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I really need some advice- hoof health

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        08-14-2013, 10:55 PM
    How bad is the white line? If its a mild case, the farrier can trim alot of it out and expose it to air without too much trouble or shoes. Air is the enemy of all hoof nastys so you want to pick clean and treat the feet every day.

    Ditto scrubbing with dawn dish soap. I just put it in a spray bottle and scrub with my hoof pick brush and use the soapy water to rinse also. No need to rinse the soap off. Its a foot.

    Also Lysol works very very well and is a bit stronger if you feel you need a bit more umph. Plain yellow Lysol women used for years to scrub their floors by hand. I have soaked feet in 1 cup of lysol to about a gallon or so of water (make it soapy) and scrubbed them clean about three times a week for really bad thrushy feet. It worked well.

    There isnt much you can go about the wetness except wait it out and try to keep the feet as healthy as possible. You also may consider having a pea gravel loafing pad built where they can stand that will drain water out of it and raise them up out of the dirt. Pea gravel is very good for their feet.

    GL. This year has been a bear on horse feet. Waterlogged feet everywhere.
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        08-15-2013, 05:30 PM
    Someone asked about the pastures, so I wanted to clarify-- they're in grassy pastures, but I live on a hill, and the bulk of the pasture runs in the lower land, some of it along a creek. When we bought the house a year ago, we could walk all over the property without any problems, but we've had the lower areas flood several times this year. While some of the pasture is "dry" (though still wet), some of it is just plain marshy, and wouldn't you know that's where they love to eat? I've banned them from the pastures for now, until this clears up.

    As far as how advanced the white line and thrush are, not very. I just saw the thrush the other day when I caught my mare limping a little; same for the white line, though we caught that months ago. The gelding is getting better-- he's not as tender on the gravel driveway any more, where as before he wouldn't even want to walk over an area with acorns on it.

    Just feeling frustrated and emotional lol. Mare also has rain rot, which I'm used to dealing with because she gets it chronically, just... irritating. It poured again yesterday :P
        08-16-2013, 12:11 AM
    Sorry about your frustration. Your situation sounds trying WITHOUT the horse problems. I had never heard of the Veterinary Preference thrush pads but I just looked them up and that sounds like the way to go. You will hear a hundred different ways to treat thrush. The pads treat white line also...it says, and they sound like the easiest thing at this point. You want easy, right? I would wash the hooves with borax or soap, rinse and DRY them with a hair dryer then stuff those pads in there. Once daily. Good luck.
        08-16-2013, 01:08 AM
    I feel for you - white line disease can be time consuming to keep on top of and its really important to start treating it before it gets too far up inside the hoof wall. I use copper sulphate which I buy from the feed store, its a blue powder that I mix with water and keep in a hoof oil container. Every second day I clean the feet making sure to get all the dirt out that has collected in the areas affected with WLD. Then dry the hoof off and paint the whole base of the hoof with the copper sulphate solution avoiding the frog area. You can also mix the powder with vasoline jelly and jam that up into the grooves which helps keep it in there for longer. Then I leave them tied up for 10 minutes or so before putting them back in the pasture. It works pretty well and the copper sulphate powder is quite cheap. I've also heard good things about White lightning gel for thrush/WLD, its more expensive but I think you only have to apply it once a week.

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