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Any ideas?

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        01-03-2010, 09:06 PM
    Exclamation Any ideas?

    I have a six year old half arabian half quarter horse mare who I've owned since she was a yearling and she's been nothing but problems. She got welts when I first brought her home, she had an abscess, she went lame for six months for a cause that is still completely unknown, narrowly escaped going for colic surgery and now this.

    Last summer in June-July, my mare lost her appetite and slowly and surely stopped eating. My mother and everyone who boards at the barn told me I was crazy, but I panicked that first time this happened. She presented with loss of appetite (first she started disliking the alfalfa, then daily supplement bag and even apples) and enormously loud gut sounds while having normal poos and pees. She would stand in the middle of her turn out and I, standing at the fence over 6 feet away, could hear her stomach rolling. A week after she stopped eating the supplements she started hoofing and showing pain and we took her to the vet and, long story short, she had no ulcers that could be found on a scope, no impactions, no sand, her hind gut (intestine) was just swollen. She was sent home from the hospital with no real medication (We were given eclipse omega 3 liquid and gastro guard which made no real noticable difference) and when she didnt get better, our vet gave us prednezone. Within hours of the initial injection, she was back up eating right, her stomach sounds were a more normal volume and within two days she was herself again.

    Within the past month she's started having loud gut sounds again and slowly losing her appetite even though she finishes everything before morning turnout, even the breakfast she's given about 2-1 hour before turn out. She'll eat her supplements but generally only eats half of them then the other half sometime during the night (we supplement her with daily wormer, platinum performance, daily psylium, red bran and flax seed), and I am terrified she'll have to go on steroids again. About three weeks ago I had the vet come how and do blood work and it came back identical to the blood work done in the hospital in June, but since she had started to get her appetite back by the time he got back to me on the blood work, we didnt put her back on the steroids.

    I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything like this and has any ideas to the possible underlying cause? It's alright to tell me I'm crazy, but I recently lost my gelding who was my best friend and the idea of my mare getting sick with such and obscure illness with a radical treatment worries me enough that I get sick.
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        01-03-2010, 09:50 PM
    First I would like to say that you are not crazy but I am afraid that with what I am about to tell you it may not help you think that. It sounds similar to something that my friend had with her mare. She too just stopped eating and her stomach sounds were loud. Everything else seemed to be working fine though, which too was a bit overwhelming. Not knowing is very difficult. Her vet also put her mare on the steriods. The mare went through this about 3 times before everything went back to normal. That was 3 years ago no problems since. It always seems that when one thing goes wrong alot goes wrong and then one day they are fine. I would say keep trying to get all the answers from your vet that you can and make the best desicion that works for all involved. There is hope. I hope all works out for you! Good luck to your are your pony!!
        01-03-2010, 10:16 PM
    I really don't trust that daily wormer stuff. I had a horse on it via the barns request. Before leaving the barn we actually wormed her with Quest plus and lets just say.. blech the stuff that came out of that horse was appalling.
    I would get a worm load poop analysis thing done.
    Is her temperature normal while this is happening?
        01-03-2010, 10:29 PM
    Thank you jesredneck, it helps a lot just to hear that I'm not alone in this boat <3

    And it being worms is next to impossible.
    I'm a pre-vet major and my freshman year of college my teacher pounded into my head to check the poop and since then I have thrown inhibitions to the wind and keep regular checks on her poop. There are no larvae, no adults, no inconsistencies or sand and they are in her normal size range. She also has been putting on weight (she's a thin, hard keeper ever since we took weight off her to benefit her feet while she was lame) and lives in an incredibly clean facility. We also use paste ivermectin wormer every 5-6 months to keep her regular.

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