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Flesh Wound! Desperate for help!!!

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        02-20-2008, 08:59 AM
    Originally Posted by Vidaloco
    I just reread my post that sounded kinda mean about the dog, Sorry
    Leg injuries always look bad because theres all those tendons and stuff in there close to the skin. Hopefully the bleeding has stopped and she is standing. Since you are so far from a large animal vet it may be a good idea to get a simple horse health book to keep on hand for emergencys. I like Cherry Hills books they are pretty basic and easy to understand but a lot of farm stores carry different ones.
    Heres Cherry Hills
    It's perfectly fine! :)
    Thank you for the link!

    Thanks everyone, I will continue putting ointment
    On her leg and keeping it wrapped until I can ge
    T someone experienced to look at it.
    She is capable of standing up and laying
    Down with no problem, and is eating,
    So that is a good sign I suppose.
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        02-20-2008, 10:13 AM
    I always put peroxide solution first on my horses when they have bad cuts. You can buy big bottle in any supermarket (something like 1-2$/bottle). It cleans up the wound and dry it out some, then I let it dry for couple mins and then put the antibiotic cream and wrap. In any case it's VERY frustrating situation, so best of luck with her!
        02-20-2008, 11:28 AM
    First, you really really should take your horse to a vet no matter that it's a pain to have to do and makes you feel guilty for hauling your horse with a wounded leg. Leg wounds can be HORRIBLE to begin with because you have so many vital structures with so little protection from the outside world--basically a little layer of skin. When the wound is punctures and lacerations caused by something like pointed and dirty teeth, the risk of laceration and infection of structures like tendons/ligaments and the sheaths surrounding them goes up dramatically. And getting fast and appropriate treatment started in these instances can mean the differenence between a horse that ends up being euthanized or is never usable and a horse that recovers. Your horse needs a thorough exam of the leg and to be started on antibiotics prophylatically. And antibiotic therapy may need to be continued for weeks or even months depending on what exactly has been torn up in the leg.

    Second, don't ever use peroxide in a wound---it's damaging to tissues and isn't effective at cleaning so it slows healing, increases inflammation and gives you a false sense of security by making you feel like you've cleaned the bacteria out of the damaged area. Either a very mild betadine or chlorhexidine solution or scrub should be used ot clean wounds.
        02-20-2008, 10:29 PM
    I would definitely get a vet out there though. Some vets will travel try calling around a bit our vet lives about a half hour away but he is thee closest to s but when emergencies rise up he gets there lickety split because since he travels far to his patients in an emergency he has a special liscense to place flashing lights on his truck and drive quicker then the speed limit. Yea so anyway try calling aorund.
        02-21-2008, 12:32 AM
    Everyone else pretty much said it all.
    But yes, PLEASE GET A VET OUT THERE IMMEDIATLY! Even if the vet has to come from a while away, it's always best.
        02-21-2008, 08:59 AM
    Thanks everyone, her leg is already starting
    To look better, I was told to keep putting
    Medicine on her leg and keep wrapping it up.

    I gave her a pennisciln shot yesterday, and have
    to give her one for two more days then wait 4 days
    and give her another.

    She is eating fine and is even starting to move around a bit.
        02-21-2008, 08:57 PM
    My horse came with a bad pastern wound to the tendon.
    What I did and was told by the vet I was doing the right thing.
    Hose it down make sure its clean, with beta dine.
    I then wrapped it for a few days, but letting air get to it is good also.
    I put comfrey oil on it then I put neosporin with pain relief. I don't glob it on a little goes a long way. Then I alternate fural and blue kote.
    http://www.ahorse4humanity.com/images/hoof1.jpg This is it IN january
    http://www.ahorse4humanity.com/images/backleg212.jpg this is it a couple weeks ago. The purple hue is from the blue kote.
    In all honesty she should have had stitches.

    Now I am putting a carbon pad on I leave that on for 3 days her first one comes off 2morrow. I notice she has no swelling in her leg since I put the carbon pad on!!

    Good luck and that dog should be put down even if its in a cage bite once will bite again!!!!!!!!!

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