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Cinch Complications?

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  • Horse in pain when i cinch

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    10-23-2013, 04:30 PM
Cool Cinch Complications?

A "friend" put a mohair/wool cinch on my blk/wht paint gelding. Long story short, Joker acquired severe girth sores from that days 3 hr. Trail ride. Where he is white, his skin underneath is baby pink & tender. The girth sores were extremely swollen & bleeding. I washed them with antibacterial soap and then let them dry & for the first few days covered them with Corona ointment hoping it would minimize the burning & stinging and then I washed them & kept the aluminum spray bandage on them. I did not ride him for a month so they could heal. The hair follicles were completely destroyed and the hair has never grown back. This happened last February. I bought the softest fleece cinch I could find but now when I cinch him up he bucks. It doesn't matter if I am on the ground walking him tacked up or I mount or turn him out in the arena to work him down. He is ALWAYS worked down prior to tacking up so the bucking/rearing is not from being "fresh". Does anyone know what else I can do to create a effective barrier between him & the cinch? He didn't buck prior. He's a great horse and I don't want him to become just another "Barn Ornament". My last attempted ride ended up with me in the emergency room via ambulance. I welcome any & all advise. Thank you!
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    10-23-2013, 04:53 PM
Have you tried riding him bareback? Does he buck at all then?

Has he been seen by a vet regarding the issue?

During the trail ride that ended with cinch sores, was he in pain then? Did he buck then? Did you give him adequate time off to heal the sores (aka at least 4-8 weeks)?

I suspect that he remembers the pain, and is bucking to avoid potential pain and get the saddle off his back. There is also the chance that he has nerve damage, and the cinch is actively causing him pain. If you use your hand to palpate the area, doe he act like he's in pain?

I'd have the vet out, have him thoroughly assessed, and see what your options are in the event he is actively in pain. If he is doing it because he simply remembers the pain and wants to avoid it before it starts - then you need a very qualified trainer to assess the situation.

I'd ride him bareback 100% of the time, until I had him assessed by the vet and by a good trainer (assuming he's not in pain bareback and shows no signs of being uncomfortable). I'd let the trainer re-introduce him to saddles, girths, etc.
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    10-23-2013, 04:55 PM
I just wanted to add - I wouldn't be looking for anymore of a barrier. No matter what you put between him and the cinch, the pressure will still be there - that's the point of the cinch. It will still have to effectively hold the saddle in place. So, no, I don't think you should put anything else between him and the cinch.
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    10-23-2013, 05:15 PM
Wink Response to dirtDee

Thank you for your well written reply. I agree with you regarding more of a barrier, not the issue. Obviously if he bucks as soon as he is tacked up it is not from being rubbed raw again. It is either from memory or the sensation due to lack of hair in that area or both.
Unfortunately, riding bareback isn't an option for me. I'm 54 years old and when I got bucked off of him 5 weeks ago (on asphalt) I encountered a severe concussion, sprained back, swollen kidney and contusions which caused nerve damage on my left back side from waist to knees which is still numb. I can find someone else to ride him bareback and see what happens.
I believe the bucking stems from memory. When I work him down in the arena prior to tacking him up, he doesn't buck. When I tack him up and put him in the arena to work him down some more he bucks and crow hops (hope I got that right?).
When he acquired the cinch sores, yes I did doctor him and stayed off of him for a month to let him heal. I felt terrible.
Let me ask you this~do you think working him more often in the arena tacked up (no rider) will alleviate his memory/fear of the pain? I didn't figure out what was causing the bucking until today. I thought it was his new back cinch but I didn't use it today and he still bucked~BINGO!
Thank you!

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