Bear's new injury (warning--blood) IMG heavy

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Bear's new injury (warning--blood) IMG heavy

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        05-12-2010, 12:31 AM
    Bear's new injury (warning--blood) IMG heavy

    UGH! I had this whole long thing typed up and then I deleted it all. FML!!

    Anyways, long story short. Bear slipped and rolled over a large metal pole sticking out of the ground while grazing out in the yard (I want not crap about that, we obviously didn't know it was there). I went out to go check on them probably about an hour after this happened to him. Sorry the pictures are so big.

    Seems smaller then it actually is.

    You can see a lot of the swelling from this view.

    Before I cleaned it.

    Right after I stopped hosing it. It was bleeding pretty fast.

    Yeah, it wouldn't stop bleeding.

    Poor guy. ):

    Anyways... He was such a trooper for me. He just stood there and watched me (literally watched me, he does it a lot) and didn't get mad at all. He was a lot more relaxed then I was. At first he was trying to walk off, but he always does that when I am spraying him with water. Bear may have his moments where he is a complete jerk (like when he bit me, and Aubre), but he really is a sweet boy at heart. Even though I have had moments were I hate him (like when he bit me for example), he still manages to win my heart back. Some people don't understand why I love such a "mean" and agressive horse, but there is something about him that other people don't see. That is WAY off topic though.

    I will be cleaning it twice a day (maybe more, it depends).

    He got a big belly scratch (lasted about 5 minutes haha), which he really enjoyed. He gave me a big kiss in return. I then sat watching the sunset over his back (had my arms folded on his back and then my chin on my arms) for a few minutes. He just stood there. These are the moments I live for. Forget that he hurt my arm from biting me, forget that he hurt Aubre by biting her back, this is the REAL him, simple and sweet. I love this guy. =,]

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        05-12-2010, 12:45 AM
    At least it is a nice clean cut and it's on the meaty part of his leg. Hopefully you won't have any problems with it. ~best wishes :)
        05-12-2010, 12:49 AM
    Thanks AQHA. Yeah, I am glad it isn't that bad.

    I will be taking daily pictures of it, so I will keep all of you updated.
        05-12-2010, 12:58 AM
    Aw, poor guy ): But good on him for being such a trooper about it all. I hope it heals nicely and quickly with minimal hassle (:
        05-12-2010, 06:34 PM
    The wound had a "rubbery" texture to it today. It is a lot more swollen and there is heat. I emailed my vet and he gave me some advice, so I will be looking into the things he told me to do. He is in a lot more pain today too, so I will be putting bute in his grain tonight. Poor baby. I feel so bad for him. I will get some pictures/video of how he is walking. He is putting all of his back end weight on his back right and then swinging his back left around. He looks like he is about to fall over when he puts the weight on his right. ),: I am stressing like mad.
        05-12-2010, 06:51 PM
    Green Broke
    : ( Poor boy. What are you putting on it?
        05-12-2010, 07:02 PM
    I am using nolvasan on it. My vet said to use a diluted iodine solution to clean it. Does anyone know where I can get the iodine and how to mix it?
        05-12-2010, 07:11 PM
    Day 2--pictures

    As you can see, he is holding himself weird, probably because of the pain.

    Pretty dang swollen.

    Anyways, those are the picturse from today. That was about 15 minutes after I had cold hosed it for 30 minutes and put nolvasan on it.
        05-12-2010, 07:16 PM
    You can get an iodine/povidine solution in Wal-mart, or pretty much anywhere that sells first aid stuff. I don't know how to dilute it though....I think the stuff off the shelves comes pre-diluted?
        05-12-2010, 07:27 PM
    Okay. I will see if we have any at home here. My mom is about to go to the store, so if we don't I can ask her to get some.

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