HELP! Peeing a lot/not sweating?

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HELP! Peeing a lot/not sweating?

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    03-29-2009, 10:36 PM
HELP! Peeing a lot/not sweating?

I went out for a ride with my boyfriend today, and we had a really good time. We went out for about an hour and a half, mostly walking, a bit of trotting here and there. I rode my healthy 16 year old AQHA mare, and she was in a great mood and had a really good time.

My mare almost always lathers up in sweat, regardless of what we do, even if it's just a long walk. It was about 70 degrees today, and that's plenty warm for her to lather up. Today, she hardly sweat at all. She sweat under her saddle, but nothing like she usually does. While we were riding, she peed twice, maybe 30 minutes apart, and I didn't think much of it.

When we got back, I noticed that she still wasn't sweating. I tied her in the barn, and went to get my groom box. While I was gone, she peed on the concrete aisle of our barn. I moved her to a new spot in the barn, and threw a bucket of water on the puddle. Less than two minutes later, she peed again in the barn! That's when I thought something was really wrong.

She wasn't in any pain, her ears were up, her eyes were bright and clear, her nose was clear, and she was breathing normally, had a normal heart rate. There was no blood in her urine, nor was it cloudy or anything like that. She shouldn't be due to be in heat, either.

I put her in her stall and gave her dinner, which she ate well, and I gave her a flake of hay. She peed four more times in the next 10 minutes. She didn't drink any water, though. I led her to the trough and she refused to drink. I put her back in her stall, and she tried to pee two more times, but there was nothing left in her bladder I guess.

I called the vet and he said to leave her in her stall tonight (they usually get 24 hr turnout with 24 hr access to their stalls) and watch her, and if she's not doing better by tomorrow, we'll schedule an appointment. I turned off her auto-waterer and replaced it with a bucket so I could monitor how much she drinks.

Do you guys have any idea what would cause this? Could it be a bladder infection?

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    03-29-2009, 11:00 PM
Not being a vet by any means, here's the thoughts I have..
Even though it appears She's not in heat, it is the time of year for that to start up, and Polyurea is a factor in that.
Your other options are many, from urinary infections, kidney, can't say anything for sure. What I would say you can do, if this hasn't cleared up by tomorrow, is get a clear mason-jar type CLEAN container, and before your vet visits, see if you can collect a urine sample, ensuring the vet can have it should he need it. It may save diagnostic time.
    03-30-2009, 12:18 AM
Well, I'm thinking it's not heat because there were several times that she tried to urinate but couldn't. :\

But I'll check on her tomorrow and see how she's doing, and try to get a urine sample.

    03-30-2009, 12:40 AM
A mare in heat can sometimes present as having to pee but can't. They'll squat and wink and ickyness but won't actually pee. My mare is sadly a master of this. If you are concerned through, get a sample and contact your vet.
    03-30-2009, 01:01 AM
There was no ickyness, and no winking. She also really shouldn't be in heat this early. I contacted my vet, and if Daisy doesn't improve by tomorrow, he said to bring her in.

I'm just wondering if her not sweating could be related to her excess urination. She's also not drinking any water, which concerns me.
    03-30-2009, 03:44 AM
After consulting my various vet-books, I find that sodium levels play an Important part in water Intake. Horses have a slower ability to know Internally when they actually NEED to drink, as opposed to humans. Salt blocks are obviously one of the ways we get them to Intake more (or the right amount).

One suggestion, although by the time you are reading this will be kind of late, is to flavor the water. It's been known to help.. I didn't read on to what flavors though..It's entirely possible you have more than one condition going on with your Horse. Would you mind posting back as to what you find?

Thanks -Lw
    03-30-2009, 10:45 AM
If you don't think it's heat then you need to have a vet out to examine her.
    03-30-2009, 11:17 PM
Loosewolf - Thanks for the info. What I'm thinking is that she has a bladder infection of sorts, and her body's response is to flush out her system by urinating, and then she didn't drink enough water to compensate for the excess urination. She seemed to drink more last night and today, and I'm taking her into the vet tomorrow morning. Degydration would account for her not sweating, too. I'll definitely let you know what he has to say. Thanks for helping!

Ryle - My vet was contacted prior to my posting this. I was told to watch her closely and monitor her water intake before bringing her in. She has an appointment tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: I kept her stalled last night so I could monitor how much she ate, how much water she drank, and how much she pooped/urinated. She ate well and drank well, but only pooped once throughout the night, a small amount. This morning I turned her out to let her stretch her legs, and when I came to check on her this afternoon, she was acting not like herself at all. She was moping around, and hanging her head on my shoulder, with her eyes half closed. Just generally lethargic. I fed her and she ate well, and continued to drink, and she perked up a bit. She also pooped quite a few times, so that's good. She still just wasn't herself, so I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow morning, and I'll let you guys know what I find. Thanks to those who helped.
    03-30-2009, 11:37 PM
Hmm... the fact that she's lethargic reminds me of how my mare was when she colicked. Yet, that doesn't go in line with your horse wanting to eat and she pooped, so that is good. Did her manure look normal? I would definitely get the vet out asap. Your horse is telling you something, if she's mopey. She's not feeling well.

Hope she feels better! Let us know how it goes.
    03-30-2009, 11:42 PM
Yeah, she isn't acting colicky or anything. And yes, her poop looked completely normal, so that's a good sign. Being dehydrated would account for the fatigue today, so I'm betting that's what's happening. But we'll know more in the morning when she goes to the vet. I'll keep everyone posted. :]

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