Dont know what to do! Abcess and Sole Bruising

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Dont know what to do! Abcess and Sole Bruising

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    09-22-2011, 09:12 PM
Dont know what to do! Abcess and Sole Bruising

Ok I have two horses and both of them are lame. Lets start with the first one.

My mare annie has been on and off lame for over a year now. It started when she pulled a shoe and we got a new farrier to put the shoe back and, and then next day she turned up dead lame. We had a differnt farrier come out and check her out. He couldnt find anything so we had the vet come out. They did a block of her fetlock and below. And also we got xrays. Here is the picture of her x ray

THey said they couldnt find anything in the xrays and when we blocked her she didnt come up lame. So we tried wrapping her and putting her on stall rest. But nothing still showed up and no abcess. So we had to the farrier come out a month later and he hoof tested her and couldnt find anything. At that time I had to move her because the stall rest was getting expensive at that barn so I moved her down to my old barn. My old trainer was thinking that she tore a muscle in her shoulder because we free jumped 4 months before she came up lame. I don't see how she could have possibly tore a muscle when the vet blocked her and she came up perfectly fine. But anywho she was on stall and field rest for the whole winter and We tried her out one day and she wasnt lame at all. So I started walking around everyday for around 2 months. BUt then I moved her to the barn she is at now. WHich is 5 minutes away and I went to go see her everyday. She got better and could walk trot and canter with no signs of lameness. And she has been like this for around 3 months. Then around 5 or so weeks she was starting to get ouchy. So I was just walkng. But one day she took off on me while I was walking the field and she galloped for a while, and then came up limping. Luckly the farrier came out the next day to do the horses and he found an abcess in her foot. So we soaked it everyday for 20 minutes and I would wrap it to keep it clean. At the back of her heel around the top there was some puss and a like a deep cut which I was hoping was the abcess blowing. When the farrier came out agian he said it was the abcess. SO for the past 3 weekes I was been soaking her maybe 2 times a week and wrapping it every day with some betadine. But she is still not getting better and Im so stressed out. What can I do? I will have pictures tomorrow of her heel to show. But do you think the one farrier gave her a sole bruise and it turned into an abcess and never really blew or healed and finally it had blew and she just needs to heal? Please help me. We are going to have the vet come out next week to look at her if she is not better.Now my new horse.
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    09-22-2011, 09:21 PM
Ok my new horse Sailor we have just bought. He got new shoes on and 3 days later he came up dead lame to. So we had the vet come out immediately. Vet vet pulled his shoe off and told me that it was a sole bruise because the nail on the his shoe was to close to his sole. So the vet gave me some bute to give him and told me to poultice his foot everyday. I didnt know what to do! So I went the my tack store and asked for some poultice and things ill need. I got poultice clay and a boot and vetwwrap. For a week I wrapped his foot everyday with the clay. Then when I was searching around my old stuff I found a pack of Animalintex hood poultice pads my mom bought for annie we never used. So I tried that for 3 days. I used cold water and would put that on him and wrapp him up. But the other day I found some stuff called Durvet Equine Epsom Salt Poultice. It is like gooey green stuff you put on there feet for bruise or to draw out abcess and to help bruising. So I have been putting that all over his hoof and then putting a baby diaper over it for some padding. He is walking better but isnt not lame. The farrier is going to come out sunday to see if he have his shoe back on. Any suggestion on what I should do with him to help him recover better?
    09-22-2011, 11:45 PM
When you say the vet "blocked" Annie, what does that mean? Temporary nerve blocks to isolate the lameness? And where did it show up? The hoof? Now I'm not farrier or vet, but what are those fragments floating in the first picture, around the fetlock area? If I didn't know better I'd say it looks like fractured sidebone. Hooves are also a little overangled, and coffin angle flat. I wonder if a slight wedged she or pad would help, because it almost seems like we're dealing with navicular syndrome.
    09-22-2011, 11:47 PM
For Sailor, the "green gooey" stuff is what I've used. Has the abscess burst or anything? Seems like he should be doing better now. You might give your vet a phone call and ask his opinion about recovery time. Odd he wouldn't give you more specific instructions than just "poultice." I have to wonder about your farrier's credibility, too, given all of your experience as posted above.
    09-23-2011, 06:57 AM
Well she does have signs of navicular but it is not. Navicular shows up in xrays and 5 vets have looked at her xrays, so navicular is ruled out. ANd yes I mean nerve blocking. All I can remember is they nerve blocked her from the fetlock down and she didnt come up lame when she was blocked. So that should be showing something with her foot.
    09-23-2011, 09:50 AM
They should have isolated the heel before moving up to the fetlock....

It is not true that navicular always shows up on radiographs, not at all. I have two navicular-like horses who have clean X-rays, yet still present heel pain and act like, well, navicular syndrome horses, because they are. I recommend you find a different vet, who specializes in equine lameness, or see if your current vet will email the images to an expert. Post those photos online at the forum on and see what the farriers think. My opinion, with my limited knowledge of the situation, is that you need to fix her hoof angle and wedge her up.

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