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Any health questions?

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        04-02-2009, 04:11 PM
    Originally Posted by morganshow11    
    I know this question but just cirious if you do(which you probably do)
    How long does a mares gestation period last?
    If your going to test her, make it worth while......LOL LOL
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        04-02-2009, 05:01 PM
    Originally Posted by Ryle    
    Joshie, everyone here asks for vet advice daily.
    Originally Posted by farmpony84    
    I had the same thoughts as Joshie actually Ryle. It took me a long time to decide that what was coming from you truley was knowledgeable advice and not something you were typing from an old "vet handbook". It is just scary when people say "I have these qualifications and I'm here to help!"

    What I would do Live2RideVet is skim the health section and post advice. People will read and hopefully you will help those who are seeking help....
    I think that it's great to offer advice but I think it can be dangerous for professionals to offer advice as a professional. There are many vets, vet techs, and medical people on these forums but it's a bit of a sticky situation for licensed personnel to offer medical or vet advice without seeing a patient. There's a difference between offering advice as a horse owner and offering advice in one's capacity as a licensed professional. I just don't want anyone to be bitten in the backside. (Well, except for BAD Barby!)
        04-02-2009, 05:47 PM
    Originally Posted by Ryle    
    Live2RideVet, congrats and welcome to the forum! I'm sure everyone will appreciate your advice.

    Joshie, everyone here asks for vet advice daily. Live2RideVet nor anyone else can diagnose your horse online or prescribe treatment, but she can offer advice and information on when to see a vet, the type of diagnostics and treatment to expect etc based upon her education.

    I have two concerns here. First Ryle you have had hands on EXPERIENCE as opposed to a student. I have also seen your posts on other boards so know you know what you are saying.

    Second if someone does just PM the OP then those that can also offer good advice cannot, and the person doing the PMing only gets one answer to rely on.
        04-02-2009, 10:01 PM
    Originally Posted by Live2RideVet    
    I am a UC. Davis graduate and would like to give anyone free advice. Please post or pm me if you have any questions.



    I'll bite.. I have a current problem with my 30 yr old blind Appy gelding who just recently stopped eating his Beet Pulp/Alfalfa Pellet mix as well as his Total Equine (crunchy pellets). Breakdown of the scenerio follows.

    Cheno is kept in a stall/paddock of his own starting this past fall due to his blindness(ERU) and the fact that he has gotten a tad ribby in the past year. He cannot compete for hay in winter, tho he did fine over summer on pasture with the others. It also takes him too long to eat all of his feed for me to leave him out regardless. He doesn't like to be alone but has adjusted fairly well.

    He is fed a gallon can of 2/3 beet pulp shreds and 1/3 alfalfa pellets(total weight approx 2#) as well as 3# of Total Equine twice a day. I also chop a flake or 2 of hay for him 2x a day to pick at. He is missing some teeth and has about worn out a few others. I had his teeth done a year ago. I recently began giving him an additional 2# of TE 2x a day after he finished his meal to supplement his days hay ration as well. He has always cleaned this up. TE is ok to feed in place of hay if necessary.

    About a week ago we had an ice storm here in Kansas. Due to this I had to shut him in his stall(11x16). The other horses were in the barn(30x24)open area adjacent to stall) often during this time as well. After the first day he began to be very agitated, which I attributed to his being confined inside. On day 2, I believe he stopped eating his BP/AP TE. I saw a couple of the horses reach over and bite him when he got near them. Of course he became more frantic which drove them nuts I guess. I ran them out, left a less pita horse in the barn to help calm him.. On day 3 I was able to let him out. He calmed down a lot with this combination. But he refused to eat his feed. He would nibble a bit. On day 4 he did eat which led me to believe he was back to normal. Then he left it again and has refused to eat anything but hay since. He seems a bit less interested in his surroundings now than his usual self. He is very calm and quiet, but that's not necessarily his nature. I know he is not eating enough hay to remain healthy..

    Thoughts on what might be wrong with him until I can get a vet out to check him over would be greatly appreciated.. by anyone.

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