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I think everyone just needs to calm down.

He wasnt attacking this forum of responsible horse owners. The "you people" he seems to be laying blame at are those who dump their horses for no good reason, not us. As horse people, he was hoping to get some answers as to why some people in our group (not the forum but horse people in general) dump horses.

It's the same as when you browse Craigslist for animals or go to the humane society. Too many animals, not enough homes. And when a problem arises that the owner can't or won't handle, the animal gets flipped for a new one that doesn't have those problems instead of working it out with the first animal.

Some animals have just outlived their use and need retirement. Others don't match their person, and believe me when you have a 1200lb animal who doesn't match you, things get hairy. Some could afford it yesterday, but not today. And some just dump horses at auction for a quick buck.

The world isn't perfect and as humans, we have taken animals out of their natural habitat for pleasure and companionship. Some people have no gratitude towards the animal who served them for so many years and toss it. That's just the way some humans are.

I commend your wife for volunteering at a rescue. That can be a draining job and her compassion for these unwanted animals has also stemmed your compassion for them.

When you look at a tragedy, always look for people who are helping. There are more people helping than there are people who caused the tragedy. Unfortunately it takes one person to dump a horse, and a whole team to save it. But more people care about the animal than those who didnt care, so that's something.
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Originally Posted by Windmill john View Post
Hi, my first post.
I love animals, but not into horses like my obsessed wife
Anyway, the point of my post.
My wife volunteers two days a week at a horse sanctuary. She has also just completed three short horse owners courses.
She also rides and continues with lessons.

Oops, the reason!

I hate seeing my wife upset and sometimes in tears.

Please explain to me, if you dare, what gives some of you the right to think you can get rid of a horse because you no longer attend events, outgrown, changed your mind etc !!!

What makes you think it is any different to a cat or dog!

Don't quote costs to me, because you could afford it when it was right for you.

I personally think it is disgusting that some of you hold so little regard for an animal you claim to love!

There are some beautiful horses at the sanctuary, just there because of what appears to be silly reasons.

I'd be interested to hear how you can defend yourselves.

Apologies to the people who keep their horses.
Hi John, it's me again The person that said you would unleash a big Pandora's Box with your accusatory comments.

You would have been far better off saying "I don't understand how some people in this life---------" instead of saying things like "I'd be interested to hear how you can defend yourselves."

I know you're lurking and probably scared to death to come up against the female population that has, in turn, unleashed on you. All of whom contributed excellent comments.

Please allow me to direct your reading to this link. You might want to follow it, if your eyes can still read after being clawed at most of this morning

Feeding a small/stunted Impulse Buy..."Foundation QH" Colt

Alas, we are also a forgiving bunch and if you so choose to start your new relationship all over again with questions put in a much kinder and "third person" format (such as "why do THEY"?), we would be happy to answer any and all questions

As a sidebar, I didn't look close but I think all the male members of this forum have pulled the covers over their heads, in the hopes this thread will soon run its course so they can come out play again
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There's a flawed logic to the keeping it just because you can afford it, but that's been said (and said and said and said.....)

Based on the OP's thinking the domestic horse should quickly become extinct.
How could I possibly have been able to breed any of my horses (back in the day) and then part with their offspring? Obviously I bred them because I could afford to, so I should then keep their offspring? I guess only people who currently own horses capable of breeding will be able to own a horse? (So likely his wife wouldn't have a horse then). Selling a 6 month old was always heartbreaking, but that's why there were bred.
Selling a horse you no longer need is how other people (possibly like his wife) usually manage to get a horse.

The very first horse I ever owned (mine, a gift, it belong to me not some member of my family). I trained her (with some help), worked cattle, often traveled 20-40 mile days on, hunted on and slept about 50 feet from her pasture. The day came when I would no longer be able to make use of her and she wasn't being used by anyone else. I had no shortage of people who wanted her (just being able to shoot off of her put her in demand). I gave her away to a guy I'd gone to high school with who had a couple of good homes that wanted her (working horses were always in demand). I didn't sell her because I couldn't bring myself to, but I gave her away so she could continue to be cared for daily and being used and appreciated for her abilities. I'd have felt far worse leaving her on the farm to be unused and as a result under appreciated. There were no "ornamental" animals on our farm.

I shudder to think what the OP would think if his wife was spending time on a working farm with cattle, hogs, goats, etc....that were being turned into steaks, hams, etc... at certain times of the year. How horrible that would be....we're eating our pets. We obviously could afford to have them and yet we kill and eat them? Yes, we do (even the calves I "bottle" fed from 3 days old). There's a "pang" of pain, but the steak tasted great

Oh, and people get rid of dogs too. Otherwise the ASPCA would have their work load cut in half (and don't dare take into account the number of feral cats that result from being abandon).

They're always going to be bigger and stronger so you better always be smarter. (One of my grandfather's many pearls of wisdom)
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Ok folks, while we as horse owners may not appreciate the tone of the beginning post, let’s keep the responses civil please.
To those who have responded in a courteous manner, thank you.
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If only you had written "How can THEY defend themselves" instead of "how can YOU defend yourselves" you probably would have gotten a warm welcome instead of getting an ear full. My first response was to give you another ear full as well, because WE are not the enemy.

Instead I would like to invite you and your wife to come join our community. Come actually meet us, learn about the hows and why's of actually living in the horse world. We have a lot of wonderful folks here who are full of experience and advice, and often offer a solid shoulder to cry on when things get overwhelming.

Please don't "post and run", come back and give us a chance to help you and your wife learn about the world you are both just starting out in. And I say both because you will find yourself doing a lot of "horse stuff" just because your wife needs your help now and then. And then eventually you may get the bug as well and be right there with your own horse.
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I just sold a gelding I 'rescued' in February. He was not what I was looking for but I couldn't turn him away. I bought him with full intent to move him on for a horse I could race. He went to an awesome home where he will be trail ridden and possibly play with mounted shooting and barrels I am glad I moved him on. I can not afford to own two horses but I am very happy I made ones life better. Does it make me bad because he didn't fit what I wanted so I found him a home where he fit them? Absolutely not! There is no possible way I could keep two horses 1 I don't have time for 2 with starting college and a job soon and 2 I just plain out can not afford it especially being in California with vets and hay being so pricey. If I had pasture that they could graze on with small supplements at night then maybe but I wouldn't push it.
So what gives me the right to sell a horse who doesn't fit what I want to do? Well because it is mine and I can do what I please/feel is best.
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It sounds like he's distressed because his wife is distressed. Rescue work/volunteer isn't for everyone. Perhaps her love for horses can be better spent in another way (at a therapeutic riding center??)
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I'm 90% leaning towards the OP just being a troll. But on the off chance he isn't... I can understand where he's coming from. Rescue work is heartbreaking and really makes you lose faith in humanity.

Some people see horses as a means to an end. They want to show, compete, etc. And when they cannot use their current horse for some reason to accomplish those things they sell it on. There is nothing wrong with that. It is wrong to put it in a field to starve or send it to slaughter because it's not a good fit for you any longer.

For me, horses are pets. My Rio will be with me until the day he dies if at all possible. He's not livestock, he's not a means to an end, he is MY HORSE. Like my cats are MY CATS. However, life happens. It's not easy to afford horses and there may well be something that happens that will cause me to have to give him back to his previous owner. That would kill me, but it is an acceptable solution. I can't let my house go into foreclosure to feed my horse.

So, OP, I understand where you're coming from and what I think you're trying to say. People suck, humans can be cruel. I don't think any of us would argue with you on that point.
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I often wonder if the same people who get up in arms about horses being treated as live stock would feel the same way about cows being raised, sometimes treated as pets, and then sent to slaughter. Or the pigs that are raised by 4H kids and then, again, shipped off to slaughter.

We have found a way to use horses, they have become tools and hobbies, but what it boils down to is horses are very expensive livestock and when people no longer have a reason to keep them, often times they just have to go. It IS a numbers game, horses are expensive and if a rider / owner wants to continue riding, they need a horse that will suit their needs. Holding onto every horse you own for the rest of their lives just isn't feasible for most owners (especially those who don't own their own property).
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So, I have a few legitimate questions for the OP (which I have a feeling won't be answered, but I'm gonna ask anyway).

1) Which would you rather see: people who fall on hard times and can't afford to keep their horses selling them to someone who can afford to keep them, or people who can't afford their horses any longer (due to usually unforeseen circumstances) letting the horses sit in a dirt lot and starve to death? Because by your logic, the latter is what would be happening a lot.

2) Do you really, truly believe that it's feasible for people to keep their horses forever and ever and ever? People fall on hard times. Jobs are lost, major medical problems happen...as someone said "Sh*t happens."

3) What about someone who is new to horses and goes out and buys a nice, older trail horse, then decides after a few years of happy trailing that they want to do show jumping? The horse they have is not only too old to begin a career jumping (which is extremely hard on a horse's body), but doesn't have the necessary training. They'd love to keep the older horse, but they can only afford one horse. So, they sell the horse to someone who will appreciate a nice Steady-Eddy trail horse and buy a horse trained in the discipline they want to pursue. Does this make them a bad person because they don't have the means to keep two (or more) horses? By your logic, it does.

I think you need to take a step back and look at the horse market, look at the economy, and look at how the majority of people view horses (as the livestock they are). I also think you need to talk to you wife about not working at a rescue anymore, as it seems to be very upsetting for both of you, leading you to make rude accusations and gross assumptions about horse owners in general. Working at a therapeutic riding barn would be less stressful for both of you and will give you a better view of how most horse owners/people view and treat their horses.
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