Concerned about our girl

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Concerned about our girl

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        07-04-2008, 01:01 AM
    Concerned about our girl

    Well I've noticed a change in behavior the past few days. Flicka seems depressed, seems to favor her right front leg, has a cut on her nose, yawns a lot and I was told by a friend who came with us today that her glands are swollen.
    Flicka is a 2.5 year old mare that has been through a lot the past two weeks. She was in a pasture with to older horses. One would not allow us to get near Flicka and would chase her off whenever we got within ten feet of her. We would have to coax each into their stalls with food before we could catch her and put her halter on for ground work. We decided it was time for a move and found a pasture closer to home while we look for property. So, she went to the vet to have her coggins and shots updated and a wellness exam, she was given a clean bill of health.
    So we moved her to the new pasture by herself. She comes right to us as soon as we walk in the gate. There's no other horses which might explain her depression but not sure. We see her at least every other day. I guess my biggest concern is swollen glands. I just found out from the owner of the pasture that a dead bird was pulled from her water barrel and that her feed was changed to straight sweet feed. Before she was on two scoops sweet feed, half scoop black sun flower seeds and one scoop Stategy. I'm concerned that the bird might have been diseased or the change in her feed might be causing issues. We cleaned her cut and put some Neosporin on it. Any ideas or suggestions on what to do would be appreciated. Also the temp is about 90 degrees and she went from a clover field to a coastal bermuda hay field.
    If she doesn't feel better by the end of the Holidays I'll call the vet but I don't want to over react either. Thanks for any help offered and sorry for rambling.
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        07-04-2008, 10:55 AM
    This little girl has been through a lot in a week . First the feed changes your making are happening way too quickly. Your setting her up for more than swollen glands. Temp's in the 90's can really take it out of them, does she have shade and is she drinking lots?. I would check all her other vitals, respriation, heart, capilliary refill. Do you have a base line for what is normal for her? Swelling in the glands sounds like an infection is starting .

    Quite frankly, there's enough going on that I wouldn't be waiting till next week to call a vet.
        07-04-2008, 11:09 AM
    Sounds like she is due for a round of antibiotics if nothing else.
    She really has gone through a lot in a short time. She may be lonely being by herself which would explain the depression. If she is going to be alone all the time now you might want to concider getting her a companion animal. The yawning may just be from the heat, she is trying to cool herself. Make sure she is drinking lots of water. Hope she feels better soon :(

    Edit: make sure she has a salt block realy important during hot weather. If she isnt drinking try mixing a bit of gatoraide in with her water.
        07-04-2008, 12:16 PM
    Well I don't know how much you exercise her or how big your scoops are but that is an extremely "hot" diet. The sweet feed is pure sugar. Imagine eating nothing but Sour Patch kids all day everyday. In my opinon the feed is to rich especially if she is on good pasture all day. Not to mention having that much sugar in your system is an extremely bad idea in hot weather...which is why everybody tells you to drink water outside not sodas.

    I wouldn't worry to much about the bird. Birds carry a few diseases but as long as it wasn't in there for a long time and rotting...I don't think its much to worry about. I've even found a live bat in my horses water once with no ill effects.

    The swollen glands might need some antibiotics...I quick shot of penicillin in the rump might be an easy fix.

    The depression could be a lack of socialization...some horses prefer being harassed and beat on by other horses as opposed to being alone. Crazy social animals... Many horses can't sleep if they don't have a herd for a "look-out." Probably the cause of the yawning.

    As already mentioned make sure she is drinking plenty...if you have an automatic refill thing on her bucket turn it off for a day to see how much she is consuming. Also how much is she pooping? Average horses go 7-8 times a day. And make sure she has plenty of minerals as already mentioned.

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