What is your criteria for blanketing?

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What is your criteria for blanketing?

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    09-29-2009, 01:25 AM
What is your criteria for blanketing?

I always blanket for winter. Right now, my girls are outside 24/7. Eventually, they will be brought in at night. The problem is deciding WHEN to blanket. =]

I always sleep with my window open, but lately it's been too cold so I have it only cracked, and I STILL had to put another blanket on my bed. Since I need another blanket, I feel like my horse's should have an extra layer too. When I get cold enough that I need to start bringing my warm jacket to feed meals, I think it's time for blankets.

I was wondering what criteria needs to be met before you throw a blanket on? What has to happen first? I'd rather not hear from the people who never blanket, there's nothing wrong with not blanketing, but there isn't anything wrong with blanketing, and I'm asking the people who do blanket, what makes you decide when it's time to blanket?

By the way, I decided to blanket Ricci. She's a princess and will be happier with her blankie on, and she's getting kinda woolly and she'll be getting a trace clip hopefully this week. She doesn't need to get that furry. And since it was pouring and cold when I went to feed dinner tonight, I blanketed Gracie too. Wet and cold is just too much. =]

PS. They are only getting blankets at night. And maybe not every night. If we get another warm spell, they'll come off again. And as long as it's dry, Gracie won't be wearing hers.
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    09-29-2009, 01:58 AM
My horses have rugs on EVERY day of the year. Sometimes ill let chancey have his coat off for a few hours to have a roll and a scratch but other hten then yep everyday rain hail or shine
    09-29-2009, 03:03 AM
My horses are rugged almost all year round. Its quiet hot here in sunny QLD ( Australia) And I own a black & a chesnut mare and rugging them with light weight shad cloth protects them from the sun and they don't sweat as much. And for winter they get a water proof spring rug... not too heavy but enough to keep them warm. And they get their spring rug on if we get a few days rain.
    09-29-2009, 04:01 AM
Green Broke
Chinga is rugged all year round but in summer and the hotter seasons he is rugged in a light sheet type rug.
    09-29-2009, 09:08 AM
My guys are out 24/7, but I don't blanket my 5 yr old, blanketing will mess with their natural winter coat that the good lord gives them. I do blanket my old guy (28) if its going to be a freeze, and only at night in the morning I take it off, but here in Florida its still in the 90's in the afternoon.
    09-29-2009, 02:50 PM
Rocky is out 24/7 in a pasture. I tend to blanket only if the temperature dips below 50 degrees F. I like to see my horse's winter fuzz grow in (its a natural extra layer) so I don't immediately blanket when the temperature drops a bit, but below 50 degrees, I know he'd be a bit shivery especially since they don't have the sun to keep warm with.
    09-29-2009, 03:23 PM
My horse is kept in a 12x12 stall with a 10x12 paddock, my rule of thumb is anything below 50-55 degrees F, but factors like wind and rain can affect the temperature. I have a rain fly,2 light sheets, a medium blanket, a heavy blanket, and two fly sheets (I have other blankets laying around that are from my first horse, they somewhat fit my current but not exactly. I could use them as backup). He does not have any sheets on when it is warmer, except sometimes a fly sheet in the summer if the flies are bad. If you leave sheets on all year it can be bad for their coat and they can get blanket sour.
    09-29-2009, 03:26 PM
When it gets cold or rains Maddy and Brodie get sheets/Blanketed .. when it is summer and warm they get fly sheets and fly masks .... They get their attire off every day so that their coat gets a healthy dose of sun :)
    09-29-2009, 03:56 PM
I only blanket at night usually, but I'll blanket in the day if it's raining or slushy out. I start when I feel like I need to put on a heavy vest or winter jacket to feed at night. Racehorses in training get blanketed as soon as they blow their summer coat.
    09-29-2009, 10:50 PM
I blanket my horse all year round, but that's only really to protect his coat from too much fading and keeping all the darn flies off him in the summer. It only gets to the hottest 35C here though. In the barn it's always around 15-20C, even in winter. I also have a show horse and I don't like to shave him so I'm a bit pro-active in winter.
My chart for blanketing:
Raining - no blanket (unless it's a winter blanket because all mine are waterproofed, I don't feel the need for a rain sheet though)
15C+ - fly sheet, naked in the barn
0-15C - nylon sheet, naked in the barn
-15-0C - lighter winter blanket, cotton sheet in the barn (usually)
-25--15C - mid weight winter blanket, cotton sheet in the barn
-25C and lower - heavy weight winter blanket with hood, stable blanket in the barn
Depending on the relative barn/outside temp I'll switch stuff around. Last year there was a cold snap, I think it was getting down to like -55C with windchill, and he had his stable blanket, mid weight winter blanket and his heavy hooded one all on to go outside. He looked like Nanook of the north but **** was he warm!

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