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Is there horse For Sale like this?

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        12-29-2010, 09:43 AM
    Originally Posted by Ak1    
    Depends whether you're talking morale values or purpose- TOP competitors in the jumper world and dressage are started in consistant work as young as 2, and jumpers by 3 are going around doing courses.
    You have to keep in mind that many of these horses are SALE projects, so they quicker they are ready to go, the quicker their pockets are filled with $. It isn't about the horse, it is about the business.

    And, on the flip side - there are also MANY top level Jumpers and Eventers and Dressae Fanatics, who wont start their horses until 4 or 5. And many, work mostly on dressage, and jump maybe once a week - because, a horse only has so much jump in them.

    GP Jumpers, would wrather use their horses in the competative ring, to win and make money, than waste them at home.


    The horse posted in the OP, is very lovely to look at, I love his coloring and his boldness - but a horse is only worth as much as the fool who is willing to spend.
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        01-02-2011, 12:49 PM
    He is certainly a beauty. Way too rich for my blood 35k yikes! I'm sure you can find one that looks similar to him though.
        01-02-2011, 04:35 PM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by Ak1    
    Depends whether you're talking morale values or purpose- TOP competitors in the jumper world and dressage are started in consistant work as young as 2, and jumpers by 3 are going around doing courses. Barrel racers and western sport horses are started that young as well. Different horses mature at different speeds and rates and it's up to you to decide. Please, I don't mind this debate giong on, but please just not on my thread? :) Thank you!
    Just had to add my opinion too:)
    Yet again you show your ignorance. Horses all Grow at exactly the same rate, sure some look more mature earlier but thier growth plates all seal at approximately the same time and in the same order (irrigardles of breed).

    Top Dressage riders do not start them at 2, Most won't even think about acking a horse untill 3 or 4 years old. They cannot be competed untill 4 years old and generaly cannot mentaly cope with the work required of them when younger.

    Showjumping it used to be that you could not compete untill they were 5 years old, I believe that has now been reduced to 4 years old. Top showjumpers over here do not break thiers untill 3 and a half and then only have a light season as a 4 yearold. I believe the the famous "milton" didnt start jumping untill he was 4, didnt get to international level before he was 8. Top show jumpers prefer to preserve thier horses and keep them fresh!

    Starting a horse too early not only damages hocks and increases the likely hood of early artheritis but is can mentaly destroy a horse. You push a horse to young and you end up with either a dangerous horse or a horse who will go sour well before it ever reaches its potential.

    For every year you give a horse at the start of its career you will get 3 back at the end on it's career.

    I'm not even going to start on my thoughts about how young some western horses are ridden!
        01-02-2011, 07:18 PM
    Ak1, this guy is super cute with the black and white and the blue eyes. And he is A LOT cheaper and his price is even negotiable. Seems like a super horse just by the sounds of him. LOWER LEVEL DRESSAGE PROSPECT | Buy this Horse at
    And this mare is really cute, needs some more work with an experienced rider, but still adorable and at a pretty decent price. She has similar marking just not black and white and no blue eyes. Get Noticed in the Ring! | Buy this Horse at
    Then there is this guy. He is a jumper if that is what you are looking for, actually it says he does like everything so that is good as well. And he has had a lot of accomplishments and is worth the price tag.
    Black and White Hunter/Jumper/Western Horse | Buy this Horse at

    Super nice prospect with a super nice price, lol.
    Very Willing Gaming Prospect | Buy this Horse at

    When looking at the picture of the horse you picked its kind of hard to judge other horses. He is really nice looking but he is also pampered and SUPER show shinned and his mane has been pulled and his tail has been cut all even and everything. He is super flashy in the marking too, but I'm sure you can find a horse that looks similar and can make him or her look just as shiny and nice. Btw, I live in New Hampshire too, what town are you in?

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