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        03-21-2008, 11:00 AM
    Well my girl coliced badly about a year ago. We took her to the vet immediatly and the cause of it was impaction. They had a mixture of electrolytes and a powder with digestive enzymes in in and water. They had to put a tube down her throat and give this to her. They had to give her this 5 times throughout 24 hours to clear everything out. I think that colic should not be taken for granted as oh he's fine now because we don't know how they feel or what is in them. Colic is something that needs to be seen as a serious issue that needs immediate attention from a veterinarion.
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        03-21-2008, 02:41 PM

    Yes colic is not only serious it is deadly no matter how good you check your horses or what type of feed and hay you feed if your horse shows any signs of colic call the vet don't wait don't second guess the simptons . Because every second counts with colic. And it happens to the best colic knows no boundarys at all , believe me id rather look stupid and pay a vet call ect any day then go threw what I've done this week and last night . And even with my vet getting here in record time and giveing my horse the best meds and I V s I still lost him and the hurt is bad when you do try to do all that is humanely possible and the vet does everything possible and it still isnt enough . For gosh sakes call the vet or get the horse to the vet ASAP
        03-22-2008, 02:00 AM
    Re: <span style=

    Originally Posted by nikelodeon79
    Originally Posted by Leggs Lady
    any remedies besides a vet up his butt?
    I am wondering why you are adverse to a vet checking him? I do see in your last post that you did have him vet checked but honestly I would've done this right away. Colic isn't something to mess around with. A horse can act like he's fine after a bout of colic but it can be bad without us knowing right away...

    My local vet says she's been dealing with a lot of colic lately, possibly due to the extremely cold/dry weather. She told me one thing I can do to prevent colic is to make sure I worm my horses in the fall and heat their water.

    How about water? Does he have water available to him at all times?
    Very well said. I have never had a horse colic while in my care but one of my horses after being sold, did colic and was put down.

    Call your vet.
        03-22-2008, 04:23 PM
    I found out that he has stomach ulcers. Which present exactly like colic but not as lethal. My vet says that undigested hay built up in the lower intestine causes gas and discomfort, and when that builds up and he eats a meal his situation goes from bad to worse.

    FYI - I have no problem with the vet coming I value their expertise, but finding out that a barn call cost a pretty penny makes me want to find alternatives to prevent future problems.
        03-25-2008, 09:48 AM
    The number one cause of ulcers is from lack of feed.

    A horse is a browser. This means the gut is designed to constantly have something in it. When we keep them up and fed them hay, they stomach usually ends up having times when there is nothing in it. A horse has a very acidic stomach. So when the stomach is empty, the acid starts causing ulcers.

    One of the best products I have found is GastroGuard from Total Health Enhancement (THE).

    Hope your horse gets cured of the ulcer problem soon.
        03-25-2008, 07:27 PM
    Thats what caused my best friends old horse to collic and then later to be put down. She had ulcers from when they bought her and she was put on gastrogaurd and it seemed to be working but then she colliced from having to much medication in her body (it built up) and she had to be put down. I will add that she was also on bute for leg injuries (the vet said too) and that is what caused her go collic.

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