GAH.....the flu!

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GAH.....the flu!

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        12-17-2007, 06:48 AM
    GAH.....the flu!

    So every year we gave our horses flu shots. It was kinda my grandpas little piece of work that he would arrange. Well this year we forgot all about it and guess what!?!.....ALL of our 7 horses are sick with the flu STILL

    It varies in severity. My riding horse Altonator just has a snotty nose but it hasnt effected his appetitie for energy level. Our 2 yrs old was coughing, running nose, high high fever! Most of them had fevers. All of them had snotty noses a couple kept coughing.

    GAH I hate this. We were suppose to sell my riding horse but we figured since he is ill we better keep him here and not spread anything anywhere. We've been out of the racing game with our standardbreds for about a month now. We just started to jog them again for very short periods and when the come off the track they are coughing with a waterfall of snot!

    So bascially I am pleading with anyone to give any sort of tips on what we could do to hasten the "getting better" process. Also any words of comfort?!?!?

    Btw the way we believe they got it was from the vet who floated their teeth. It was right after that, that they all got sick :@...grrrr
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        12-17-2007, 06:55 AM
    Bugger!! We have the flu here in australia for the first time ever and its very nasty.

    I havent dealt with it but have friends who have and this is what I would say:

    Complete rest
    Dust free environment
    Plenty of good food
    If its cold, be strict about rugging and keeping them warm
    For every day the horse coughs, that's one week of rest after symptoms have ceased (eg; horse coughs for 5 days, that's 5 weeks of recovery after all symptoms are no longer present)

    And for good measure, lots of hugs and kisses while avoiding the snot :)

    For words of comfort I would say, it will be ok :) as long as your horsies are fit and healthy they will get over it just fine as long as you do everything mentioned above :) good luck
        12-17-2007, 11:05 AM
    That is true Sod's Law and really unlucky!

    It may be an idea to give some antibiotics to help them along. As the flu is a viral infection it will not heal them but it can be useful in preventing any further bacterial infections. Any further bacterial infections could make an inconvenience into something really nasty e.g. Pneumonia. You may want to speak to your vet about it.
    As far as your vet causing infection... it is possible as the incubation is between 1 and 6 days although EI is usually only spread directly between horses. Saying that though - all I know is from books as I have (gladly) never encountered it first hand.

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