Dry skin and bug bites need advice

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Dry skin and bug bites need advice

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    08-17-2009, 12:24 PM
Dry skin and bug bites need advice

Sheba looks like she has dandruff on her chest which I figured is probably from having to wear a shoulder guard under her fly blanket (fly blankets always rub her shoulders raw, went through three this year to find one that fits right and doesn't rub) but it's not he chest that is bothering me its her face and underneath her chin. It looks like gnats or some like bug has been biting her around her eyes on down under her jaw line. There looks to be some hair loss starting I think its some type of bug biting her cause she had little scabs and flakes. I was going to give her a bath with some Aloedine shampoo since I heard it works really well but I have never used it before and wanted to know if it was good or not. I have not been able to find betadine, which I heard is the best for any skin issues with horses, no tack shop around here carries it.
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    08-17-2009, 10:08 PM
Well, for the whole bu bite looking things, I would say it is rain rot. It is a type of fungus. Shampoo it with some special shampoo which you can get at a tack store, and make sure you keep the area extemely dry, or the fungus will grow:) look it up on google and see if it matches...lol.
    08-18-2009, 01:28 AM
She doesn't have rain rot, my old rescue horse had rain rot so I know how it acts and what it looks like. Its defiantely a gnat or bug of some type biting her raw. But my question was about the Aloedine shampoo and if any used it and it works or if I should go with betadine or a mtg product.
    08-18-2009, 11:01 AM
OK, then it is definitely a bug bite of some sort. Honestly, I would try iodine, which you can get at any drug store. Also, the MTG Shapleys works amazing, though it is extremely messy and smells like barbeque scause!! Lol.
    08-18-2009, 04:47 PM

Your poor horse! I have a chestnut filly (they seem to be prone to flies for some reason!) who has terrible trouble.

I'm afraid the problem is in your question. Any ill-fitting horse fly rug that has any gap will not only causing rubbing (which can in itself cause skin irritation) but will also allow the flies to get in through the gap. If your horse fly sheet does not have neck cover or a horse fly mask you should consider getting one. Horses eyes are particularly sensitive to flies and midges because of the moisture in them.

As well as the fly rugs have you tried changing your horses diet - something like putting a garlic or Brewer's Yeast supplement in their diet can help increase your horses ph level - this makes their blood very untasty to the flies!

Also think about fly repellent! Hope this helps!

Lots of advice at Horse Rugs - All about which type of horse rugs or horse blanket to buy

    08-20-2009, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by ClaireThomas    

As well as the fly rugs have you tried changing your horses diet - something like putting a garlic or Brewer's Yeast supplement in their diet can help increase your horses ph level - this makes their blood very untasty to the flies!
Yes, this works. In the meantime I'd get some iodine wash to help her heal and clean up the skin irritation. And use lots of bug spray.
    08-21-2009, 10:30 PM
Bathed her in the aloedine shampoo and washed her face, put some corona on the open bug bites and crusties, it cleared right up. Fly season is almost done here so the horses aren't wearing fly sheets anymore and they get sprayed twice a day. But I was wondering if anyone has tried those rider's international hug closure fly sheets, since I have had I big problem with fly blankets rubbing on her front. Sheba loves to roll and always has her blanket lopsided. I have measured her countless time and my trainer has measured her too and she is defiantely a 78 I have tried alot of brands weatherbeeta, centaur, rambo, amigo, wrangler, schnieders (this one works pretty well but not perfect), and many other brands some with bellybands and without. I know each brand is different and have adjusted accordingly in size when I have bought them. Sheba has beautiful sloping shoulders and she is wide through the back. I know her dry skin was caused by her having to wear her shoulder guard all fly season. I don't want to have to do that next year. Any Idea on what brand might work?
    08-23-2009, 10:04 AM
Shiloh has a terrible allergy/oversensitivity to bug bites. We have tried everything from supplements to prescription antihistamine. We talked to some friends who suggested putting Equi-spot on her. We put it on her last week and so far so good. It seems whatever biting insect that has been plaguing her doesn't like it. I have also found that Cowboy Magic Krud-Buster followed by any antibiotic salve works great at clearing it up.
She gets them up her legs, neck and chest. Her top is bite free so a rug wouldn't do any good.

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