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post #61 of 68 Old 07-23-2011, 02:58 PM
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-After she is done eating she will lick the bucket
-She hates pepper mints and sugar cubes
-She know when i want to lope i dont even have to signal her
-Will position her feet before i tell her to
-Will stop if I drop my strups
-if i walk up to her in the pasture she will smell me for a pepper mint

He will be worth the wait my dream horse.
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I've had Callie for about 4 years now, and our relationship has grown soo much. Let me start out by saying, Callie had MAJOR trust issues, and she was incredibly head shy(you had to take apart the bridle just to get it on). You couldn't touch her ears, anywhere on her face and to brush her forelock you had to have someone hold treats to lower her head. But anyways, this year(yup it''s taken 3 years to get over all this), she will allow me to touch her ears and actually put her head in my hands and let me rub her. :) Callie has quite the personality her is a few things she does..

Whenever I walk into the barn and I just call Callie's name, she nickers, walks a complete circle around her stall then nickers again.

She always always always, is licking me. Whether I have treats or not.(no she doesn't have any deficiency's she's just weird haha)

She paws in the cross ties when I leave to get her tack out of the tack room. She usually paws with her right leg and its about 10 or 12 times. I always try and correct her for that, but she seems to always be innocent and gives me a "mum i didnt do it, it was Pie(her brother)". haha

I lovee my Callie, especially all the things that make her unique! BTW, all these horses are gorgeous!(:

I know she looks thin in this picture, shes a good solid weight now(shes always been a hard keeper).

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My gelding... Hmmmm.

He's opinionated. He always lets me know. Sometimes it's helpful, like when a grass bur or something gets up under his boot, and other times I just say "man up, that bug is not going to kill you."

He loves watermelon. Like, the horse goes berzerk for a piece. If I eat some, I always make sure to save him a slice or two.

He has his quirks, but when it comes down to it, he really doesn't care about much. At all.

After I take his bridle off, I always get a medium-bristled brush and give him a brushing behind his right ear. Right ear only, apparently the left ear, doesn't have the same effect. He will stand there for hours with me brushing him behind his right ear.

He likes his belly, and poll scratched. He's a champ at the lama face.

When he's resting, he lays flat out, on his left side. If he's sitting up, then somethings not right. That usually tells me it's a colicy thing, if he's laying down sitting up. Never fails.

The majority of his warmup must be done at the trot. Otherwise, he throws a fit when you ask for the canter, if he hasn't had enough trot warm up. Again, he's opinionated.

At a show he will not drink out of a bucket. It has to be directly out of the water hose. That can cause problems, if there's not many water hoses handy.

He hates pigs with a passion.

I must always pick his feet up, in the same order every time. Right front first, then work my way around him. He's trained to pick up his hoof when I touch the according shoulder/hip, and give one loud snap. If I mess up the order (heaven forbid), he will not pick up that hoof.

Loves streams, rivers, etc. but will not, to save his life, walk through a tiny puddle along the way.

Tarps and flags, relax him.

He will absalutely not give me a lead change when I ask, 50% of the time, but then when I am not asking for one, and least expecting it, he throws me a perfect lead change just for the heck of it.

At home, he stumbles his way through trot poles, but at a show, he picks his feet up high and gracefully, therefore trail is usually our best winning class.

"You're just as sane as I am."~Luna Lovegood.
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My girly, Dolly, ALWAYS has to pee before leaving the indoor arena at our barn

Whenever I get her from her field, and she's lying down, she has to have a nice roll in the dirt after I put her halter on right before she gets up.

I always give her some oats after I ride and it is just her favorite thing to look forward to. She always knows it's coming and perks her ears and stares at me soo intently until I get it to her. Once, I had her in a tie stall next to my tackroom, and she wasn't tied because she ground ties perfectly well, and as I was getting her food she snuck forward to peak inside as I was preparing it and had the most excited look on her face! Just thought I'd share, that's one of my favorite stories of her :)
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More On My Diva!! :)

Her feet:
She does not mind for her feet to be done, but sometimes she will not stand still for a long amount of time - like me she lacks in patience - so when the farrier is taking a long time - running his mouth with me - she will get a little ill and when he goes to do her back feet she will move more then she usually does but if I just rub her back end (opposite of the side he is on) she hangs her head and just about drules! :)
Also like you can gather from my other comment about her she loves loves loves water and I never have a problem with her crossing water no matter the depth or the size but if she has just had her feet done it is like she does not want her beautiful new shoes to get wet/dirty she will tip toe/prance through the water or mudd --> funniest thing ever!!


Most of the time whenever I go out and feed I will rinse her off -> a must! duh:)- and then while she is eating I will brush her and spray her with fly spray and pick her hooves. Unlike most horses who will usually continue to eat she will stop and close her eyes and just let me groom her she loves being pampered, then as soon as I am done she picks up where she left off :)


I also do not really like her name. Her req. name is Had A Penney but she has always just been called Penney but IMO it does not fit her so I call her May, Mrs. May, or Penney May -->whatever comes out of my mouth. Penney just seems like such a sweet name and lets just say she is not that - well not most of the time, she is a little bitty and a diva so May suites her more :)

all in all I love this mare, never would have thought I would enjoy her as much as I do. She is me made over in a horse so we really understand each other. She is not a one person horse but I rdie her the best and she works the best for me :)
She loves to do just about anything but she has her days where if she is not into it or it is not on her list of "to do" you can not force her to do it.
She is a fast and easy learner with speed and brains with looks to go with. She trail rides and swims very hard to spook. She is a hussy and when I end up breeding her she will not be hard :) she has no bad habbits she loads and stands and baths, I would say the only neg thing I can say about this mare is that she HATES needles. She is a dream to do anything to but she KNOWS no matter how you try and trick her or hide it, she knows when you are coming to give her a shot or get blood. She does not kick up a big fuss or anything she will just put her head up and her eyes will get big and she will stomp her foot once or twice, blow and shake her head a little, then she is over it and lets you do it.
She will be with me until she takes her last breath, she has become apart of my family, she is my child and she means the world to me! I will starve before she does without anything she needs.

This is a picture from one of our first shows together.....IDK what is up with that arm :)

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Originally Posted by sierrams1123 View Post
This is a picture from one of our first shows together.....IDK what is up with that arm :)

I trained her on barrels and this was a picture from one of her first timed runs, and I want to say this was only a few months into her training. Yeah, it was. I started training her August of 2009. She has taken very well to them and picked up everything a lot fasten then most and what I recommend. I called they trainer who broke her as a 3 yr old and asked if he patterned her any and he says he remembers her and really liked her but never showed her a barrel. Only reason I asked was because he is a known barrel trainer in this area so I thought he may have done a little with her because she acted like she already knew it all, but I guess that is just her! Miss Know it all Diva :)
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He loves being groomed, even his face and belly!

He will pick his back feet up easily, but mess around when I'm doing his front feet.

He likes to twang my jodhpurs

Anything that I take into the stable has to be sniffed, licked and nibbled at.

To greet me he gnaws on my hand

and he loves it when I blow raspberries on his nose!

"Did I not just use the word 'puzzling'?"

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If I was to leave his stall door open all day he'd stay in there unless I coaxed him out with food.
He will wrinkle his nose in a snarl when I hug him or kiss him and turn his head away but the moment I try to leave he perks his ears and takes a step closer, planting his face in front of mine again, almost like he was embarrassed but still likes attention.
When he spooks at something, he'll snort at it and shake his head in shock. He'll then step closer to it and if it does the same thing he'll repeat the process like, "Omg I wasn't expecting it to do it again!"
If I give him the rubbery handle of the lunge whip he'll take it in his mouth and carry it around until it touches the ground and scares him.
He is extremely protective of me. I'm his alpha mare and only his. He has put himself between my boyfriend and I, and chased off the other horses if they got too close. However if I tell him to knock it off he gives me a solemn look and walks off to a corner, glancing back now and then to see if I'm still mad.
If I say his name he looks at me, if I put out my hand he will lick it, and if touch his butt he'll stop for me to put his leadline on.
He knows work isn't over until I say okay
He is afraid of everything that isn't dangerous. Like a leaf blowing in the wind, but isn't afraid of power tools or water.
He "talks" back on a regular basis. This is his constant lip moving. His bottom lip is always going, no matter what he is doing. Even if he is just standing out in the paddock with the other horses, he is "talking" constantly. This of course lead me to think he had some issue, but nope it is a personality thing.
If anyone else rides him, he is pokey. He'll either not move or move out but not much. With me he takes little to no motivation, and we work on a similar wavelength. Had a trainer ride him once, despite her doing the exact same things as I did, he being stubborn and head strong. She hopped off and I got on, and he proceeded to do exactly what she was asking when I asked.
He HAS to poop in the same spot in his stall and in the paddock, we call it the poop mountain and he MUST pee in his stall. He will NOT pee with a saddle on. If he is kept out of his stall for too long between pees, he'll pee a bit, walk away, pee a bit more, walk away, etc.
If he sees a camera, he poses. My boyfriend started taking photos with his phone, and now when Ransom sees a phone he'll pose for a photo.
If you have anything that looks interesting, he MUST see it.
He is not what I'd consider "sure footed" and his trail attention is that of a knat. He prefers to watch the trees off to the side of him then the trail. You never know when those horse eating tiny woodland creatures will come out for his blood. (aka the enemy is a chipmunk or squirrel)
If he has a choice between apples and carrots it is always carrots.
If I'm riding him bareback, and I want to take a break, I can lay across his topline and he'll stand there all day, but if I'm saddled and want to take a rest, he'll stand there for about 10 minutes before having to take a step.
When he grazes, he grazes with the least possible movement, preferring to eat down all the grass around him before taking a step forward.
He has a tiny wart on his one nostril.
Every night when he is put away, he goes in his stall and stands with his butt to me. I have to poke his thigh for him to turn around so I can take off his halter.
But I think my favorite is, when we play, he'll snort, fart, buck, and have a great time but always stops to make sure I'm still playing. If, for whatever reason, I stop the game, he'll come over and sniff me and huff. But the moment I start to play the game again, he is off in his goofy manner. He loves to toss his head around and flick his inside ear to me. And if I do something strange (I love to just flop to the ground) he'll look shocked and shake his head and then proceed to nudge me with his nose to insure I'm still alive.

Here is a photo:

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