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Horse + wire= Accident

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    11-08-2011, 02:52 PM
Horse + wire= Accident

Was reading a thread and someone mentioned the danger of wire and horses, so I thought I'd share with you something that happened a couple of weeks ago.
I was out riding and on the way home looked into the neighbors fields and saw one of her horses on the ground in a funny position. I went in to have a look and from about 20 feet away I could see that her leg was caught in the fence. I couldn't see how bad it was and didnt want to go any closer in case she tried stuggling.
I went and got the neighbour and we went over to her. Once within 10 feet we could see that the leg was broken and the bone was sticking out about 4 inches. The funny thing was, there was very little blood. It was a really clean injury. So she starts stuggling, trying to get up, so we sit on her neck. The woman rings her son and tells him to come down staight away and to bring the gun.
The son arrives, takes one look, and shoots the horse.
The thing about it is, the horse had been in that field for months and knew the wire was there.It wasn't a half crazy flighty horse that would run blindly through the wire. The wire was right in front of a solid stone ditch and wasn't loose.
We couldn't figure out how she did it. The only thing we can think of is that mabey she was rolling beside it and got her foot up through it, then when she tried to get up it twisted.
People talk about how dangerous barbed wire can be, but this was just normal sheep wire. I've heard of plenty of accidents with barbed wire but never with this stuff. After seeing the damage it did I don't think I would ever use it for horses.
I can't imagine how awful it must have been for that woman to get a knock on the door and the fear when I told her that her horse was caught in wire and had gone down, then the horror of seeing the mare in that condition and knowing there was only one thing for it..
I just hope that if something like that ever happens to one of my horses that I have the same courage she showed in doing the hardest thing an animal owner could do, and for doing it so quickly.
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    11-08-2011, 08:19 PM
Yes, thank goodness that you ended the horse's misery by spotting her, & helping owner & son to take care of it!

Was it spaced horizontal wire? (must've been, since a horse can't get foot through sufficiently-small mesh/woven).

One time I saw a horse lift his foreleg & bring it down just so, so that it slid down on outside of pipe corral lower bar! Thank God he didn't panic; I trotted over to him & used up some brain cells trying to free his hoof without injuring him! :) It's always amazing how horses can get themselves into fixes!
    11-08-2011, 08:28 PM
What is sheep wire?
    11-09-2011, 04:41 AM
Sheep wire is is about 3/4 foot high, square shaped wire. Its really popular here and in the UK. Never heard of a horse getting caught in it before as the squares are pretty small. A horse would have to aim carefully to put a hoof through it. I can't think of how it could have happened, other than she was rolling.
Yea, Im glad I spotted her too, poor thing. The only consolation the woman had was that I rode past that field 30 mins before that, and the mare was at the gate, then I spotted her on the way home and she was tangled, so at least we know she wasnt caught all night in it.
    11-09-2011, 05:47 AM
Green Broke
Horses are accident prone. I've seen one that got it's legs caught under a wood fence. It took some work to get him free. At first I thought he was just sleeping by the fence but I went to double check. Lucky for him I did and he wasn't even my horse. Yes they can get caught in wire fences but also in other types too.
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    11-09-2011, 11:19 AM
Horses can get hurt on AIR. The safest fences aren't a guarantee that a horse won't find a way to get into trouble.
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    11-09-2011, 11:23 AM
This is why I wouldn't be able to stand boarding It'd scare me if I couldn't see my horse everytime I looked out the window.... thinking of all the things they can hurt themselves off of is almost unbelievable.

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