Having problem with chin wound HELP OMG

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Having problem with chin wound HELP OMG

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    03-29-2010, 11:53 PM
Having problem with chin wound HELP OMG

Ok I have already posted something on here about the rescue that we go but as of this morning we are having a BIG problem he has been doing good since he got here which has only been 3 days but anyway my hubby went out this morning and under his chin where we were told that he got a "cut" it was oozing all kinds of yellow thick slime and his runny nose came back but only for a short time it was weird after we put the fresh hay in and he was eating on it the runny nose went away but the yellow ooze is what I am concerned about
I talked to a vet in the area and he said to him it sounded like strangles ? Not really sure what that is but he was telling me that the underside of his neck it may be a LIMPHNOTE that ruptured he said that it would not require surgery but it would need to be flushed
He is coming out to see him but he can not get here before thursday and I needed to see if anyone has had this problem before and what should I do
Now before he came here he was suppose to have a clean bill of health from a vet were he was rescued from and I got the papers saying he was ok but as it seems he is not
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    03-30-2010, 06:47 AM
It sounds like Strangels. Where exactly is it located? There isn't anything you can do until the vet gets out.

Do you have any other horses? It would be weird if he came from a rescue and wasn't vaccinated from strangles.
    03-30-2010, 07:31 AM
Lol : ), that would be 'lymph nodes': simply put....a nodular system through-out most mammals that serves as an infection barometre and antibody delivery operations receptionist/secretary.

Might consider isolating the horse if possible and all that touches him, including YOUR clothing, until the vet gets there to rule in or out a Strangles bout. Strangles can be very quickly contagious and is fluid-borne (snot, drool, snort, cough, ooze: all leave a trail). Better to be inconvenienced a bit and find out it's NOT Strangles, than to hope it's not and find out, too late, that it is.

Definitely sounds like some type of infection, either from a wound or disease...

I hope it clears quickly for the horse and you have no further events with his recovery. Good on you for rescu-ing him, he will pay it back for sure : )
    03-30-2010, 07:39 AM
Let me add on the strangles being contagious front - you can carry it to other horses on your clothes and equipment. If you come in contact with any other horses at all, be sure to clean up completely prior to going.
    03-30-2010, 08:01 AM
It may also be shipping fever. My horse had the same thing. It some times doesn't show up for days. Either way be sure to change clothes and wash your hands and all equipment with alcohol before going to any other animal.

I would contact the seller this is not a clean bill of health and should be reported to them as others may be infected as well.
    03-30-2010, 11:28 PM
Ok he has cleared up in the runny nose just had it that one day the wound on his neck I called the lady we got him from and was told that he was kicked by another horse
I have a vet visit tomorrow he is eating VERY well that is not effected AT ALL
We only have the one horse I do however have goats chickens and rabbits can they get it ????
I did clean the area the best that I can I do not want to be pulling the clumps of stuff off of him b.c I do not want to put him in more pain I did flush it and his temp is at 100.4 so from what I can gather that is normal as long as it does not go over 101.4 will be checking it more just to make sure
Have not given him anything for the infection b/c we are not sure what it is
He seems to be in a fairly good mood with everything so that is good
He does lay down a couple times a day to rest but that is normal RIGHT ?
Thanks to all and hope to hear something more from you
    03-31-2010, 07:04 AM
I don't know about other animals, even tho we humans seem not to contract it.... sorry! But, because I don't know, I would likely keep everybody seperate from the horse until you know for sure. Seeing as your vet is imminent, keep the wound clean and see what the vet says. From the sounds of it, I am hoping for you that it IS just a wound : )

Sure, laying down to rest is normal for many, unless there is frequent up and down action with lots of jerky rolling and gut focus. Those are common signs of gastric distress.

Good luck with the vet call, keep us posted on your horse's progress!

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