Bumps on back, pressure points from saddle?

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Bumps on back, pressure points from saddle?

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    05-15-2011, 09:49 PM
Bumps on back, pressure points from saddle?

Okay, so a little background, it will be a little long but I wanted to make sure that I get everything.

My 4YO TB has had back issues, I had the chiro (who is also a vet) come out to adjust him. She adjusted his withers, all 4 points of his hips, and his sternum (if anyone knowledgeable needs to know the exact adjustments I can happily provide them) Anyways, he was fine after that, in October. About a month and a half ago, I brought him to a clinic, and it was his first time in an indoor, he was freaked out by the mirrors, he spooked and the saddle spun. He progressively, got worse with his back and I called the chiro again.

She adjusted him in almost the same places as she did the first time she was out and he got no better. In fact he was bucking like a bronco when the saddle was on, and he was on the lunge line, he bucked so much that I didnt get on.

I immediately called the vet the next morning thinking that whatever was bothering him was still there. She thought lymes, as it can affect the core of a horse (meaning their spine and muscles that connect the ribs) and will make them very uncomfortable. We decided that lymes was the next logical thing to test for. He was NEGATIVE after a blood test.

We then concluded that it was most likely a behavioral problem. All of this behavior came on right at a change in the weather (it started to get really warm, new grass, which means tons of sugar, and he seemed very much interested in the mares right across the drive even though he is a gelding)

So under her advice I started him again. At first we just started walking, making sure that he would accept that and over the past 2 weeks I have brought him back to a walk/trot and accepting work again, and I must say he is doing great. Which also supports that he just needed a behavioral adjustment, and a attitude humbling.

There is one thing that I have noticed and this is what I am hoping to find some feedback on. There are bumps, on his back. About 3/4 of the way back on his back. They are directly across from one another and about 6-8 inches away from one another (i can touch both of them at once while spreading my middle finger and thumb) and the spine is smack in the middle of the bumps, meaning that they are both equal distance away from the spine on either side.

I can press on them and there is no reaction from my horse, they are very hard, and directly below the skin, I am not sure what they are, but I also know that it is not normal for them to be there. I spoke with my friend to brainstorm what it might be, she said that he first reaction it is a pressure point from the saddle. I ride english and the bumps seem to be right at the back of the saddle, so maybe it is that. I have a call in with the vet, and she is going to come out this week. But I thought that I would ask if anyone knew or had any ideas.

He does not have any lameness issues, moves fine at walk trot and canter, and does not have any issues when moving undersaddle (except for the earlier behavior, but the bucking has ceased, and he never did it with me on him)

Thanks in advance and I am sorry for the long post.

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