Critique on my new horse

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Critique on my new horse

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    02-13-2012, 11:07 AM
Critique on my new horse

Sex:stallion(soon to be gelded)
Breed:miniature horse

I just was wanting some other peoples opinions and to see if anyone else sees anything I don't. Right now he is a little butt high but I believe it will go away as he get a little older and I know he is toe out on the front but that seems common in his bloodlines and seems to be where the big movement comes from. If someone wishes I will try to get some better side shots of him as he is incredibly hard to photograph cause he can not stand still! The photo of him that looks really butt high he was standing on a mound of dirt, did not realize it till afterwards.
The toe out does not cause him to hit either.



This last photo is his show photo and what he looks like in the summer, but is not a great confo shot.
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    02-13-2012, 02:05 PM
Green Broke
Miniature horses.. ahh.. I know you love them but they have so many issues and are the result of what you get when you breed for a single trait (not YOU meaning you personally.. just the general "you" of miniature horse creators).

He toes out in front just as you note. Common in the breed, not just the line or the individual. He has low hocks and stifles and seems to have a correct hind leg. Smooth coupling and so forth. Low angle from the point of shoulder to the elbow and a steep shoulder. His feet are long, narrow and the fronts are clubby looking. Front Pasterns are short and steep and ankles are large and look like the arthritis that plagues the breed is going to bother him as well. Rear pasterns are long and weak. Hind legs are a bit camped out and set back.

The show photo is very pretty.
    02-13-2012, 02:49 PM
I also forgot to mention in this, he is not truly a mini. I was being brain dead this morning. He is truly a shetland that is carrying papers under both registries.
His hooves are kept longer as this is common in showing the minis/shetlands and improves movement. He is in need of being trimmed (farrier due in two weeks) soon as the person I got him from received him in pitiful condition and he had skis for back feet. She had to have him trimmed every 5 to 6 weeks cause his back feet continually wanted to flare and grow skis again. If you look you can tell he seems overly long in the toes on the hind(even for being trimmed a tad long anyway). At least to me he does right now.

I have noticed arthritis problems in the breed also with many of the driving/jumping horses but for this reason have kept any of mine doing the hard work on joint supplements from the age of 2 and honestly have had minimal problems with anyone who has arthritis or joint problems. I have one here now who has the same large ankles and she does have arthritis in one of them but has had it since she was a 2 year old. I believe it came from an injury she sustained while running in the pasture and she slipped, fell, and did some damage in the ankle. As long as she is kept on joint supplements, she does fine though.

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