Needs his sheath cleaned?

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Needs his sheath cleaned?

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    10-05-2009, 11:49 PM
Needs his sheath cleaned?

Alright, so Ice had his sheath cleaned in July, right before we trailered him in to my barn where he is now. The vet did it, because his previous owner didn't know how he would react (you know some boys are just sensitive) and since he was going to be sedated anyway for his teeth floating....might as well just get it done. Well, as it turned out even with the sedation he wasn't very happy, they had to use a twitch on top of that just to get him to stand still.

So now he's itching his tail, and it is BAD. He's been doing it since he got there, even though I wormed him, and I've heard that tail scratching can signal a dirty sheath? I've seen it, it is kind of gross, but knowing how sensitive he is I can't exactly do it myself. I already have plans to bathe him in some anti-fungal concoctions (some home recipes would be appreciated) and to re-worm him as soon as I get the funds. But, just to cover all of my bases, does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can clean him up and not get kicked, bit, etc? I don't have the money to just arbitrarily call out the vet and pay for sedatives and a house call fee just to see if that will fix the issue, so I would really love some input!
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    10-06-2009, 06:56 AM
An itchy tail I wouldn't be rushing to clean his sheath .. I am not a supporter of very regular (monthly) sheath cleaning as I feel it upsets the natural process that goes on in there - and I don't blame some geldings kicking up a storm LOL My boy will be checked for a 'bean' and have a general check over when he has his teeth done .. other than that, I don't like to play around (for his sake and mine LOL)

Itchy tail I'd be looking at worms, a bite, irratation etc.
Betadine shampoo may help this. Diluted ACV may aid if it's a bug bite - don't put on an open wound tho.
I'd worm him first, and keep up with regular worming. Regular worming is VERY important, espec if he is with other horses/animals (anything from sheep, to a dog). Regular mucking out and disposal of manure is vital too. You can also send away some manue (Fresh) for a worm count.

If it's all bloody and yuck, wash it gentley with betadine or simular. Be gentle and dilute it first.

Sounds like a bite or worms IMO. Can you see any worms ?
    10-06-2009, 08:20 AM
I wouldn't clean his sheath any more than every six months. I'd get a fecal done and take a close look at the skin on the top of his tail. Does the skin seem to be irritated or flaky? Could be a fungus or sweet itch. Where do you live? Are there still a lot of bugs out in your area?
    10-06-2009, 09:47 AM
You could try a paste like Quietex to help take the edge off. You should be able to find it at your feed store, or have them order it for you, and it's cheap (under $10).

Then on top of that you could twitch him until you get him used to have his manhood handled.
    10-06-2009, 10:50 AM
Well I was back there yesterday while I was bathing him after a workout, and there weren't any sign of worms. His skin did look a litte dry, not really scaly, but I didn't get a good view because he switched his tail at an imaginary fly.

I tried scratching his tail/dock area myself and he does raise his tail and kind of stretch out. So I'm wondering if he's just super itchy and taking it to the extreme. I live in Florida, so its usually kind of damp, but in the winter it dries out with the cold weather. As far as bugs go, flies are the worst thing we have.

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