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Quick 15 minute groom before lesson

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        08-01-2011, 12:32 PM
    I just use a dandy brush, curry comb and some shine spray, before brushing it all in with either a body brush or a goathair brush (absolute life saver!), then brush mud and dirt off the legs, pick out the hooves and quickly wipe down my tack! Also, I throw a comb through the mane and tail.
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        08-01-2011, 12:51 PM
    Green Broke
    I thankfully have a bay, so he's the same color as dirt! If I am in a hurry, I start with the absolute necessities, pick the feet, brush him off with a good medium-stiff brush, etc. and then continue grooming as time permits.

    Absolute life-saver is a box of baby wipes. I can quickly wash off spots off his white sock or if he gets sticky spots on him or stubborn mud splotches. Also good for removing the final layer of dust, just run over him quickly.

    My trainer prefers I do not brush his tail (he had most of it rubbed off when I bought him) if I do not have excessive amounts of time to ensure it's being conditioned and properly combed, so no hairs are being broken, so 99% of the time, I pick the shavings and whatnot out of his tail and leave as-is. Considering she's handed me one of her gray horses with a "I think there's a horse under the mud somewhere.... good luck!" on multiple occasions, I'm not excessively worried. I board with my trainer so she knows exactly what my horse looked like in the morning, I swear there are days she puts him into the turnout with the biggest mud puddle just to watch him get really, really muddy since he always looks clean in comparison to her grays!
        08-01-2011, 03:37 PM
    Because I'm such a perfectionist, I always want everything clean and gleaming, tack included. I'm all about the initial impression someone gets.

    I give myself about thirty minutes to groom and tack, because I'm just slow, but sometimes time gets cut short. The essentials are really to make sure there's no dirt or sweat in the bridle and saddle area, and the legs if you use boots or wraps, and then their hooves.

    I just curry off really well, brush over the back and girth area with a dandy brush. Then a soft brush to sweep off the bridle area on their face. If I have time, then I'll brush out the mane and tail. I can do all that within a fifteen minute range.

    Now, if I have time, it's much more detailed.
    It goes a little something like, curry, stiff brush, medium brush, then soft brush, pick hooves, brush mane and tail, stretch out the legs, boots on after about five minutes of inspecting everything, saddle on, stretch legs again, wipe over with rag, then bridle, then we're finally ready to go.
        08-01-2011, 06:21 PM
    Great everyone, thanks for the comments
        08-01-2011, 11:07 PM
    My instructor always makes fun of me for taking the longest to groom, but lo and behold my horse is easiest to get really shiny. And he looks forward to seeing me because I basically massage him every day.

    One time I rode (on a trail) without grooming at all. It was exclusively a walk and he didn't get sweaty so it wasn't too horrible...
    For lessons the BARE minimum is a hard brush over saddle/girth area, checking his feet, and MAYBE brushing his face.
    When I have time, I curry the body and face using a curry mitt, lightly hard brush, then curry body and face again with a spiky rubber curry, and thoroughly hard brush, followed by a soft brush. If I really want him to be super clean, I use a cloth to wipe him free of any remaining dust. And of course, pick all feet. I will also brush out the mane and tail, wipe out eye crusties and nose boogers, and spend a good few minutes currying each itchy spot.

    What especially helps is that I keep my brushes meticulously clean. With my hard brush and soft brush I always run a shedding blade over it multiple times before and after using it, if I have time. This really helps the brushes be used to their fullest potential.
        08-01-2011, 11:44 PM
    It is very proper to show up looking good and presentable. It is disrespectful towards your trainer or coach and yourself and is worth the time in the long run. I show up when riding dressage in polos and always have the right boots on while jumping. To begin I use a curry comb and remove dirt, I then take a stiffer brush followed by a soft brush to get a good gleam. In any stained spots I use cowboy magic so the coat looks glossy and professional. I remove any clumps in the tail and always use a detangler and brush on my horses mane. Once I remove dirt from the hooves I take a towel and rub legs and hooves before putting on boots or polos. Once preparing your tack your ready to do so.
    Keep in mind that your grooming routine will differ as the season progresses.
        08-02-2011, 03:18 AM
    Okay great thanks everyone

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