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garlic and corn oil

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    07-13-2011, 01:47 PM
garlic and corn oil

Figured I would put these similar questions in one thread.

Feeding garlic supposedly keeps bugs away. How well does this work? Are there any other benefits?

I've also heard corn oil will make a horse's coat shiny and help their hooves. Any experience with this? Are their any other effects of it or different oils that work better?

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    07-13-2011, 01:53 PM
If you have a sensitive stomach, garlic is not your friend during a.m. Chores. Garlic can also contribute to ulcers in the horse.

Corn oil - we have fed to boarders horses over the years. I have found they don't care for it in the summer - it can get rancid. I have also found they can get tired of it and more picky about eating. It truly can put weight on a horse though.
    07-13-2011, 01:55 PM
I have never used garlic so I can't give you any info on it, but I have used corn oil before a show. Jack's coat was like glass by the time the show rolled around! However, I would probably use a different oil if I chose to do it again, something like flax oil to cut down on the fat content.
    07-13-2011, 01:58 PM
There was a boarder at the last barn I was at that required the BO to feed her horse garlic (and the boarder would not allow the BO to use her evil fly spray on the horse). We would laugh because our horses were all happily grazing with minimal bug annoyance and this poor horse was stomping and having a fit.
This one horse (mentioned above) not very scientific study makes me think that garlic does not do near as good of a job as commercial fly spray products.

I think the best way to get added fat in their diet is via a high fat feed. Empower works. Or a stabilized rice bran does a great job too. Less mess, more palatable.
    07-13-2011, 02:10 PM
I don't want fat in her diet. She is plenty porky to start with. I was just told it makes their coat and hooves nicer. I will skip on the garlic though, thanks!
How well does flax oil work?
    07-13-2011, 02:17 PM
This website may help you out

Equine Feeding Oils - Equine Feed Supplements
    07-13-2011, 02:23 PM
I've fed both flax oil and corn oil- both had good results. Checkout the site that wetrain17 posted, it has some good info!
    07-13-2011, 04:58 PM
Green Broke
Corn oil is high in Omega-6, which aggravates inflammation.

I prefer to feed Omega-3 Horseshine which has the correct balance of Omega-3's to -6's.

If you don't want to do that, Canola oil is high in Omega-3 but still shouldn't be over fed.

I have been feeding garlic to my horses since spring 2004 for tick control. It is 85% effective against ticks. I always say it doesn't do a lot for flies because the midge flies and other no-see-ums bite them no matter what I do (spray or no spray, garlic or no garlic).

That being said, I barely spray my horses for daily turnout but they do not live in a crowded environment. Even though we are surrounded by beef farms, you can't see them. I only have four horses on 22 acres, so fly control isn't a huge issue for me.

It's probably too late in the season to start a horse on garlic for any kind of bug control, but it is also good for the immune system. I keep my horses on equine processed (not raw) garlic until mid-November; they go back on garlic in mid-March.

That was pretty much a "yes, I guess not" answer wasn't it
    07-13-2011, 09:31 PM
Haha the opinion still counts. I've opted to do neither as it's the flies I'm concerned about. They seem really bad at the boarding farm this year. And she's too fat to put her on anything that might risk her getting fatter haha. Some vigorous grooming ought to do the trick after a while
    07-14-2011, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by walkinthewalk    
I always say it doesn't do a lot for flies because the midge flies and other no-see-ums bite them no matter what I do (spray or no spray, garlic or no garlic).
This is the only thing I have found that works on those gnats and the like. Works amazing.

Goodbye, grooming will do wonders. And heck, it is great exercise for your upper body. I have my easy keeper on Smart Shine and that has helped his coat a great deal.

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