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Horse doesnt move Well

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    06-03-2010, 09:13 PM
Horse doesnt move Well

So my mare doesnt move in she doesnt adjust to new living situations do I know this?

The lady I got her from tried to give her away once before. Poor Bause freaked out so badly that she made herself horribly ill...would eat or drink, barely drank enough to stay alive the week she was moved. They even took her herd mate with her to the new location. A week later when they went to pick up Beauty they had to bring Bause back to because she was standing in the pasture shaking...

Now when they tried to move her they basically flipped her world upside down...she went from getting a small amount of grain every morning and every night to getting nothing and not seeing a human everyday...instead of getting any hay given to her she had nothing but grass to eat...on top of that there were a bunch of other horses right across the fence...Bause was raised with goats and has zip to none as far as social skills so the other horses scared her...

My issue is that this summer ill be moving my touchy mare to a new our new house once we get it. She has been staying with the old owner even though she is mine (Im friends with the old owner) so she hasnt had any moving stress yet...

She has only met my other horse once since they are kept at seporate properties...but they will be the only two horses at my house once we get it...thus her lack of social skills wont be to bad since Romeo has a surpluss of them.

So my idea was that if I got Bause into a very solid routine of roundpen work (her favorite thing) , grooming, and kept with her current feeding schedule that it might help with the move.

The current plan is for me to start her on a routine of daily work and interaction, then put her and romeo in the pasture together at her current home...that way she isnt having to deal with a new horse in a new place (Romeo has been to Danielles before and he adjust to new living space within an hour lol so it isnt new for him). We will leave them together for a few weeks and let them work everything out..meanwhile Ill continue with our work schedule like nothing has changed (and so I can make sure they arent killing eachother...or that she is killing him basically). Then on the day of the move Ill load her up with him and go to the new house. Ill do it in the morning so that I can still do our 'usual' workout that she has adjusted to and ill feed her at the exact same time. Ill keep up with our norm schedule for a few weeks then I can slowly start to wean her off of the consistant routine until we are back to what we do now...

My thought with this is that if everything stays the same except for her location perhaps she wont have a mental meltdown...she will have the same pasture mate...same routine...same seeing the same person...the only change will be the location...

I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this plan...

I would also love to hear any other suggestions or opinions...

Thank you if you made it the entire way through my novel...

Also if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it...I wasnt sure where to put...since the move was mostly a health concern I figured health was the right place...
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    06-04-2010, 11:41 AM
Consider putting her on Ulcerguard for a few days prior to and continuing for a few days after the move. If she stresses this seriously and has appetite issues in a new environment, ulcers are probably a factor.
    06-04-2010, 12:28 PM
I think you are definantly on the right path. The Ulcerguard is a great idea too...just incase she works herself up too much. Maybe even look into some calming supplements...maybe maremagic? My BO swears by the stuff. She might be a bit frightened but in time, she should move on. Good luck and congrats on the dream that we all have...looking out your window and seeing your horses!
    06-04-2010, 02:54 PM
Are her current home and your new home nearby one another? Could you bring her to the new place for a short time, work with her there, show her around, etc., and then bring her back to her comfort zone, and do that every day, increasing the times gradually?

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