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Canine Teeth

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  • Mare that has to much testosterone
  • Should canine teeth be removed in horses?

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    10-03-2012, 10:54 PM
Canine Teeth

My Sahara seems to be getting her canine teeth. She is a mare. I read that mares don't usually have canine teeth? When do canine teeth usual start to come out and how long does it take for them to come out? Thanks.
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    10-03-2012, 11:58 PM
You're thinking of wolf teeth I think. Occasionally horses will not get their canines, but a lot of people confuse wolf teeth for canines. The "wolf teeth" are actually the 1st upper premolars, can vary widely in number and size and can be present in mares or stallions and geldings. The age for canines to be fully erupted is 3.5-5.5 years. Wolf teeth are often in by 6 months (convenient for removal at the time of gelding) but can take up to 3-4 years to come in.

Maybe this helps?
    10-04-2012, 12:44 AM
Thank you for the link. I will read it more thoroughly soon. The lower canines in picture is right where the bumps are and on both sides. How can I tell if it is a wolf teeth? They have not come out yet but are bumps like tooth is erupting. Maybe answers are in the link you sent me so will probably find out later haha.
    10-04-2012, 04:09 AM
Wanted to add this link as was helpful to me. Ok well now just a bit confused as some sources say 3 up get canines while others say 4 up. But when usually referring to males 4 up seems to be the norm.
    10-04-2012, 08:19 PM
Can't edit to add this to previous post?

Can a wolf tooth be right where the lower canine teeth would be?

If because of too much testosterone, although haven't read that yet, I would believe it because Sahara has some mannerisms/behaviors that I would expect from a stallion more than mare. Sahara also does this thing hehe that Hidalgo does when he is relaxed if you know what I mean? But Frisky and other mares I have met never. Also Sahara stops eating feed or doesn't eat on time when in heat and acts a bit study but not pushy. Like I never saw Frisky do the rumbling snorting Sahara does that sounds bit like Hidalgo. Haven't seen other mares make that sound. But I have not known other mares as well as I have come to know Frisky and Sahara so Frisky all I got to compare too.

Here is what I mean about the snorting. Video by the way

Hidalgo gets that extreme but he is a normal haha but Sahara does it for few seconds while pressing her nose to me like squishing her own nose but not pushing me and the she squeaks and goes back to normal leaving me -----> O.o What was that?

I thought that this was a wolf tooth

And this a canine
    10-05-2012, 09:54 AM
How old is your mare? Has she ever had a foal? Does she ever buck or act backsore? The pics you posted are right as far as wolf and canine teeth go. Mare's canines sometimes do not erupt fully, or at all so it is hard to say how long hers might take usually a month or two once you see the bump but it might never fully come out. Canines should not interfere with bitting but the wolf teeth certainly can.

As far as her studdy behavior, my first questions are more directed at that. There are some tumors that can cause this behavior but what you describe can also just be a more dominant mare's normal behavior. I don't think testosterone could make the canines erupt late but it is certainly a valid theory!
    10-05-2012, 12:03 PM
Green Broke
If she's acting studdy, definitely get a vet out to look at her. One mare at my barn was acting studdy. Turned out she had an ovary the size of a grapefruit (they're normally the size of an egg)! She had it removed laproscopically just a few weeks ago and is acting much more appropriately now
    10-05-2012, 12:41 PM
The pictures you posted are correct on which tooth is which.

Not all mares get canine teeth and of the mares that do get them not all erupt threw the gum line.

Wolf teeth need to be removed. Canine teeth just need trimmed down so that a tall tooth doesn't hinder things such as the bit going in and out of the horses mouth.

The canine teeth are typically erupted by the time the horse is 5 years old. How old is your mare? If she is at that age or older then chances are they'll stay under the gum line. If you aren't 100% sure on what you are seeing then have an equine dentist or a vet evaluate her to make sure that there isn't another issue going on.

Fun fact about canine teeth in mares that my dentist shared... mares with NO canines tend to be the least "mareish", lower on the pecking order and easy to get along with. Mares with one canine are middle of the road and mares with two or more canines tend to be the moody mares, sometimes hard to get into foal, sometimes act studdish/hormone imbalance and top of the pecking order. I wasn't sure if I believed him or not so I told him if that's the truth Jade will have a face full of Canines, Molly, eh, probably none and Zavrina will certainly have none. We checked and sure enough, Jade with hormone imbalances and the b*tchiest personality who happens to be lead mare has 4! Molly has one that hasn't erupted and Zavrina, a very docile, bottom of the pecking order sweetheart has none. She was also very easy to breed. Just thought it was interesting :)
    10-06-2012, 10:28 PM
We don't have an equine vet or dentist and finding one is very hard because none are anywhere near us. They say she is 3, filly, but I thought she may be older than that. Because doesn't make sense if her canine teeth are coming out. . .when I bought her I thought she was turning 3 which would make her 4 more now but others say she is turning 3 now.... If they erupt... or maybe I just have a weird horse.

She acts studdy when in heat. Could be hormones and oversize ovary but I hope not.

My two stallions had canines, we didn't have a choice to trim but never had a problem with them.
    10-07-2012, 10:26 AM
Eruption time on the canines is variable. Usually they can come in 4-5 years but sometimes teeth start to come in, stall out for a bit and then finish up. Like others have said, hers may not fully come in either.

The over sized ovary isn't just an oversized ovary. It's a tumor called a granulosa theca cell tumor. It is the most common tumor in the horse and easily diagnosed. Your vet can do an ultrasound to look at it and blood tests to see if her hormones are out of whack. I know it is hard for you to find a vet (don't muck around with a dentist who isn't a doctor) but it shouldn't be impossible. The sooner you get one out and establish a relationship with them, the easier it will be to have them out when you have an emergency situation. Good luck :)

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