Colicky mare and loose manure

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Colicky mare and loose manure

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    02-19-2012, 02:29 PM
Post Colicky mare and loose manure

I have a 15 year old QH mare that has never been bred and frequently colics,(every 2-3 months) I am always able to get her through it (so far) using bloat aid and or baking soda and walking of course. Someone has mentioned to me that she could be colicking when she ovulates. I have had vet check her and all blood work comes out fine, healthy horse he says!! Worming is done regulary, not overly active and she is a lone mare with goats for company and a cribber. I know probably the first thing that comes to mind is cribbing, she has done it since I bought her as a 2 year old. Of course didn't know it until she got here. Her symptons when colicking are off feed, strectching out and looking at her sides. It usually happens first thing in the morning before the morning feeding. She has complete turn out with controlled amounts of hay and only small amounts of grain Easy cube, (mineral supplement for winter only) Also since this last bout of colic 3 weeks ago her manure has not returned to normal. Have added yeast to no avail now using klpp an equine micorbial supplement and still her manure is loose. Not runny but soft no formation. I am sure it is a hind gut issue but what else can I do. Is there damage to the gut if this continues. Would appreciate thoughts from the group on this .
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    02-19-2012, 03:05 PM
Addid yeast is not really an answer. The microbial could be a good approach but the word Microbial is a very broad term. Chances are the problem is in the hind gut and this sounds like it might be a PH balance problem. YOu could try two things: 1. Is a high fat diet. MAybe even a senior blend with low sugars. Second, I would try a new probiotic technology that I just started our horses on. It is sourced from HORSE bacteria not milk or chicken. My vet got it for me but you can google equiotic. I think you are on the right track.
    02-19-2012, 03:32 PM
That sounds like yout standard gas colic, if she's out all the time is there grass available for her to eat when she runs out of hay?

Also she should be off of any and all grain. A beet pulp diet might be better suited to her needs giving her the fat necessary without the negative effects of grain. Cubes are okay as well but beet pulp seems to be more effective.

She needs to have a constant stream of food available to her so that her insides can move any gas produced. Consider a roundbale? Possibly with the slow feeding net.

As for her being runny I would add something as simple as the generic Metamucil 2tbsp twice a day. It works for the little ponies at our barn who are prone to being runny (they get runny when we run out but are perfectly regular on it).
    02-19-2012, 03:42 PM
It sounds like its a gut acidity problem. If she cribbs (i assume you mean she 'gulps' air down) she could be colicing from filling herself up with air, or not maintaining a constant flow of food through the stomach. Horses draw air through the gullet like this to produce endorphins which mask pain caused by a too lower pH in the stomach.

Try adding a probiotic and prebitoic supplement to the feed. It can soothe the acid and helps the function of microbes in the gut. Probiotics add microbes, prebiotics give the 'good' gut microbes nutrition so they can out compete the 'bad' microbes. I don't know about america, but here in britan NAF, spillers and blue chip products are pretty well know for this kind of thing

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