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Step By Step - Show Prep

I have my routine , but I'm looking to change it up.
Please post your routine for getting show ready, in a step by step order . Thanks in advance to whoever posts!
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I start by brushing a lot the week before. Then, the day before, I devote my entire day to grooming. I start by brushing, then I bathe using whatever horse shampoo I picked up. Then, I condition the tail with coconut conditioner because I love the smell. I then braid the tail after brushing it thoroughly and letting it dry a little. Then I use my sweat scraper to get the excess water off. I make sure when I'm washing to scrub the white on the legs if there is any. I leave in the braid overnight because I like a wavy tail. I trim the bridle path to the appropriate length while they're drying, and I trim the whiskers around their chins and eyes, then I do their ears.

Fast forward a bit to the show..

I get up between 3 and 5 am to get loaded and to the show (5 miles away) that starts at 8. Once I get there, I do whatever I'm doing to the mane and hairspray it with flexible hold spray, then I undo the tail and hairsrpray it as well. Then, I brush a lot more and use my show sheen(an off brand if it that works better) and follow it up with finishing spray. I then do the hooves with black polish and spray them with finishing spray. Then I take a dryer sheet and dampen it and run it over the mane and tail. Sometimes I put a bit off lotion in their manes/tails if there are any hairs sticking out. When I'm about to go in the ring, I put a bit of baby oil on their eyes and nose for that finished look.

(Sorry for the novel, I'm sure I'm missing some, but I didn't want to overkill it.)
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Right, the winter before I wil have used to sort any schooling issues ready for the new season.

about 2 weeks before the show I will wash his hocks and his tail. I will do this every other night for the 2 weeks (white hocks and tail). I also start pulling his tail, which gets a bit done every day for 2 weeks.
about 1 week before I attack him with the clippers and take all exra hair off his legs, face, bridle path and belly (he still has some baby fluff on his belly!)

Day before:
I ALWAYS chuck the pony out for the morning so that they can chill in the field, makes them alot easier to work with.
1) prepare lorry, put water in, haynets, any bedding required, makesure all jackets and my clothes are in.
2) clean tack and put in lorry
3) do a full muck out and put clean bedding on his bed. Put in haynets,
4)drag monster in from the field, normaly covered head to toe in mud.
5) Brush mud off him
6) wash pony, starting with his head which I wash and rinse, then soap and rinse the rest of him.
7) Rug him up using his lycra all in one and several fleece rugs.
8) wash his legs and tail for a second time.
9) mix up a chalk/water mix and sponge onto his legs.
10) let him stand untill his legs are nearly dry, then bandage them.
11) chuck him in his stable, ensureing that he is comfortable.
12) get changed (because at this point I am normaly soaked)
13) feed him
14) prepare feeds and plaiting kit ready for the morning
15) at about 10pm I skip out so that he has less to lie in overnight.

Morning of the show.
1) roll up to the yard still half asleep
2) Grab pony place large amount of alfabeet infront of him
3) plait his forelock and the top of his mane (nice and easy when his head is on the floor (using thread)
4) when he has finnished stuffing himself, I tie him up and plait the bottom half of his mane.
5) replace his rugs with travelling rugs.
6) double check that everything is on the lorry, start the lorry and prefor any checks on it (lights, brakes etc)
7) muck out stable, make it ready for pony to go straight in when we get back
8)load pony (this normaly takes 2 mins max)
9) go to show!

Actualy at the show my routine is this:
1) park the lorry, turn the isolator off so I don't drain the battery during the day.
2) drop the ramp and offer pony a drink
3) send mum to do entries/pick up numbers/find where the rings are
4) Remove rugs from reeco give him a good grooming.
5) pop saddle on
6) smother pony in show shine
7) do quarter marks
8) do make up on pony
9) do make up on me
10) normaly mum has arrived back by now. So stick a bridle on the pony and unload him.
11) mum holds him whilst I remove the bandages from his legs
12) brush off his legs, and put bandages back on
13) apply hoof oil
14) change into show clothes.
15) warm up pony ready for his class
16) return to the lorry where mum gives me a drink and removes his leg bandages
17) make sure mum has her grooming kit with her and then walk over to the ring, just before entering the ring mum tops up the hoof oil, removes any dust, checks that nothing is missing. Then she removes tail bandage, brushes out his tail with alot of mane and tail conditioner.
18) Just before entering the ring mum smothers his tail in supreme sparkle, puts a little bit on his plaits and if we are showing under lights (so an evening preformance) then will smother his coat in sparkle.
Sparkle goes on last because any longer and it picks up dust like no ones business.

Sometimes when the show is quite far away we will travel the night before and stable overnight.

RIDE your horse FORWARDS and keep him STRAIGHT

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It depends on the horse.

I usually start out by brushing for 30 minute and then vacuuming them if needed, then I take him to the wash stall and hose off the entire body. I don't dilute my color shampoo, I put it straight on a curry it in with the sponges with the scrubby on them and then work it really well into the mane and tail. I let that sit for about 15 minutes and then wash it out. I do it again with with coconut shampoo, but I only let it sit 5 minutes and I dilute it slightly in a bucket and then curry it in. I then wash off and put condition on the mane and tail. I usually don't put it on the rest of the body. I let that sit for 10 minutes and then wash it out.

I keep the horse on crossties and throw a irish knit on to dry them off. I then take the whitening shampoo of and do those. I always follow whatever the direction say. I usually top that off when baby powder right before I go in. If the horses leg is black I spray with touch up paint and then touch that up in the morning. If the horse isn't dry by then I use a hair drying set on low heat and dry them like that.

I brush out the tail, but it I'm not braiding it I don't put it in a bag and braid the mane and throw on a sleazy hood. I also touch up around the eyes and muzzle with a baby wipe.
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Mine isn't very complicated. Since most shows I got to are two or more days, the horses are stalled. The day before we clip, bathe, and blanket. The morning of the show we braid & reclip what needs to be. We also do the other little stuff like oiling the faces and polishing hooves.

Also we do all of our tack the night before the show... reoil it and check it out of course. We always make sure to have an extra pad or two and some rags to wipe boots before we go into the arena.

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Just wanted to add a trick that I always used to use for the white on horses.

Mrs. Stewarts Bluing

Mrs. Stewart's Concentrated Liquid Bluing Cleaner#

This stuff is AMAZING. Its VERY concentrated, so you will need to be very careful about diluting it. A little goes a long way. You will NEVER have a whiter white!
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I've only been to two shows, but I start a few days before the show.

A few days before, with Molly and Excel I'll pull/trim and braid their manes to one side so they stay nice and flat (if I leave them down during showing. If they get hunter braids before the show I won't bother braiding beforehand, I'll just band it the day of and braid before the show).

The morning of, I bathe them with Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner. Sweat scrape the wet off, towel dry or sun dry, depending on how much time I have.

Molly and Excel get their manes braided to one side to stay flat again after their bath, they get left in until it's time to show.

Load them up, trailer to the show, get everyone settled in their stalls. When they're dry I'll brush them, apply Magic Sheen, pick their feet, and french braid their tails. Do hunter braids while I groom them, I would sleezy them then if I had one LOL. Apply hoof paint, let it dry, then put them back in their stalls and go change into show clothes.

before our classes start I'll give them a last brush-down, tack up, warm up in the practice arena, and be ready to show.

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I just started showing last year but I'll be doing a lot of 3-Day Events. Only 1 of them is close enough that I can drive the morning of. Usually the events happen Fri-Sun. We arrive Thurs. So my routine would be.

Get up around 6 or 7
head to barn
get horse and give light grooming.
load all the hay, shavings, tack and any everything we need for the show in t truck, trailer and adjacent vans.
wrap or cover horses legs.
load in to trailer and head out

Then once we get to the show we unload, settle in, etc.

I either bath and braid Thursday afternoon or if I have a late dressage ride on Friday I will bath friday afternoon.
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my horse gets regularly groomed pretty well and she's a dark bay so I just start when I go to get her really ready. I start by either riding or lunging her to get a little bit of the hyper edge off so she's easier to manage.
If i know her legs haven't been in lots of mud, I clip her legs, ears and bridle path
then I take her to the wash stall and bathe her
shampoo her tail
squeegee her off
get everything ready for banding while she's drying
band her mane
leave forelock free
brush out tail
condition it
braid it and tail sock it
spray a small coat of show sheen on her and brush her quick
polo wrap her legs
put on her sleezy and sheet
put her in her stall with food

stuff everything in my car and then organize it all when I get home (western tub, english tub, showmanship tub and misc. tub then tack, clothes and anything else)
check to make sure i have all of the forms I need and the money I need, etc.) I have a Huge check list of absolutely everything i would need on it (yes, it does have "the horse" on it)

next morning trailer leaves around 6:45
get there at 5:30
get her out, walk her around a little
put her in her stall with an extra flake of hay
fill up hay bag with hay
grab her grain(if we will be gone for feeding time)
finish up any last minute things/help anyone else who needs it
take her out again after she's done with her hay and walk her around, maybe practice some showmanship just for fun and to get her paying attention.
take off her sheet and brush her a little.
load her into the trailer
I get to the show at like. 7:15 and start setting up my stuff and register. trailer gets there around 7:30. I make a deal with someone to take my horse out if I register them or vise-versa.
tack up horse really fast and get into the arena for like. fifteen minutes before the show starts at 8:00.
spray her legs with horse paint
paint her hooves
change clothes
then show...
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I usually clip out my ponies legs, etc about a week before hand and then use a razor on them the day beforehand

I brush my pony daily as shes kept outside 24/7 so she get dirty... shes also fed oil and livermol for her coat...

day before I have a riduculous long list that I pack and work through - which includes stuff like put chilla (Ice boots) in freezer etc..

Night before
- Horse ridden - usually interval trained to take out some pep\
- Bath Horse in this order - body, head tail, white sock...
- Sweatscrape then warm water baby oil bath and cover with polar fleece while drying
- Tail soaked in mane detangler and seperated with fingers to remove all knots
- tail plaited and covered if a jumping show will plait mane first if it has turnout will do plaits in morning

-- catch horse
-- Do a paste of Curash powder and water (Like a baby powder that makes socks pop) and put on sock then bandage to dry
-- Plait mane and forelock /Hair spray
--remove bandage from sock
--Load horse

At show grounds
-- remove tail plait and plait tail
brush out any excess powder from sock
--Groom groom groom
-- showsheen
--Do feet with hoof blackner then hairspray over top
--Blacken out legs with makeup or ravens oil (Depends on show)
--Face make up - black then clear (Again depends on show.... sometime will go straight clear or none at all if its jumping only)
--tack pony up
-- dress myself
-- mount and wipe my boots
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