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"blasting" splints

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        05-06-2007, 06:23 AM
    Please tell me your joking when you say your horse has NO access to a nice grassy paddock??!!!!!

    Stuff staying with your trainer! Get that horse out of there where he can go and have some alone time in a nice grassy paddock, where he can chill, role, dose and lie down!

    He is being starved of exactly what a horse needs and does best!!!

    Im sorry I am sure he is very well looked after but that is absolutely terrible!!!

    Sorry I do not mean to offend you in any way but that isnt right at all,

    Elz x
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        05-06-2007, 10:50 AM
    I know I'm originally from virginia where people shunned you if your horse was not out in pasture all day, but I live in California now and they just don't do that here. I have seen one place that does and the board is about $1000. It's because land is so expensive here like the place I board at now is for sale because the owners are loosing money and it's only 80 acres so we don't have trails either :( but they are asking 4 million. My old trainer in Virginia just bought a 600 acre thoroughbred farm for 4.2 million just to point out the difference in pricing. But anyways the point is I can't and I'm not offended but I am equally dissapointed they have no pastures.
        05-06-2007, 01:16 PM
    WOW that's expensive!!

    Surely if there is 80 acres then some could be fenced off for grass paddocks for the ponies?? Poor things, you must feel terrible for him.
    I remember when I was at a yard in worcester in the uk they used to make us keep our horses in 24hrs a day through-out the winter usually from october-april and my lot were practically unhadleable. They used to get an hour in our sand menage a day-so calld excercise!!
    My young horse was mad as a hatter- since moving he has been fine as he is out all the time with play mates-the biting and rearing in hand has all stopped, he's put weight on (which was always a problem for him) and so now is growing due to the feed going on growing not stressing.

    I hope your boy gets better soon,
    Elz x

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