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    10-31-2013, 03:30 PM
Question Clipping.

Hi there!! My horse is out all year, we have a rug for her and all, but we do a good wee bit of work with her in winter, should we get her clipped? We also are not sure what she's like getting clipped, as we've never clipped her before!
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    10-31-2013, 03:42 PM
Only clip her if you have enough heavy blankets to replace what you are taking off her body...that usually means needing to layer during the coldest weather and offering her out-of-the-weather protection.
I would not do a full body clip but maybe a modified trace clip...underside of neck, partial chest, girth/cinch area, saddle area...leaving as much as possible covered.
If you expose the neck a neck covering {blanket hood} to keep her warm.

If you clip you also need a good quality cooler even more so while she cools out so no drafts get to her...

If she is t/o 24/7.... think I would really have to see her very sweaty all the time to clip her coat...she needs what Mother Nature provided for protection.
You may even need to buy heavier blankets too depending upon the weather conditions this year...
Winter has not fully arrived yet...Mother Nature though has readied her animals for the onslaught...

If you have never clipped her...or done a body clip it might be money well spent to have her professionally done. Faster for her and safer for you.
If you show, she needs to look a particular way and making exacting cuts with a large animal clipper takes a lot of practice to get it right and not leave track marks.
    10-31-2013, 03:43 PM
As you have a rug for her, she might be OK with a bib clip. Does she sweat at all when you ride her during the winter? If not she will probably get away with not being clipped. If she's part or full thoroughbred, she really shouldn't need clipping as they tend to have very thin coats. My boy is 3/4 thoroughbred, and he isn't clipped.
If she happens to sweat quite a bit, particularly around her girth area, you could possibly get a low trace. For a horse in very light work in the winter, I wouldn't clip any more hair off than that.
As for the issue about her never being clipped before: Most horses don't like being clipped. The majority will tolerate it, but it doesn't mean they like it. She may be OK with it, or she might not. We don't know your horse so we really can't tell you. You can how ever use a twitch on the horse whilst it is being clipped. If you don't no what it is, it basically involves a loop of strong rope on a stick. The loop is wound around the upper lip tightly and it does cause the horse minimal pain. Enough to keep its mind off the clippers. Be aware that this is a little cruel, and sometimes the horse will rear if it has the twitch on too long. I personally don't like this method. I prefer sedation. This is another option, if your horse hates being clipped. You can get the vet to administer a weak sedation, to make the horse drowsy, and prevent it jumping around all over the place.
Here are diagrams of the bib clip, the low trace and the twitch, if you are new to any of this :)

The twitch can be seen best in this picture :)
    10-31-2013, 07:41 PM
Thank you!!

clipping, never been clipped, out all year, work

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