The use of Infractions at the Horse Forum

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The use of Infractions at the Horse Forum

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        09-22-2011, 09:26 AM
    The use of Infractions at the Horse Forum

    Hi everyone,

    There have recently been some questions about "infractions" here at the Horse Forum. Most forum software comes with a system for contacting members about issues that can be used instead of or in tandem with the private messaging system. Infractions can optionally carry point values that result in a temporary ban if a member accrues enough of them. The infraction system is currently not used that way here at the Horse Forum.

    To date, the Horse Forum has never used the infraction system to factor into giving a member a temporary ban, and never would without first explaining how the system works. Members have been given infractions on occasion as an alternative to sending them private messages, but these infractions have been of no greater consequence than a private message would have been. Additionally, infractions are not new here. Members have received infractions from time to time since the Horse Forum's inception as an alternative to private messages. It is because infractions have been in use here since the beginning and because they have so far carried no greater weight than a pm from a moderator that there have been no announcements regarding infractions before this one.

    We are exploring the possibility of using infraction point values to factor into temporary bans for members in the future, but will of course make an announcement well before any such changes take effect.

    We hope this resolves any confusion about what infractions are, and alleviates any concerns about how they are used here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Talk to the Team forum.


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