bare spots and rubbing ??

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bare spots and rubbing ??

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    02-25-2007, 01:09 PM
bare spots and rubbing ??

Hello my name is Jessica and this is my second topic. I just got a 8 month old medicine hat red roan paint colt. He was very very neglected. He was about 200 lbs underweight and you can't tell the color of him due to the mess and dirt caked on him. I've had him about a month and he has put on alot of weight with platforms mare and foal. He looks like a horse now. I have also wormed him with safeguard twice. Plan on worming him again in two weeks with zimecterin gold now that I know his system can handle it. I'm not so worried about his weight because he is gaining slowly but surely. However he does have several bare spots on him where he is rubbing or bitting himself. His chest has no winter fur on it at all. Now it does have hair on it but what it looks like is the someone has shaved him, which is from rubbing on his hay feeder. I know that rubbing his hind end is due to needing a stronger wormer . But what I don't know is why he is bitting his sides. Same spots on both sides on his spine. I have put triple antiboic on it and medicine for ring worm. He has hair on the spots but not long winter hair like the rest on him. I don't know if maybe him still having worms can make him bite at those places or maybe he rubbed and it just itches were his hair is growing back.
I am puzzled. Hopefully we can get him better one step at a time. He is a beautiful gift from god how someone could let him live they way they did is beyond me. He will never have to worry about that again. We just have a few hurdles to get over.
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    02-25-2007, 06:46 PM
Sounds like your doing a good job with him so far. Well I have a few questions. How long have you had him? Was he with other horses before and/or now? Also can you bathe him?
Ok, if he was or is with other horses the bare spots on his back could be from other horses biting at him, this will expecialy happen if he is at the bottom of the pecking order. My youngest horse had a lot of bare spots from the other 3 biting her.
The bare spots could be from rain rot. Check out this site
You might have to copy and paste it. There is an awsome product called Shapleys M-T-G "Mane & Tail conditioner, skin treatment & hair growth producer. Can produce tail growth of over three inches a month. Dermatitis treatment recommended by veterinarians for a variety of skin problems." This will help with almost any type of fungus. It will also just help regrow the hair. So it will work on the bare spots, if they are bite marks or a fungus. It will also help with the rubbing area on the chest grow back. Im not sure where you are but I get it at Tractor Supply Co store.
If you still have question just post and ill try to get back with you asap. Good luck![/url]
    02-25-2007, 07:54 PM
He has been with us a month on the 24th of Feb. He was and is by himself. He is bitting himself I've seen him do it. I can't bath him because I don't have anywhere to do it. We have to build our barn right now he is just in a one horse stall that my husband built. What I don't know is why he is bitting himself?? He is still very baby like. So maybe he's just bored. I hope once I can bath him this spring he wont need to bite anymore. Thank you for your info

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