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Cool What is a horse? CONTEST!!

This is a writer's contest. I love to write and such. I don't look at punuation and grammar and stuff. As long as I can read it , I consider it a fair contender in the contest. Don't worry about spelling but please dont do A horse is a word word word word word word word woord word word. We want sentences but I'm saying if you do like: I have a cat named tango I love cats so much I also like horses too. a couple times it fine. I just don't want I have a cat named Tango, I love cats soooooooooooo much, I also like horses too, they are so awesome, yeah! Basically this is what is a horse? I have an example of what is a cat?
What Is A Cat
A cat that sneaks up on prey
They run and jump
They snuggle up by your side
when you need a pal
I know it sucks but its an example. Now for my second contest. We have 5 categories for POEMS!!
1. wild/running free/ ect.
2. riding
3. shows/ competing
4. the beauty and grace of horses
5. other

have fun!!!
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for Wild/Running free
"Do you give the horse his strength or clothe his neck with a flowing mane?
Do you make him leap like a locust, striking terror with his proud snorting?
He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength, and charges into the fray.
He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; he does not shy away from the sword.
The quiver rattles against his side, along with the flashing spear and lance.In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground; he cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds".
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for class 2,4 or 5:

We run through the meadow, the grass sparkling from the dew, the blue, endless sky is like our path, guiding us to our destination, which is yet to be decided.
The soft songs of the bluebirds urge us to go further… faster.
I grip with my legs and entwine my fingers into my partner’s soft mane, he bursts forward, and I close my eyes as the rain starts to fall. It kisses me softly on the face and, for the moment, I feel that everything is absolutely perfect.
We continue to canter through the knee high grass, and the rain continues to get harder, I don’t care though, I wouldn’t change this moment for anything.
As I feel the heavy breathing of my horse I know he is getting tired, and reluctantly we slow down.
When we stop, neither of us makes a sound.
Even the bluebirds have stopped their happy chatting.
I hear my mother calling for us to return, so together we turn around, and walk on back.
I turn around once more, looking at my fantasy land, and knowing that now I must return back to reality.

Live fast, have fun and be a bit mischievous! -Louis Tomlinson
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for class 3:

We step gracefully into the sand covered arena; the lights are blinding and the massive crowd cheer and chant.
I brush my boots off one last time, and I begin to feel very self-conscious. I know I am only here because I am one of the top riders in Australia, and that is why I am here, but what if I muck up? My whole life could be ruined in just one step. The crowd cheer louder as I step into view, my heart racing.
Forget them I think Just forget them, remember your training. And then I can here nothing but the sound of my horse’s hooves, so delicately do they step on the golden ground.
Halt I think, and then I feel the powerful muscles beneath me stop, neatly squared at the exact centre point perfect I think, but the test hasn’t even begun yet.
I lower my head and place me left hand on my horse’s hindquarter gently for a second, then as I squeeze my calves and rise up and down to the smooth trot, I begin to feel the real power of dressage.
With such grace we turn in a perfect circle, my horse doesn’t put one foot out of place. Nearing the end of the circle I tap my legs, so obvious to me yet unseen to the crowd, onto my horse’s chestnut sides. And with that she moves into a flowing canter, moving so swiftly. We both know this test off by heart, and I hardly even need to tell her to do a flying change down the centre line, Good girl Nim! I cry out in my head, but the hardest part is still t come, and I just hope we can pull it off, a few more circles and turns, okay here it is, we are just about to come to the long side and about to complete our final thing, I move into a trot, and then… piaffe! We did it!! I turn into the centre, halt… solute… the whole crowd burst into applause, and with a swish of Nim’s tail we trot out off the magical arena, back into the real world.
I wait for the others to finish their test, and I admit they’re good, VERY good…
The last person finishes her test, and the judges are left to count up the scores.
The suspense is overpowering and it seems like an eternity before they finally come to the microphone and announce the placings. I’ll be an embarrassment to Australia if I get a bad score and then the time comes… “In 3rd place, representing America we have Jessica Condor,” The whole crowd burst into loud whoops and cheers as the 3rd place getter went up to collect her prize. “And in second we have, representing Ireland, Molly McGuiness,” taking her place on the pavilion with her trusty steed beside the American Jessica she waved to the adoring crowd, “And in first place we have…” For a second it felt like the whole world had stopped, everyone was holding their breath, “In first place we have representing Australia…” Australia? I’m the only Aussie; it can’t be… he must have said Austria, yeah that blondy, Anna Brunn… right?? “Katie Spielder riding Niblefoot,” I gasp as the crowd begin to breathe again and roar in wild applause, I nudge Nim into a steady trot and go out to collect my gleaming trophy and Nim’s rose wreath, Nim lowers her head as the smiling judges put the wreath over her head and let it slide down on her neck, she is proud off herself And so she should be I think. She then lets out a victorious whinny as we begin our lap of honour, and nothing matters to me anymore, not the tall trophy, or the wreath so carefully placed on Nim’s neck now glistening with sweat, or the cheering crowds, all of that is behind me and all there is just the two of us, just an aussie girl and her champion horse.

Live fast, have fun and be a bit mischievous! -Louis Tomlinson
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Magical forest

As I walk through the forest I feel a kind of peace. The forest creatures greet me warmly and I know instantly that I belong here.
I look around to the surroundings and see a small bridge that is on top of a river that looks like it was made of pure diamonds. As I look up into the sky I see towering trees above me.
At the corner of my eye I see something strange, a small stone.
I walk towards the stone and look down at it. It shows a picture of a one horned horse, a unicorn was carved in great detail on the rocks surface. Although the difference between the picture and my self is huge, the likeness between us is strangely amazing. As I look to the right of the rock I see a cave, full of sparkling jewels.
As I stand wondering what this fantasy land is, I feel strange, different. But I say to myself that I am just imagining things, as this forest is so strange.
I decide to wander on further.
I then see a stream, after hearing the water trickle from it; I realize how thirsty I am. I walk over to the stream and I notice something strange. My reflection isn’t my reflection. It is the same horse that was carved into the stone. But what is even more strange, when I move, the horse in the reflection does the same.
I look behind me, to make sure that no one is there, to see if it really is my reflection. No body is there, so I continue looking at the reflection, confused. Then I jump. It couldn’t be could it!? The strange feeling by the rock, the reflections, could this perfect figure in the river be mine? I then look down and notice that my body has changed dramatically. I now have four hooves instead of to feet; my pale skin has changed into a body covered from top to bottom with pure white fur. My scraggily brown hair has changed into a long snowy mane, and a long spiral horn is coming out of the center of my fore head, spiraling around and around. I am absolutely shocked by my new figure and am surprised that I am shy of myself. I am almost too scared to try out my new body. How long have I been like this?
But then once again I remembered about the carved rock, and the unicorn that looked so much like me.
I had been like this since then, and haven’t even noticed!
As I begin thinking about what had happened, my highly trained ears hear something that I couldn’t have been able to hear when I was a human; a tiny rustling in the bushes.
As I stare at the way of the sound my heart beating a mile a minute I see a unicorn that looks exactly like me.
He comes out and nudges me gently.
I then know why I am here; the crystals in the cave. I must guard them now.
As I get nudged again in my new powerful ribs, I gallop of with my new partner. And now I am stuck in this body for eternity.

Live fast, have fun and be a bit mischievous! -Louis Tomlinson
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for class 5:
On the track

The loud speakers roar among the exited crowd.
They whoop and squeal as the dazzling horses step on polished hooves onto the grass damp with the morning mist.
And here I am, waiting, hoping that everything will go smoothly, praying that everything will go as planned.
I am the youngest out of all 23 jockeys; my heart is racing fast, as if the horses are competing right inside me.
I sit on top of my mount, and he prances, letting everyone know that he is going to be a winner.
The other horses are preparing to run out of the gates so I begin to bring him in too.
The back gates close behind us as my trainer whispers some final words be strong, be confident, let the horse do the rest. And I close my eyes, letting the words sink in. I stroke the chestnuts neck gently to calm him.
BEEP!! I here the buzzers go, and then 19 horses racing full speed.
The rush… the adrenalin!!
I can feel the powerful hooves thumping onto the ground, 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, and the strides repeat themselves over and over.
I’m close to the front now and the adrenalin rushes throughout me
We can both feel it… horse and rider… going at full speed!!
I’m closer and closer to leads position, and now I’m wedged right in between two other horses…
One horse turns in… towards me… I loose my stirrup and I can feel myself slipping… soon to be pounded with dozens of hooves… I close my eyes and prepare for the impact of the fall. I then hear the words in my head… be strong, be confident… The words give me a new rush and I know that I need to get back onto the saddle and win this race! I swing back into the saddle and try to regain my stirrup while racing at full speed. I get back into position and thank God for saving me for the fate that was so close only seconds ago.
The line is 50m now and we’re in forth.
My beautiful steed knows that this is his chance… he has to show his full power… and with that he bursts forward, foam is coming off his shoulders and I know he is determined to reach his goal before any other horse.
We past one horse, and another… it’s now neck and neck between us and the other rider… 15m now… 10m… 5m… Another burst of energy and we’re past the line!! It’s to close to call… a photo finish!! I look up on the board to see our placing, I cross all my fingers and toes, and I know that my amazing horse would be crossing his too if he had them… It takes a while for the second and first placings to be put up and I think to myself it really must have been a close call.
And they’re up… first place… IT’S ME!! I scream with joy and my horse gives a victory neigh, news reporters come all around us to take photos and ask questions. A beautifully dressed lady comes up to us and puts a blanket of roses on my steeds back. And gives me a trophy… and then we trot off to get ready for the winners circle.

Live fast, have fun and be a bit mischievous! -Louis Tomlinson
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What is a horse?

A horse is 500 pounds of pure energy, enthusiasm and life.
A horse is those hoofbeats pounding on the ground, flared nostrils, raised heads and a streaming mane.
A horse is majestic, intelligent and inquisitive.
A horse is both bold and meek.
A horse can be swishing its tail idly in the breeze, delicately nibbling grass, and still be radiating grace and power.
A horse is a protector, a leader, a follower, a teacher and a friend.

Mount up and leave your troubles behind on the ground.
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ohhhh i lke it :)

Live fast, have fun and be a bit mischievous! -Louis Tomlinson
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The beauty and grace of a horse
A piece of light
A sweet smelling flower
A happy place
A breeze of wind
A fantasy land
A friend
A joy
It must be....
The horse

Cross Country- The act of hurling yourself and your equine partner at a stationary object with poise and grace while attempting to survive...
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Green Broke
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The horse
Is girls best friend,
My horse is my best friend,
A horse is always there,
My horse is always there,
Whether it be to cry on,
To tell my deepest secrets,
or just someone to talk to,
He is always there,
He takes me places no one else can,
I can fly when I'm with my horse,
A horse is a girls best friend,
My horse is my best friend.
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