Horse tried to jump out of corral and fell onto pipe corral gait

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Horse tried to jump out of corral and fell onto pipe corral gait

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    04-07-2012, 07:38 AM
Horse tried to jump out of corral and fell onto pipe corral gait

I was wondering if anyone working with horses had any suggestions regarding my horses blood work. She does have a veterinarian that I trust, respect, and really am happy with. I know very little about horses, and need to know how much I should be stressing. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I was given Penelope (AKA: White Lightning), back in November. She is my first horse. She is 18 years old. I board her at a barn/horse rescue facility. I see her every day. She is half Andalusian and half TBH. She wears shoes and she is a dominant mare, I have been told. She kicks the corral door. She is fed a combo of senior diet, large pellets, and tons of bermuda grass.I have a freedom feeder for her that is always filled with the bermuda.

Tuesday she ran up to the arena corral metal gate and tried to jump it from a canter,but got in wrong and instead hesitsted, then tried to pop over it and didn't make it, got her legs all tangeled up in it, She did a full somersault and hurt herself pretty bad. She was shocky after that and her vet was out to check her in about 25minutes. She was given IVF (LRS), She had her front teethe go through her lip and took the full force of the hit with her left shoulder.She had multiple injections. Sorry I don't know what all of them were but she did have steroids, DMSO, and of course sedation with acepromazine. It took about 5 hours before she defecated, and another hour after that before she urinated. She continued to get LRS (two bags at a time full open) until she had urinated 5 times. She ate the entire time. She is getting electrolytes twice a day.She is really sore of course today. She has some lacerations and cuts and scrapes on her but nothing the Veterinarian felt needed to be addressed other than with swatt for now. She is a very high strung horse and it is hard to do some things to her without a fight.

So, that is all I can think of for now. Any advice?
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    04-07-2012, 07:40 AM
Sorry, didn't link the blood work. Basically it showed a HCT 25%, she had low protiens and a low creatnine. Everything else including the CPK was WNL. If needed I can write all the results in.
    04-07-2012, 09:35 AM
Depends on what the circumstances for the blood work. Horses at rest have a lower HCT (or PCV) when at rest than they do when they have been exercised. So a horse at rest may have a HCT of 28 or so % while a horse at work may have a 48% range because when a horse is exercised the spleen releases more red blood cells thus allowing more oxygen to be delivered when needed.
While at rest studies have shown that the performance horses blood HCT will not change even if various vitamins and minerals are added to their diet, however if the blood work is done after exercise it is believed a more true value is obtained.
There is some info on this at Dr Ogelsby DVMs site called Horse Advice . Com. You may want to check it out. He will even talk to you via posting and give you advice.
Hope it is helpful.
    04-08-2012, 01:34 AM
Hi Annie31;
Thank you for your response. I will look at the website you mentioned. I did not know that about a horses PCV. They are very different than dogs. At first I was thinking it could be the Acepromazine that had lowered her PCV as it does in dogs, causing blood to pool in the spleen. It can lower a dogs by 30%. But when I asked the vet about this she said that isn't the case in horses. The blood was also drawn after she had been on fluids for a couple of hours, so I am sure that could have diluted it out as well. Her urine is still greenish with a lot of foam, so I would imagine there is some blood loss somewhere. I am keeping her quiet for now. At least I am trying to. She kicked her hoof through a wooden part of her corral today. I finally went out and bought all the stuff and hot wired her corral today. The gelding that was living next to her was also moved this evening so maybe she will be happier.

Is there anything that can be done for a horse on corral rest to eliminate bordem?

Thank you again for the information. I will check out that website now.
    04-08-2012, 07:48 AM
Green colored urine??? I have never heard of that unless a horse has taken in too many minerals.
If she is as banged up as you say I think she will actually enjoy the rest and not be concerned about the other horses for now in any case. The electric fence will certainly help restrain her urge to kick at the fence or door. Hopefully she has had enough of a scare from her attempted jump over the gate to refrain from that again. :)
I think if you put a flake of hay here and there in her corall it would encourage moving around which would be good. Some buy horse balls etc. but for now she needs to heal and go slow. I don't envy you all of this work. I only hope that she has learned her lesson as she will become an expensive horse to keep healthy if she continues to attempt to jump fences and kick through the fence. She sure is keeping you busy. Best of Luck
    04-08-2012, 09:59 PM
We started some massage things with her today. She is moving a little better but her stifle is very sore as is her back and shoulder etc. But no kicking has been observed since hot wireing the fence. I can tell she is very bored.

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