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    01-15-2008, 09:24 PM
Before and After

A few years ago I wanted to get a foal as a project for the summer. I had worked with and trained many young horses in the past but had never had a baby that I could work with from the start. I started to look around for weanlings knowing I would know the right horse when I found him/her. Well I was online one evening looking through adds and found one for a male 2 month old orphan. The add had no pics or any real information but there was something about it that drew me in. I started talking to the owner online and found out that his mustang mare had an accidental baby after a neighborís AQHA stallion had escaped and bred with her. When the baby was 3 weeks old mom got out of her pen and ate oleander. Unfortunately she didnít make it through the night. The baby was now 2 months old and the owner said he no longer had the time or money to look after an orphaned foal. I asked for some pics of the baby and he sent me some from right after moma died. He would not send me recent ones because "his camera broke." well when I finally went out to see the baby in person I found out the real reason he didnít want me to see recent pics of him. The poor baby looked HORRIBLE! I bought him right on the spot. There was no way I could leave him there like that. Once the 3 hour drive home was over I called the vet out immediately. The poor baby had collapsed in the trailer and had to be picked up and carried out because he did not have the strength to stand on his own. The baby had a horrible case of worms. He had aspirated a good deal of them from constantly coughing them up so he also had double pnemonia. On top of that he only weighed 110 pounds, a lot of which was worm weight. The vet said he should have weighed 250 at that age. The vet also said if I had not taken him chances are he would not have lasted another 24-48 hours. He also told me that chances were that the baby would not make it through but he would do his best. We had a lot of ups and downs but with tons of TLC, help from my vet, and time and effort he made it through. He is now 3 years old and happy and healthy. I have never had such a close bond with a horse before. Its almost as if he knows what I did for him. I just thought I would post some before and after pics of him so you can see him. His name is Star. The 2 before pics are actually from about a week after I got him. He was finally strong enough to stand and walk on his own that day. You can see his bloated belly from the worms and most of his bones. The 2after pics are some that I took of him last week. He just goes to show that with a little hope and a lot of work miracles can happen.

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    01-15-2008, 09:37 PM
You should be very, very proud. He looks great, and he is just adorable. Enjoy many, many more years with your friend :)
    01-15-2008, 09:53 PM
Green Broke
Oh my goodness!! What a sweety :)

Congrats on saving your baby :'). You can definitely see the mustang in him.

Enjoy many more years together and I can't wait to hear more about him!
    01-15-2008, 10:15 PM
Congrats, you saved a gorgeous horse :) best of luck!
    01-15-2008, 11:31 PM
Aaawwww what a cutie! :) props to you for saving him he looks like a lovely, sturdy horse now
    01-16-2008, 01:30 AM
It would be hard for most folks to realize just how much time, money, work and heart ache goes into saving a horse in that bad of shape.

You did well.
And may God bless you for doing so.

    01-16-2008, 02:13 AM
Yeah, it was a LOT of work but he was definitely worth it. I spent many full days out at the barn with him just trying to get him to eat or take his medicine. I also spent multiple nights when I first got him camped out in a tent by his pen so I could check on him every few hours to make sure he was still breathing. The hardest part with him was that he was so afraid of EVERYTHING when I got him. Including people. It took months for him to fully trust me. He is still deathly afraid of big men. He follows me around like a puppydog though. You can see the mustang influence in him and it reflects in his personality. He very much reminds me of the horse from the movie "spirit stallion of the simmeron". He is a very proud, determined, and stubborn little guy. If it weren't for his willpower though I doubt he would have made it. You could see it in his eyes that he is a fighter and he never once gave up. He's my baby. His full name is Wish Upon A Star. I know it sounds cheesy but he got his name because that's what I did every night hoping he would make it. He's my little miracle boy.
    01-16-2008, 02:23 AM
Green Broke
Awwww what a sweet story! Sounds like you have done a great job!

Can't wait for more pics!

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