Bute and Devil's Claw together - one time 'accidental' thing?

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Bute and Devil's Claw together - one time 'accidental' thing?

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    08-18-2013, 04:47 PM
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Bute and Devil's Claw together - one time 'accidental' thing?

To start off, I've always read that you should NEVER mix Devil's Claw/Yucca together with Bute, within the same 24hrs. So that's what I've been doing.
Lacey has ERU[Moonblindness] and requires Bute during acute episodes. I like to switch her back to DC/Y during the 'resting' phase for daily pain because she seems to be really sensitive to Bute, and, after more than 3 days of Bute, she gets unbelievably grumpy.

However, this morning I fed her DC/Y before looking at her eyes [she wears a flymask 24/7 during the summer]. She JUST had an episode under 2 weeks ago and she's never had 2 episodes that close together so I just handed her some DC/Y before checking [never going to do that again, believe me].
But, of course, she's having a BAD episode. Her right eye is completely swollen shut, the pupil is REALLY open, and as the day has progressed, the tears coming of of her eye have changed from clear to white-yellow.

Bottom line, she needs 3grams of Bute asap to get that eye under control.
But I gave her .5oz of DC/Y this morning at around 10am and I would be giving her Bute at around 3pm, if I didn't wait until tomorrow.

So what do I do? Wait until tomorrow morning when it's been 24 hours and is "safe" to feed Bute, give her Bute now and say "to heck with the "no NSAID mixing" warning??

Help, please!

I am definitely calling the vet in the morning and she will be seen - two episodes in 2 weeks is absolutely not ok...but until then.

According to this question on Yahoo Answers, she should be ok.....but I trust you guys more than I trust Yahoo Answers!! Haha
Devil's Claw and Bute? Can't use together? - Yahoo! Answers

Thanks a bunch.

ETA - she has no known history of ulcers. But she does get grumpy with longer term Bute usage [even very very low dosages], my gut says that perhaps she is prone to them...and that's really what is spooking me from saying "to heck with it"
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    08-18-2013, 05:23 PM
I just did a major search and I can't find a specific thought that they can't be used together. Now, going on basic premise, they are both NSAIDS, one natural form (Devil's Claw and Yucca) the other manufactured. I'd wait maybe until the 12 hour mark just to be safe. That way, the DC combination is better than halfway metabolized out and the Bute won't kick in to high metabolite until 12 hours after..which means that the DC will then be completely out of her system...theoretically.

My horse was on DC as a normal supplement and I know I used Bute occasionally if he came up with an issue; like an abscess or stone bruise...my vet even prescribed the Bute and I know I told them he was on DC on a normal basis. He never had any bad reaction but that was a single horse.
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    08-18-2013, 06:42 PM
Wow 3 grams of bute is alot, no wonder she gets grumpy! Its probably giving her ulcers! My vet has always told me no more than 2 in one day. My gelding has glacoma and when his pressure is way up he gets 1gm morning and 1gm night. If your using that high of a dose than you need to be giving her ulcerguard or another product to protect her stomach. You really don't want her to get ulcers!
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    08-18-2013, 07:21 PM
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3 grams is the first day only - have to knock her eye out of the spasm it's in (vet prescribed)! After that, I try to get her down to portions of a gram as soon as possible - THAT's when she gets grumpy (bute hangover? Haha).

I gave her one gram of bute when I fed her this afternoon - I figured something was better than nothing. I'll increase the doseage tomorrow after consulting with my vet. :)
I also gave her a pound of soaked alfalfa pellets along with it because I've read that alfalfa can help buffer against ulcers.

Thanks for the advice guys! :)
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    08-18-2013, 07:21 PM
I'd give the bute at 12 hours and risk it given how painful it sounds like she is.
    08-18-2013, 07:40 PM
Green Broke
I would go with the bute. Its more important IMO to get the eye under control and one mix dose of DC/Y and bute would be better than having that eye keep spiraling longer.

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