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        05-30-2011, 08:24 PM
    Ok :)

    (im not going to say anything else now, I don't want to make you think im not mature!)
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        05-30-2011, 10:01 PM
    Super Moderator
    Originally Posted by lildonkey8    
    Since when do you have to be 15 to want to learn?
    You don't, which is why you are welcome to start a thread in any forum you want to, and ask any and all questions you may have. You can of course also read any thread you are interested in.

    Originally Posted by Marlea Warlea    
    agreed!! I feel the same way as lildonkey... I was pretty upset, especially because after asking for hints and tips etc I got more then what I wanted and my mare and I have come so far!!
    That's great to hear, and you are welcome to start threads and continue posting about your progress in any forum you want to, and to continue asking for and receiving tips and tricks.

    Originally Posted by Cowboy Ken    
    I joined this forum first, I am 52 years of age.
    Later, I encouraged my daughter lildonkey8 to join as well.
    She has been a participatory member, has never been warned of inapropriate posts, and now sits in tears, feeling alienated, and excluded from a forum she enjoys daily.
    All I want to say, and not as just a protective dad. Is that my 9 year old has done more studying, research, reading, and questioning relating to horsemanship than I have, and when I am in the roundpen sitting my gelding, or the wife's new mare, I listen to every bit of advice she has to offer, thou few in years, she is ageless in enthusiasm, and love for horsemanship.
    Stop cyber discrimination, and encourage member responsibility. All of us should equally share int he right to be IGNORED.....
    Lil Donkey's Dad...aka Cowboy Ken
    I'm sorry this change upset your daughter, Ken. As I've said, we've tried to address the majority of the community's concerns in the least restrictive way possible for younger members. Your daughter is still free to start threads in any forums she wants to, and can reply to any thread she wants to in the forums listed in the announcement, which incidentally are the forums she has participated in the most since she first joined. In fact, I just checked the forums her last 500 posts were made in, and if her participation to date is any indication, this change should effect her very little. For what it's worth, at her age, she would not have been able to even register at most other horse forums I know of, even with your permission.

    Please start a thread in the Talk to the Team forum if you would like to discuss the status of her account further.

    Originally Posted by Marlea Warlea    
    thing is, I don't think I have ever been 'immature' on here... if im wrong please correct me?
    Suffice it to say, we would prefer such corrections were not made publicly.

    At the end of the day, certain members' posts sound like they were written by children because those members are children. The overwhelming majority of the community has expressed concern with seeing and receiving replies to their threads in substantive forums that appear to be written by children. They want to see the Horse Forum continue to be a place where a member can start a thread and expect to receive reasonably mature, intelligent, articulate replies in which members speak from legitimate experience. As well meaning as members under 15 who reply to other members' threads in substantive forums are, this is something our experience has shown most people of this age unfortunately lack the maturity or experience to do, hence these changes. Of course, we will gladly make exemptions when this is not the case.

    We apologize for any hurt or frustration this change may have caused. We hope younger members and their parents understand that we could not simply ignore the concerns of the overwhelming majority of the community, and that we have put significant effort into addressing these concerns in the least restrictive way possible for younger members.

    If anyone would like to discuss an exemption for their own account, or has any other questions, comments, or concerns, please start a thread in the Talk to the Team forum.

    Thank you,

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