Differences between glucosamine supps.?

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Differences between glucosamine supps.?

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    05-26-2011, 11:10 PM
Super Moderator
Differences between glucosamine supps.?

I'm trying to decide if it would be terrible of me to go back to a cheaper glucosamine supplement (that contains less glucosamine) if a more expensive supplement (tons more glucosamine) isn't doing anything more than the cheaper one was...

I had been feeding Lacey her glucosamine supplement in the form of those "magesty flex wafer" things which she loooovvvved. I had noticed her starting to get a little creaky in her joints so this was basically her first trial into getting a supplement for it and they took care of all the creakiness. Here's a link if you're interested: Majesty's Flex Wafers - Horse Treats from SmartPak Equine (but I can get it for much cheaper at my local store)

However, people of this forum told me that I really should get her on a higher quality supplement and I didn't disagree at all seeing as how she's 26 and deserves classy stuff.

So I got this stuff: Absorbine Flex + Max - Equine Joint Supplements from SmartPak Equine which has a ton more glucosamine and all that than the first supplement. Now she's been on it for about a month and I can honestly say that there has been absolutely no change in her creaky level (she wasn't creaky really at all on the first supplement).

I saw a dramatic improvement very soon after I started her in her first joint supplement of any kind (the wafers) so I know that she does have some minor arthritis but I can't really justify keeping her on a rather expensive supplement that's not doing anything in comparison to the cheaper supplement.

So basically I'm wondering if it's ok if I just switch her back to the wafers or if there's something actually special in a more expensive supplement that warrants me keeping her on it.

I'm also considering getting her this stuff instead of the wafers: SmartFlex I Maintenance - Equine Joint Supplements from SmartPak Equine or the senior version, but I think that the 4,000mg of glucosamine in the maintenance formula is probably enough for her since the wafers only have 2500mg and she did well on that. The price of the wafers and the price of this stuff is very similar and this stuff has more glucosamine so I'm getting more "bang for my buck" as it were.
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    05-27-2011, 10:44 AM
Green Broke
Are you stuck on feeding a supplement? I've always felt that feedthroughs just make for really expensive urine...if it's overfed, that's exactly where it goes.

The best things I have found for joints are:

-MSM - it is very inexpensive (just buy the 99% pure...not mixed with anything else...literally pennies a day), is readily absorbed and utilized by the body, and WORKS! It is an anti-inflammatory. If your horse has joint issues, I'd definitely recommend MSM.

-Glucosamine injections (weekly for a month, then monthly). A bottle of 10 shots (10cc ea) is about $90.00. You can put it right in the muscle on the neck. It's just generic glucosamine...Adequan is great, but only lasts for 72 or 96 hours (can't remember which). There is also a product used "off label" prescribed by your vet called Ichon. It works really well too, and is more potent than regular glucosamine, but not as pricey as Adequan.

- Hyluronic Acid - while there is no scientific "proof" that feed through HA works, Legend HA injections are something many horses receive once or twice a year with fantastic results. It is pricy (and is a procedure that must be performed by the vet), but when you average out what you're spending on cookies, it's not terribly more :)

- Previcox/Equioxx - this is firocoxib, and is used in our area for older horses with mobility issues. Equioxx is the equine version, and is found in a paste at around $11/day. Previcox has the same active ingredient, but costs around $.75 per day. Ask your vet if this option is right for your horse.

What it boils down to is what your horse needs vs. what you are able to provide for him. I'd start with the MSM and see if you can't swing the glucosamine injections. I'm just not a big fan of feedthrough glucosamine/HA, as I feel it gets peed out by the next day :) Talk to your vet - there is (at least in our area) no charge for a phone call, or just ask them what their preference for joint management is the next time they are at your barn.
    05-29-2011, 07:22 PM
Super Moderator
Thanks for your thoughts!

I'd much prefer a feed through. My vet is located pretty far away from me so for her to come out (I keep my horse at my neighbor's house where I'm the only boarder so there's no one to split the trip fee with) I have to pay quite a bit just for the trip fee. I have considered it and I have talked with her about injections vs a feed-through and she felt that if Lacey was obviously being helped by a feed-through (which she is), I might as well continue.
Of course, when Lacey gets even older and is obviously arthritic as opposed to just the smallest bit stiff here and there, I will revisit injections. :)

I will look into MSM, I've heard of that before but have never tried it... Is there a likelihood that it could make her hot (I guess I'm wondering why it's less popular, maybe it's just less recommended)? She's already hotter than a tin roof in the sun most days (her diet has been analyzed pretty thoroughly for things that might make her hot and there's nothing in it that should, she's just a hot mare) and I do not need anything adding to that! Haha

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