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OTTB Skin Issues

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    04-09-2009, 10:06 PM
Question OTTB Skin Issues

Okay so...
I have an OTTB who just came off the track last Spring. This year was his first winter in a regular barn. He has had a large number of skin problems which I have learned are mostly from his previous barn, coming off the track, his first winter OTT, and lack of oils in his skin.
He started off with rain rot, which started to go away in early Feb. Its come back worse and now his dandruff has increased.
Yes he's been dewormed, when its warm we give him betadine baths, etc. Also he's finally started to gain some weight.

So heres my question:
Many people have told me that his coat will look gorgeous during the summer. But I was wondering... what else could I do to speed up the process and help his skin and coat even more??
Im going to give him a head and shoulders wash when it warms up with some babyoil as well. Someone suggested MTG to help his hair grow back and help his rain rot... Should we buy another type of feed? (Hes is currently using a sweet feed that is higher in protein because it also contains some beet pulp)

Thanks for all of your help! I know this was a long post... haha

PS he's almost 5.
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    04-10-2009, 08:26 AM
I find that hair grows back at different speeds with different horses. Have you tried a coat suppliment that is higher in fats and oils? Such as cocosoya oil, super coat 17, super coat 14? I find that if a horse is lacking in biotin, the hooves can be fragile too like their coat. If so mabye a biotin supppliment ( make sure it contains the amino acids nessisary for proper absorption of the biotin) I use biotin 22x from united vet and it works great.

As you will find some people on here are against sweet feeds, all I can say is do what works for you.

Are you able to give him a bath yet? That may help some with the flaking.
    04-10-2009, 11:47 AM
My OTTB had the same problem. I gave him a betadine bath once a week, and treated him with MTG daily. I also gave him a biotin supplement and 1/4 cup corn oil daily. This helped alot. As well, make sure you let him dry completely before putting a sheet on, and keep him out of damp pastures. Rain rot feeds on moisture.

Good luck
    04-10-2009, 02:51 PM
Thanks for all of the help!
Since the flaking started (the really bad dandruff not rainrot) its been too cold for a bath. Hopefully next week I will be able to give him some.
I've never heard of biotin, but I will mention it to my instructor and mom as well as buying some corn oil. I've never had a horse with skin issues :P so I've never had to own anything special to put with his feed.

Thanks again! E
    04-10-2009, 04:20 PM
My OTTB gets a squirt of wheat germ oil in his dinner every day. I have been doing this because his previous owner told me to and never looked up more information on the subject. Until now, this is what I found through Google:

Soybean and Wheat Germ Oils add to the fullness of the coat and provide a show quality shine - this we know (almost as fact). Vitamins A, D, and E, whether given internally or applied externally work together to keep the coat healthy and aid in the healing process of most wounds and poor skin conditions.

It's pretty cheap ($15/gallon at our feed store) and lasts over a month.
    04-10-2009, 10:57 PM
Some horses are more suspectible to fungal infections than others. My TB mare is like this too. Is your horse in a muddy pasture all day and often exposed to wet conditions? This contributes greatly to rain rot, and other such things. If you can, try to keep him in a dry area with a shelter to go into when it rains. I would keep doing what you are doing with the bathing, yet try to keep his coat dry. Rain rot thrives in moisture. Good luck!

*Oh, and Mane & Tail Anti-Microbial Shampoo works amazing for rain rot!
    04-12-2009, 01:38 PM
Just remember that while bathing and MTG will help clear up the visible skin issues, the only way to really fix the problem and prevent it from coming back is to work from the inside out. I use Cocosoya SP via Smartpak - it's $22 a month and worth its weight in gold. You can also get it in one gallon and 5 gallon jugs. Horses love the taste and it's pretty economical. It makes their coats gleam, helps hooves grow faster and harder, and it even helps manes and tails grow longer and fuller. I've been using it for years and my horse will never be off it. I know a lot of people who feed soy bean or corn oil, but the problem with most store bought oil is it's refined. When oils are refined, it strips them of the essential fatty acids that are needed to have any real effect on your horse. If you decide to use a corn or vegetable oil, look for "crude" or "unrefined" oils. They sell them mostly in health food stores.
    04-12-2009, 09:54 PM
Wow thanks for all of the help!
My old instructor used Smartpacs and said that they were worth it. I've never really looked into them though. I will have to talk to my mom about that also. I talked to my equestrian cousins in Ohio and they gave me some good advice too. At the moment I can't remember any of it... oops lol.

Thanks again!!

coat care, ottb skin, winston!

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