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        04-02-2013, 01:23 PM
    Super Moderator
    I do not see sickle hocks at all. If you stand her up square, her rear canon will be vertical when in line with the back point of buttock.

    Neither do I see over at the knee. Her legs look clean to me.
    Her pasterns are a bit on the long side, perhaps. I think she'd be really cute western pleasure or as a trail horse.
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        04-02-2013, 04:35 PM
    Oh no, I should have been more clear sorry! She's asking 900 for her, most prospects around here sell for more (so there is lots of interest in this little mare). They said she is coming five in March and seem adamant that she's 15.3 haha so I guess that will be a 'wait and see'. I don't have a problem with ponies, I'm only 5 feet and will be buying as a resale.

    Pony club is huge here, lots of room for cute, smaller horses that can show at the lower level (we have a very busy local circuit).

    By no means am I looking to snag an upper level competition horse for that price, just something for the pony club lower levels. Her demeanor sounds perfect for that.

    (Again, I'll respond to the critique comments when I am on my computer and can see the pictures properly, but thank you all for the comments).
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        04-02-2013, 04:52 PM
    If she sticks 15.3, I'll eat horse poop LOL (unless that girl is a lot taller than 5'8") ... She looks closer to 14.3 (if we're going high estimate)

    This mare sticked 14.3 and a smidge, set up properly on level ground with a level stick. That's me next to her. Sorry I don't have one where I'm standing better as a better reference, I'm leaning a bit here which makes it harder to tell

    She's walking with another 5'8" person here...
        04-02-2013, 09:15 PM
    Greentree, I'm not going to try to gauge if she's 'hard to wake up' from the photos of her standing. I know Jackson looks like he's half dead in some of the photos we have of him standing ringside, and they did send another picture just of her face and she looks quite bright / expressive.

    Gypsy what do you mean by 'not a hunter prospect'? Bearing in mind that in no way am I expecting to take her to rated shows. I'm looking for something pony club / local / kiddie level. I know her colour works against her (which is where being a pony would help our pony divisions are full of cute coloured hunters that clean up, even in rated divisions I find that most of the judges here tend to be more open minded).

    Now I'm tempted to go see her just to see what she sticks at unless there's a serious slope to the ground I'm also not seeing 15.3 but hey, you never know, could be a giant in disguise

    Overall I agree with Tiny in that, aside from her pasterns, I'm not hating her legs. To my untrained eye the only serious 'fault' I saw was her pasterns and maybe being built a little downhill.

    All that said, I think I'm going to let the add sit for awhile. I have a feeling someone is going to snatch her up pretty quick with the market the way it is (it's rare to see a decent horse in the triple digits) but if I was to go to look at her I'd probably offer $700 cash and pick her up right away.
        04-02-2013, 09:39 PM
    She just isnt type-y for it and I can't see her making it down the lines, for example. You never know. She looks like [just from these pictures I obviously havent seen movement and don't know temperment] she could be a good pony club type, but that is totally different than a hunter prospect, except maybe at small schooling shows. That doesnt mean don't get her, but if you are going to get her, don't get her because she is a hunter prospect. [im not trying to be rude btw, just my opinion]

    I also would put her at about 14.3hh based on the photos.

    As a side note, I have NEVER seen color discrimination in hunters. I think that is a lot of peoples excuse for why they don't win even though they missed their strides, leads, changes, distances, etc...
        04-02-2013, 09:43 PM
    I have to agree with you Gypsy, I was told to sell my previous horse because he would never ever ever be competitive... BEFORE the lady (a so-called 'expert') had even seen a picture of him. She heard 'red roan Appaloosa' and said 'get him out of here' lol.

    I've only ever seen 'discrimination' in the club-run shows here, where the 'judge' is a member and all the club kids place before any outsiders.
        04-02-2013, 10:49 PM
    I had a fabulous jumper who was also a red roan Appy... I think he wound up in a hunter/jumper barn's lesson string. (Actually, most Appies I know have been tidy jumpers)

    I'm not judging this mare on her color at all... It is how she's built.

    A really good jumper will usually be built at least level, if not uphill, their LS placement will be even with their hip or ahead of it, and they also usually have a bit more leg than this mare offers, from these photos I think she might have to really stretch to hit strides (not always though, especially if she is actually pony sized) the neckset will often be a bit higher (again, not always).

    With that said though, most horses are capable of doing some pony club, I have seen some real trainwrecks doing their best to pack their kids around, they don't often do WELL... I'm not sure where you are in BC, but I am also in the province and I know there are some here that would be more likely candidates, and most you can talk owners down right now, in my own opinion of course.

    My very first horse was a 14.3hh Appy mare, albeit one who was very different in conformation to this mare, who was able to extend enough to make her lines without coming too far on the forehand to clear her front end. I must say, my job was easier when we were allowed to use pony lines though (which was done in our lessons more often than not). We bumped along alright, but in hunters we never ribboned. (Jumper classes were a bit different and we did somewhat better)

    So it isn't impossible, but then again... Why settle for a horse who doesn't quite meet your desire when the market will allow you to find something better suited for roughly the same money if you aren't in a real hurry?

    I'm also not saying don't buy this mare... Just saying, I don't see the prospect your OP seemed to indicate you were looking for.
        04-02-2013, 11:02 PM
    Out of curiosity, where are you looking? I'm located in the Fraser Valley, and while I see LOTS of great prospects, I'm not interested in TB's and that seems to be what is 'hot on the market' right now. There was an amazing looking jumper, beautifully built, tall, trained, sitting at $400 for ages because nobody is buying them. It's a shame, really.

    I know when you get out of my area you can find some excellent prospects, but the distance is a pain.

    (Although I'm not actively looking, just seeing what falls in my lap).

    I do see what you mean about her build, and I did make it seem like hunters was my main interest but it really isn't. I did hunters successfully for a little while and while it's nice to have a horse able to DO hunters, it certainly isn't my biggest focus.
        04-02-2013, 11:33 PM
    I am on Vancouver Island, but I routinely check out the rest of the province... And AB too (I think it's a sickness of sorts.... LOL)

    I know of at least one 13hh Welsh pony available and the owner has mentioned taking offers. I looked at them for my kids (who really are leadline age), but she had a bunch all either very green or unstarted ponies (ranging 12.2 -13.2 hands), but she was reasonable about her asking prices for them. In the end I went with a pony with more training, but all her Welshes were nice looking.

    I have also stumbled across a few off and on of a variety of breeds in horse heights that had me reminding myself I do NOT need another horse!
        04-03-2013, 12:08 AM
    I just sold a Shetland to the island
    I would love to eventually take on small pony prospects, THAT is where the money is. I'd like to lose a couple more pounds first though.

    Is she a breeder and is she on the island? I haven't seen any small ponies up for sale but I must just not be looking in the right places...

    And believe me it IS a sickness. I've been known to look as far as Montana I keep saying to myself 'gee, with these American prices it'd be worth it to load up a stock trailer and bring a whole bunch home'

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