Bruises And White Line Disease? Help?

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Bruises And White Line Disease? Help?

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    03-15-2011, 03:31 PM
Bruises And White Line Disease? Help?

My horse has really bad bruises on his feet, I noticed them the other day.
I have NO IDEA what they could be from, and I don't know why he has two pretty bad ones.

Does anyone have any idea?

He also has an old bruise, and the bruise is gone, but he location is getting bigger, like his hoof wall is missing in a spot.

I attached some pictures of the bruises, and the black one is his old bruise which im afraid of it turning into WLD but I don't know anything about that really.
Also these are all on his back feet.





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    03-15-2011, 04:00 PM
The first "old" bruise looks like an abscess that burst at the coronary band and then grew down, or else an injury that did the same thing. The other one doesn't look like much to worry about. Is he sensitive to hoof testers? Lame? What does your farrier say?
    03-15-2011, 05:05 PM
I agree with Bubba - this is one for the farrier.
    03-15-2011, 05:41 PM
I'm not sure what you are asking...

Yes, the first "bruise" actually looks like a blown abscess that is growing out. For that, you can keep it clean by scrubbing it hard with a bristle brush in soapy water (sunlight dish soap), rinse and then apply an anti-biotic cream.

The other bruises are actually at about the same time era -- I would guess something happened in his diet, health or even perhaps he banged himself on something at one particular time. It looks like they are growing out fine.

In the bottom two pictures it looks like the quarters might be pushing up a bit, and it also looks like there might be a teensy bit of flaring. Both of these could contribute. Possibly the heel is underrun on the last two pics.

These are not good shots for a critique I know you didn't ask for one), so I might not be correct in my assumptions on the current trim. I wouldn't doubt that I am wrong actually because it's really nice to see such trim little hooves!
    03-15-2011, 06:59 PM
Agree with NM & Bubba. Hard to tell from these, but superficially, look like some minor probs with hoof form, but overall quite nice looking! See Good Hoof Photos - How to take Good Hoof Photos if you want to get a good critique of them.

Yeah, the 'old bruising' is either abscess or injury, that's grown down from the hairline. I'd keep the walls well rolled(esp as it looks a tad flared there) and as it gets closer to the ground surface, expect that it will probably break away & look uglier for a bit. Don't worry, but I would also keep an eye on infection - you can soak regularly with apple cider vinegar or such to keep it at bay.

The side bruises are likely no more recent(just without air, they stay red) and seeing the bit flared quarters & that the rest of the hoof looks OK(no rings, ridges, etc), I'd be inclined to think these probably are bruises rather than a metabolic/feed upset that happened around the time that level was at the hairline. As it's on both sides(of both feet?) I'd think it's concussive bruising rather than injury. Eg. The quarters were left a little long, so there is more ground pressure on the laminae/corium at those points, so travelling on hard ground caused damage.

A horse's walls should be kept about the same height from the sole plane(gen 1-few mm, depending on work surface) right the way round the hoof. This means that their quarters should be generally 'scooped' to some degree compared to heel & toe.

I think it's just so important for owners to educate themselves on principles & factors of health, not just leave it up to other's opinions & 'expertise'. On feet,, & are 3 great places to start.

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