Choking on just a handful of feed...? Chronic Choke maybe...?

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Choking on just a handful of feed...? Chronic Choke maybe...?

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    08-28-2009, 02:03 PM
Choking on just a handful of feed...? Chronic Choke maybe...?

I meant to post this the other day...

I rode my gelding the other day and got back after dark... since it was coming a storm, and it was night, I figured I’d just give him a few (two) handfuls of his feed (alfalfa pellets and super 12 pellets) and let him go, since I had no wish to soak his feed when it was coming up a pretty bad storm and it was thundering badly and lightening in the distance. I figured that if I just gave him two handfuls, rationing his feed out in very small bits so it took about ten minutes for him to eat it, he’d be ok. But he wasn’t. As I went to turn him loose, he started acting like he was choking. He wasn’t choking badly, just tensing up and ‘squeaking’... there was no discharge from his nose and no excess saliva... he was able to breathe properly. I massaged his neck until he was better, which took about 20 minutes in the rain, then let him go.

I’ve heard of something called ‘chronic choke’ in horses, but I don’t know much about it... I’ve been told, though, that a horse with ‘chronic choke’ will coke on virtually any type of feed, and that’s how my Dakota does. He chokes on regular sweet feed, pelleted feed, and anything... He’s fine with grass and hay and he’s just perfect when I soak his feed into a slushy mess...

The next time I have the vet out, should I ask him to look at my boys throat to see if he has any scar tissue in his throat or something that is preventing perfectly chewed feed to go down properly? My gelding used to bolt his feed, but he doesn’t anymore, and his teeth don’t need to be floated. I don’t know if he’s ever injured the tissues in his throat, but I feel of his teeth regularly to make sure there are no sharp ridges or uneven areas.
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    08-28-2009, 08:48 PM
You feel his teeth regularly? Wow, you're brave. I'm too chicken that I will slice my finger on an edge.
    08-28-2009, 08:59 PM
If your horse is a regular choker, then I would definatley have the vet take a look at his throat as well as his nostrils. There could be some tearing in his throat as well as scar tissue that could be causing him to choke more.

Also, we used to have a horse that choked frequently at our barn. You could try a special food for senior horses (even if your horse isn't a senior) that is easier to get down. Also, I would suggest wetting down all food to a mush for your horse. It's gross, but they actually like it and after we did that for Brandi, she never choked again.

Good luck!
    08-28-2009, 09:48 PM
Choke is a very scarey thing to have to go through. My TB choked for the first time since I've owned him.

He choked on his senior feed - a Pelleted feed to be exact, and it was Purina Senior. There was no rhyme or reason to his choke. He is not a gulper of food, nor does he eat fast. His teeth were done already that year - but it was what it was, it just happened.

He was on that feed 2 years proir with no problem at all, so very confusing to the incident for everyone involved.

It was a 2 day episode for Nelson, and if the flusing didn't work, he would of had to be operated on - that's how bad it was.

If your horse choked on Pelleted Feed, please do not feed it without oil, or soaking. If your horse is a cronic choker, then I would avoid pelleted feed all together - but I am no pro at this subject, nor am I a vet.

I tried soaking Nelson's feed, and he wouldn't touch it - no matter what I tried to do to make it more appealing for him. He is very picky, so I couldn't go that route. I was told that Tripple Crown makes a feed for horses that cannot chew feed properly, and have a difficult time digesting feed - Tripple Crown Senior.

Your best bet would to get your horse Scoped for sure, and discuss feed and what you can do to prevent this incident from occuring again.

I had Nelson scoped twice. The day he was choking, had it done to see the damage after the lodged food was removed. His lungs were examined, his trachia and throat and nasal cavaties. And then a monthish later, he was rescoped, to see how things were inside and the progress of healing. Lungs were scoped again, throat and trachia and nasal cavaty.

I definitely encouarge scoping of your horse.

*HUGS* all the best.
    08-28-2009, 10:49 PM
MIEventer, you can't tell us all that and not tell us what they saw when they scoped your horse. Do tell. I'm curious. Thanks!
    08-28-2009, 11:27 PM
Wow, scary... I'm glad the my Dakota doesn't choke too badly.

This was the first time he's choked since I started soakig his and my mares feed down to a soup. The first time I soked my boys feed, I had to hand-feed/force-feed it to him because he would not touch it and now he eats it like crazy.

The only reason I fed it to him wthout soaking is because it was dark and I figured that a handful fed out of my hand wouldn't bother him... I found out wrong.

And yeah, I feel his teeth on an about two-week basis and have been doing so since I got his teeth floated for the first time last year. My mare is a bit more dangerous to check, so I only check her teeth about once every seasonal change. It's pretty easy once you know how to hold their tonue and keep their mouth open...

MIEventer... how much did it cost you to get your horse Scoped (that is right, isn't it...)?

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