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what do you groom?

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        01-01-2009, 02:11 AM
    Wow... I feel really slack when it comes to grooming compared to some of you... my horses would probably think it's Christmas or something if I spent 50mins grooming each of them!! Haha my arms wouldn't though!

    Like some people have said, it really depends on the situation and climate. But generally, if I'm going to ride/lunge/school in any other way, I do:

    - Take off rugs (if in any)
    - Pick out hooves
    - If muddy, curry comb off the dried bits
    - Dandy brush the body and legs briefly - if I'm in a rush I skip this step.
    - Body brush the body and legs, paying special attention to where any gear may be about to sit
    - Use the face brush on their face

    Done! I think it takes me roughly around 10-15mins to do all that, quicker if I'm in a rush. I believe grooming is important, as it stimulates the muscles, but I don't believe in prolonging it, as I think firm, clean strokes not only massage more efficiently, but doesn't tire the muscles out either. Then again it's been ahh 5yrs since I've only just one horse and having three, plus being a uni student doesn't allow for long sessions. My horses don't really care if they have a little bit of dirt on them, in fact my girls will show me just how much they appreciate their grooming by finding the dirtiest/dustiest spot to make sure I do another good job next time

    Of course I do make the time to give them a good groom once/twice a month, normally when I tidy up trimming areas etc. And they also get washed over the spring/summer months too.

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        01-01-2009, 06:49 PM
    For just everyday grooming, I don't take long because there are so many horses I am in charge of, if I took 30min per horse, none of them would ever get worked.

    -take of sheet & blanket (if winter/fall)
    -hard brush
    -spray conditioner spray
    -soft brush
    -brush mane
    -tighten bands on hooves
    -wrap legs
    -wrap tail (unless the horse shows in Pleasure division)

    About every other week I clip muzzle, eyelashes, ears, forelock/bridle path, white on feet, and roach the mane if it's an equitation horse.
        01-08-2009, 04:17 PM
    I usually start with a curry, then I hard brush, soft brush, hoof pick, and lastly brush the mane and tail if they're tangled. I do the same thing after a ride unless it is hot out and my horse is sweaty I will sponge him.
        01-12-2009, 05:07 PM
    It depends on if I'm comfort grooming or getting ready for a ride. It also depends on the temperature.
    If I'm Grooming for a Lesson...
    ~Hoof Pick
    ~Use Plastic Curry over body
    ~Use softer Curry for face and legs (it's not as "hard" as a normal plastic one and it's meant for the face)
    ~Hard Brush
    ~If they still have some dirt on them then I got over them again with the plastic curry and Hard Brush
    ~Soft Brush
    ~Mane and Tail
        01-13-2009, 10:07 PM
    Wow... I definitely feel like a bad horse mum compared to you guys... lol!

    I normally groom before I ride, i'll go over them completely with either a dandy brush or body brush, and pick out feet. If I'm in a rush, just the saddle girth area. Yep, that's it, lol. Oh and zinc on Wildeys nose cause he gets sunburnt.

    If i'm getting ready for a show then they get the full groom. Quick brush with a curry to get mud off. Bath with normal shampoo, glo-white for socks/blazes on wildey. Bundy has no white. Conditioner through tail and stubs of roached mane, lol. Rinse all out. Sweat scrape then dry with towel, spray showsheen everywhere but saddle, then graze till dry. Get out the clipper and re-hog mane, clip whisker, feet, and anywhere else that needs tidying. Brush all over with soft body brush. Spray more showsheen through tail and braid, then bandage. The mornign of the show go over with soft brush, brush out tail, hoof black and baby oil/makeup on face and a little through his hogged mane/tail to keep the dandruff/dust away.
        01-17-2009, 07:48 PM
    Pick out hooves and wash feet with stiff water brush.

    Remove stable stains with damp brush and towel try

    Rubby Curry over body avoiding bony areas

    Dandy brush over body in short sharp strokes flicking the dust out of the coat into the air.

    Body brush- atleast 20 strokes on each part of the body, upper neck, lower neck, shoulderm chest, back, ribs, belly etc on both sides.

    Wipe eyes nose and cok wwith damp sponge

    Body brush every hair in mane tail and forelock.

    Use clean waterbrush to lay the mane and bandage tail

    Wipe over horse with damp stable rubber.

    Strap neck shoulder back and rump, 20times in each place - we are working it up to 40 atm but I've only had my boy for a month so still working it up.

    The whole prosess take and hour and a half to two hours per day, in winter it will be twice a day. Takes a long time but the results are awesome.

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