How to pull a mane decently?

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How to pull a mane decently?

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    01-01-2010, 07:37 PM
How to pull a mane decently?

I know how to pull a mane. I've done a decent job on horses in the past.
But now I have my own horse, had him for a while now.
When I bought him is mane was TERRIBLE. His previous owners had actually cut it with scissors, it was really choppy and bizzare looking. I had to let it grow out a touch, and then I pulled it.
And I did and AWFUL job!
It's extremely uneven! He has a cowlick going down the side of his neck so that doesn't help, but I used the rule where I rest my palm on his mane and use that to determine the length, but I couldn't make it even, there are some parts that are much shorter than the others, it's not in solid choppy sections anymore, like when his previous owner cut it with scissors, but it is unpleasantly uneven.
No matter how hard I try I can never pull his man completely even!
So, any tips?
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    01-01-2010, 08:01 PM
Try just pulling it as even as possible and then trim it with the sissors
    01-02-2010, 01:56 PM
If you keep going at it right now, it's going to just get shorter and shorter. Maybe roach it for now, and then try again with a clean slate. And then pull it as evenly as possible, like a few strands at the top and a few strands a little lower down, and work your way down his neck, instead of pulling the top to what you want and then trying to duplicate with the rest of his mane. Does that make sense?
    01-02-2010, 08:12 PM
If you're comfortable roaching it it's definitely something to think about.
If not, scissors really can help. If you cut directly up into the hair rather than straight across, it looks much more natural, and even moreso as it grows out a little bit.
You could also maybe try some MTG or something to get it in better condition and help it grow so that it can be fixed.
That's all I can think of..

**Oh, and as a tip..when I pull my horse's mane, I always use thinning shears first, specifically these ones:
And cut straight across his whole mane before I start pulling, making it just a little bit longer than the desired length. They're a little bit hard to use, but you just keep hacking through it. It gives a much better result than scissors, it makes it easier to get things even, and I don't have to pull it too thin. That might help you for your next pulling session once it's grown out a bit.

Good luck =)
    01-05-2010, 05:47 PM
RE: Pulling Manes

It sounds like your issue is that your horse's mane is unevenly thick along the length of his mane. Once you've let it grow out an inch or 2, try to pull it again, but focus on the thicker areas first to get a uniform thickness. If you feel that it's approaching the length that you want and it's still too thick, I usually only pull the "under-side" of the mane. For example, you normally grab a hunk of mane, teeze and pull. Instead, grab a hunk of mane, but separate it in two, the front part (which shows) and the underside. Just teeze the underside and pull that portion. This way, you keep the length in the front, where it shows, but are still able to thin the mane. You might end up taking a but of length this way, but not nearly as much.

To finish the pull job off, I always even it up with scissors. It's important to only trim less than 1/4-1/2" or less off and if it's looking too thick to cut, I may thin a bit with scissors (cutting vertically). Don't try to pull at this point, as then it will just be too short. I never want it to look cut, just naturally even, so only do this at the end of a pull job and show restraint in how much you trim :)

You also mentioned that your horse has a cowlick. I would recommend braiding your horse's mane over to the correct side and leaving it braided for 4-7 days prior to pulling and re-braiding as necessary. This may help train the mane and hopefully get that cowlick under control. You may have to braid after pulling or try keeping the braids in for longer periods of time to really train the mane, just see how your horse reacts to the braids to make sure he doesn't rub them all out!

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