful, spooky diva. He would go from a perfect bareback ride with a string around his neck, or quiet enough to put a todler on him and neck rein around the arena, to a jumping, spooking, bucking monster. Just depended on his mood.
    -owned a mare that was super stupid spooky, she would spook in the middle of a steep ascent she had done 20x before because she noticed a pebble, just about flipping over backwards.
    -rode another spooky mare that spooked at EVERYTHING. Shadows, rocks, dips in the ground. When there wasnt anything obvious to spook at she made things up. She was gorgeous and had great bloodlines, so they bred her. She spooked on top of her foal and nearly crippled him, out in the pasture.

    That said, my purebred egyptian mare is the best horse I've ever owned, hands down. She needs a certain type of rider, but she gives 110% for me every time. She is the horse I imagine the arabs originally bred, and rode into war. Courageous, fearless.

    My Bo also had a partbred gelding that was the best babysitter.

    Good and bad in every breed, there is always members in every breed that prove sterotypes correct.
        02-05-2013, 10:54 AM
    Green Broke
    I've had pure breds & part breds. Some were mares, some geldings. Some days they were a challenge,but I learned so much from all of them. They were good w/kids & had tons of personality. I had my Khemosabi grandaughter for 17 wonderful years-I traded a used horse corral for her when she was 9. Yes, I called her my "air-head" sometimes but she really was a very good horse.
        02-06-2013, 12:36 AM
    Arabians are my breed of choice. I like a horse that is a challenge and one that has spirit. I do not want a horse that plods along and needs to be urged to go faster than a slow walk. My arabians may not be for everyone, but I enjoy them. Shalom
        02-06-2013, 01:00 AM
    After looking to purchase a little QH and coming home with (my first) Arabian two months ago, all I have to say is that they are so intelligent, it's stupid! I sometimes spend my lunch hour at work trying to come up with new ways to busy his mind or convince him to do something.

    In my experience, they are (as was said) loyal, so very lovey, they are intelligent, they will pick up on something before it becomes conscious in your own mind... but they also demand an establishment of respect, trust and communication in a way that I have not experienced with stock breed horses. They can be spooky, or they can have [well-earned] unwavering trust in their rider. They don't always take to conventional methods of "how to," and require you to think on your feet and think creatively.

    They are smart, they are fun, their endurance is breathtaking and their gaits are just so very lovely.

    ETA about someone mentioning their gelding being food-driven... YES. I have never met a horse more food-motivated than my purebred gelding!
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        02-06-2013, 01:08 AM
    Green Broke
    Just a coment on gaits, my mare is quick, flexible and has a very short back. She has an aweful trot and a big, bouncy canter. She also does random lead changes, particularly at speed. Her favorite gait is a bone jarring, jack hammer trot, that'll rattle the filling out of your teeth.

    Courageous, brave, willing, loyal, enduring to a fault, but comfortable to ride she is not.
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        02-06-2013, 01:20 AM
    Bluespark if you ever make it to Texas I owe you a ride on my stallion his trot is so smooth you will think your riding a cloud. Shalom
        02-06-2013, 01:26 AM
    The best!
        02-06-2013, 02:12 AM
    I grew up loving arabians, but they never really had them where I lived. So when I when I got married and he was stationed in Az. I just knew my opportunity had arrived. Of course like many novice owners I fell in love with the first one that became available to me. That was a mistake, I purchased an unbroke 4yr old colt. A beautiful boy, but highstrung(typical untrained stallion). He was not mean in anyway, I rode him after the first week(like an idiot, I had only ridden well trained gaited horses). He was great tho rode around not sure what I was asking but tried to please. He was exciteable at times, and I was often asked why I wasn't afraid to enter his stall, as soon as I did he came over for lovins and drop his head into the halter where I would lead him out then he would rear each and every time. He would always turn away from me, and I didn't not know how to stop him. I owned this stallion till the day he died, he should of been gelded but he had injured a tendon at a young age and never was completely sound. I was afraid if I tried to rehome him as a gelding he'd end up at slaughter. This horse never harmed me in anyway, never tried to and I loved him dearly. He taught me so much and I owe him for that. I would not and will never own another stallion but I would own an arabian any day.

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