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What is your pre-show grooming?

Hello! Do you have anything special that you do before a show, grooming wise? I have a nice long list of things that I do!

Night Before- 5 pm.
Typically I just ride my horse for a bit, get him moving at least, he has hock problems, so I like to keep him moving to keep him nice and lose.

5:30 pm.
I get off, and curry till my arm falls off, then I brush him all over, try to get every last piece of dirt off of his whole body. Then I apply a little dangler to his mane and tail and brush it out, gently. Then I use a hard brush to remove all caked dirt off of his hoof walls.

6:30 pm.
I give him a a bath next. I get soap ALL over him, and then rinse completely. Then I shampoo and condition his mane and tail and rise that to. Then with a wet cloth I wash his face. Then I wash his hoofs, dry to get all of the dirt off of them as well, it sounds odd but it helps the hoof polish stick better.

7:00 pm.
I let him stand tied with a hay bag for about an hour to dry all of the way.

From 7:00 to 8:00 I just talk to other people at the barn....

8:00 pm.
Refill his hay bag...
Then I with a soft brush, I brush him all over again. Apply some show sheen. Then I put on his lycra blanket. Then I brush out his mane and tail really gently. Apply some show sheen to both. the I put on his lycra hood. Then I brush his legs and clip the fetlock hairs. Then I put him away in his stall for the night, this is usually about 9 when I am all done. Then I give him some more hay.

Come morning I get there are 5:30 am.

5:30 am.
I get to the barn! I take off his lycra sheet and hood. Rebrush out his mane and tail. Then I take a soft brush all over his body. Then I band his mane. Put back on his sheet and hood. Then I apply some cover up to his legs, white markings on his face and white leg markings. Then I clip his whiskers. Then I put him back in his stall and give him his breakfast. I just wait until everybody else is ready to leave. If people are running late I will go a head and apply his hoof black and some more cover up to his mane, tail, and forelocks. Then I would also apply some more showsheen and fly spray.

Ready to leave at about 7:00....

When we are about to leave, I wrap his legs, and making sure the cover up is dry all the way. If we are going in an open stock and its kinda chilly, I will put on his wind/waterproof sheet over the top of his lycra sheet. Then I also will wrap the top of his tail.

Get to the show around 7:30 or 8:00 show starts in 1 hour.
I get him out of the trailer, remove his sheets and hoods, unwrap his legs, and his tail. Then I quickly start working on halter, or I ride him if I am not doing halter. With Ben as soon as you get him out of the trailer you have to get his mind thinking or he is a pain the rest of the day.

Then I put his sheet and hood back on. Tie him to the trail with some hay, do some other thing that needs to be done, fix any broken, or rubbed bands. Then I put in his fake tail in making SURE it is in all the way. Apply the hoof black and wait for the show to begin!

People think my preshow routine is really crazy, and extensive but I dont think its THAT bad.

Post what you/your barn does!!
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Well so far I've only done little fun, open shows. I'm starting eventing soon so I'm sure my routine will change but for the fun shows I:

Afternoon before:
-clip legs, ears, muzzle, and jaw line
-bath time
-wait for him to dry
-put on his sheet and his Lycra slinky
-load his stall up with hay and leave him for the night

In the morning:
-pull him out of the stall and wrap his legs
-trailer to the show

At the show I just keep him clean and munching hay!
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App Shows:

Groom him
leg wraps
trailer to show (afternoon/evening before)
leave him with a cooler on in fresh clean stall to munch
go eat
come back and when he's dry..
band mane
put tail in tail bag
put slinky and jammies on
wrap legs to keep white clean (gelding=pig=dirty legs in the morning)
pray he stays somewhat clean overnight

morning of show return
assess damage lol
remove jammies, maybe
reband if needed
touch up clip
face highlighter
clear hoof polish over clean sanded hooves

Hope he stays clean all weekend lol.

open shows:

mostly the same routine. bath day before, do all other junk after getting to show. again, hope he's clean still.
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This is for local schooling and open shows:

Afternoon before:
Lunge him a bit, so he's not full of energy while I'm trying to do all my preparation.
Pull and tidy up his mane.
Brush through his tail (I only brush it before shows)
Haul hot water from indoors for bath
Bathe and shampoo and condition mane and tail
Rub down with towels and use a sweat scraper.
Walk and hand graze until dry.
Clip muzzle, ear fuzz, legs, any stray hairs.
Spray with pepi and brush out mane and tail again
Trim any long tail hairs that are sticking out.
Braid and bag tail.
Braid mane in thick braids (he has a crazy mane that doesn't stay to one side)
Wrap legs and put on sheet and Lycra hood.
Turn out into paddock (he's usually kept at pasture)

The morning of:
Brush brush brush brush, curry curry curry
Pick hooves
Load up and haul to the grounds about 2 hours before halter starts
More brushing
Undo tail and mane braids, brush
Paint hooves with hoof black
Do any last minute touch ups with my mini clippers
Show time!

Whew, that was long.
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Vigourous grooming and bath the day before. Pay braider :) Put on clean slinky and stable sheet.

The morning of, I pick out feet, and brush the bottom of the tail. However, I do NOT brush with a grooming brush. It can bring any residual dirt to the surface. I take a very slightly damp cloth (too wet is not good) and wipe them down all over, once to the show grounds, or right before I tack up if a schooling show at the home barn.
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Preparing for a Show

Here is part of a post from my blog. The full post is on how to prepare your horse and yourself. There is also a check list of items to bring to a show. Read the full post at Hoof Prints on my Heart.

Whether you are headed for your first show or a seasoned vet, you must be prepared and your hose must be sparkling clean. You will want to wash your hose’s body, mane and tail twice and be sure to scrub any white socks until they are spotless. Be thorough when clipping and banding and cover your hose so he/she stays clean all night.

Make the day before the show less stressful by having all of your supplies on hand. You should have a couple buckets on had, a hose, some sponges and a curry comb. Use a sweat scraper to help your horse dry faster and you will also want to have a mane and tail comb handy. It is also a good idea to have a clean, dry halter and lead rope on hand for after the bath when your horse is dry and clean.

You will need a good horse shampoo and conditioner. A gentle moisturizing horse shampoo will lift away dirt easily. Shampoo & Conditioner deep cleans and revitalizes hair in one step. Color Enhancing Shampoo intensifies natural colors within the coat while leaving it soft, smooth and shiny. Whitening Shampoo should be used if you horse is light colored or has white markings or socks. No Rinse Shampoo and Spot Removers will be handy if your horse gets dirty before the show. Use a Sheath & Udder Cleaner for those sensitive underneath areas so that every inch of your hose is dirt free. Conditioner especially designed for horses will moisturize your horse’s coat while leaving it smooth to the touch. Detangler strengthens and moisturizes manes and tails to help keep hair healthy and tangle-free.

After your horse is clean, it is time to clip. Start on the muzzle and use clippers to remove the large whiskers and then use a horse razor to get every last whisker. Be sure to clip under the chin and jaw as well. Clip the whiskers above the horse’s eye, but be sure not to trim the eyelashes. Trim the horse’s ears so that they look smooth and pointed. Remove ear hair that sticks out and looks unsightly, but the inner ear hair should be left to help deter bugs. The bridle path should be trimmed from the poll towards the withers about 4 – 6 inches long. You will need to trim around the horse’s coronet band so that when you apply hoof polish, there is no hair in the way. Also clip the long hairs on the fetlock. Some horses grow long hair on the back of their cannon bone that should be trimmed as well. If you want your horse’s hair to be very short, cut against the natural direction of the hair. If you want the horse’s hair to blend in nicely with the surrounding hair, cut with the direction of the hair.

Finally, it is time to perfect your horse’s mane and tail. If you have a pleasure-type hose, such as an Arab or Morgan, you will want to leave the mane long and natural. If you have a stock-type horse, like a Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred, the mane should be about 4 inches long and banded for the show ring. Banding can be time consuming. Using a light coat of Quic Braid will help you get the perfect grip for your fingers, neater braids and less stray hairs. Getting your horses tail ready is easier. Just brush it out, braid it from the bottom of the tail dock down and stuff it into a tail bag.

Hope this helps!
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Day before normal workout

Clip legs/face/ears
Trim/band mane

Then on with the sheet, leg wraps, tail bag and slinky

Day of
Brush ×100000000
Touch ups on Legs and face

Brush out mane and tail

Then baby powder for the whites
Vaseline around the eyes

Hoof polish last

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Knock off the high spots, and lets roll! Lol! Y'all got some pampered horses.
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Originally Posted by Phly View Post
Knock off the high spots, and lets roll! Lol! Y'all got some pampered horses.
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Lol I had to! My $200 mutt colt and my $2000 grubby bad confo mare couldnt compete with the $60000 show ponies I was against haha
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A week before the show, I clip from the coronary band to the fetlock and the back of the leg. If the horse has a blaze, I clip that, too, making sure to blend everything. (If I make a mistake this far out, it usually looks a lot better by show time.) I also pull/trim mane.

Night before, I bathe (with whitening shampoo where appropriate) the horse, and condition mane and tail. I use Healthy Haircare Moisturizer on mane, tail and coat. After they're dry, I groom as usual and do touch-up clipping to bridle path, muzzle, under the jaw, eyes, and ears. Then I band the mane, bag the tail, and cover with a lycra sheet and stable sheet.

Morning of, I clean the white parts they manage to get dirty (because they ALWAYS do). I pay special attention to the nose and eyes. After grooming, I apply hoof polish, highlights, and a shine product. The last things I do are tails and throw on a cooler, if needed, to get them to the show ring. Oh, and I always keep clean spare rags to put under the daily halter to keep the white clean before the show halter goes on.
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